How To Merge Facebook Pages

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Facebook LogoFacebook’s New Merge Tool
Makes Consolidation A Snap

Note: This merge pages tool is currently working erratically. It may or may not show up for you when it should even if the pages are both biz pages and in the same category and have an exact name match. Unfortunately this is a FB problem and I encourage you to contact them about the bug in their merge pages tool.  If it is present for you it works well, if it’s not present you may be out of luck.

Many popular bloggers and businesses that have been on Facebook a while discovered, after Facebook auto-generated community pages based on user’s “interest tags”, that they had a half dozen community pages with their name on them!

Or perhaps you got started with Facebook pages and accidentally made a couple pages with the same name not realizing what you were doing at first (It can be confusing!)

Or maybe, you, like me, have some related pages under 100 fans, that you just don’t use like you thought you would and you are eligible to change their names…

Well in all three of these cases, Facebook has now made it super simple to condense the pages down into the one page you want to focus on.

The only rule is that the pages MUST have matching names. (And there is no rule that if they are under 100 fans that you can not change the name to make this happen.)

How To Merge Facebook Pages

1. Go to the page you intend to KEEP… that you want to bring the other pages fans IN TO… and go to the admin dashboard (via the “edit page” link).

2. In the left hand navigation, click on Resources… and then, assuming you have a page that is eligible to merge, you will see a “Merge Duplicate Pages” link.

3. In the popup, you will see a list of pages that are ELIGIBLE to be merged (meaning the names are an exact match). Put a check mark by the one(s) you wish to merge and click “merge page”.

(It’s very important you ensure you are doing this FROM the page you wish to KEEP or you could wind up on the wrong vanity URL.)

4. After you’ve hit merge, you will be asked to confirm, and reminded that all wall activity, photos, uploads, vanity url, etc (except fans) from the page you are merging in will be lost.

5. Click the Merge Pages button. That will take you out of the dialog boxes. Now refresh the page you kept and you will see that most likely your fan number has raised. (It will not be a full addition most likely as most of us have duplicate fans on multiple pages.)

That’s all there is to it! It’s as easy as that to merge Facebook pages!

I was at 2,145 fans on my main page in 71 from the JAK page (mostly duplicates and went up to 2,169… and now merged in 100 from KJC and that put me at  2,236.

Not a bad little increase for such a super simple process!





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  1. says

    Unfortunately, although we have 3 ‘community’ pages, all with the same name as our official page, Facebook will not give us the Merge option in our Admin panel.

    • says

      Facebook appears to only allow pages of the same classification aka Biz pages vs Community Pages to be merged down without going through a verification process. I’m not sure at this moment if this is a bug or working as intended.

  2. says

    This is a timely article for me. I joined TSA last Friday and, as you know, was advised to create a Facebook page. I created two Facebook pages quite a while ago, and for whatever reason, forgot about them. Funny thing is, I could not locate them. Thought they they would be indicated ‘someplace’ on my Facebook account like the one I created yesterday is. At least, I know that I can merge them when I find them (the ‘fans’ have probably deserted the page by now though).

  3. Charity says

    I have 3 biz pages, all with the same name, but only one of them will allow me to merge all three into one page, and that one is the one with a vanity URL, which will be the wrong vanity URL.

    The one without a vanity URL that will allow me to merge the pages will only allow me to merge one of the two extra pages, and the third page will not allow me to merge them at all. Now I’m stumped on what to do.

  4. Harleena Singh says

    Hi Kim,

    This sure is great news, something I never knew about! However, does this also work if you have a personal facebook page that needs to be merged with a fan page? Though how would we work it out if we want to keep posts we share with friends and family-( that I do on my personal page), separate from those to be shared with clients and professionals( as on my fan page)?

    Thanks for sharing :)

    • says

      Harleena, I posted something today about how to convert a profile into a page. Profiles (which have friends) are very different than pages (which have fans) and the process is … ummm.. well you’ll see, kinda messy. That step has to be done FIRST before the merger could be done, and the same names have to be in play. (Fortunately a profile has some limited name change abilities available to it that can be used before the merger, but they are not 100% flexible) Check out my other post (posted yesterday) for that stuff.

      Thats essentially what I did…. converted my profile into a page… and then merged my 2 same-named pages together.

      • Harleena Singh says

        So does that mean that if I have a normal profile personal facebook page, I needn’t merge that with my fan page ( as that would combine my family & friends with clients and professionals?). This would ensure that they both remain separate- and I wonder if they can both be combined also?


        • says

          Harleena, you SHOULD have one PROFILE that you use for friends, family, personal acquaintances and anyone you are closer to. You should also have (at least one) PAGE that you use for business endeavors, business contacts etc. There will always people people that are both friends and fans, but the reason there are Profiles AND Pages is for exactly this kind of split.

          • Harleena Singh says

            I do have both of the kinds Kim, guess I thought both of them could be merged also, which is where maybe I was wrong. Thanks for your help and support :)

  5. says

    Kim, I originally had created two personal pages, one under Steve Borgman and one under Stephen Borgman, but they were personal pages, not fan pages. Is there any way to combing the two personal profiles into one? This appears to be only for Business/Fan Pages.

    • says

      Steve there is no merge tool for profiles. As you know dual profiles are against the rules so the assumption is you don’t have the issue in the first place. Changing the name on the one you use for biz to match your biz page (if your biz page doesn’t have modifiers that the profile name won’t allow) and rolling that profile into a page, and then into your existing page might be a solution for you. Messy but feasible.

  6. says

    At first, I never thought about this like merging facebook pages, I never thought that possible… But then right after I read your post, Wow, this is awesome. I surely give this a try for my facebook fan pages. Thanks for the idea!

  7. says

    I never read merging of Facebook page before but after reading this post got that this is true and happens. great new information into my knowledge.

  8. Jessica says

    I’m attempting to try the merge option as suggested but haven’t been successful after many attempts. Upon being asked to merge the pages,Facebook tells me that the locations are too far apart and that they cannot be merged. In actuality – the locations are actually exactly the same on both pages. To make things more confusing – the Place Marker on the Bing Map is pegged somewhere that isn’t our business location – and when you drag to move it to the correct spot FB says that it’s too far from the original location and doesn’t allow the change.

    has anyone experienced this?

    • says

      Jessica, you are dealing with “Places Pages” which notoriously can be a pain in the butt. If the markers are actually identical and correct, file a bug report. (Use the report tab at ) If however, one of the markers (or both) are at the wrong location, you have to take some time and “slowly” relocate them. Rather than trying to move it fully to the correct spot, move it 2 or 3 blocks (or however far it will allow you). Then in a few days it will let you move it again. Slowly but surely you will get it to the correct spot. Once they are both correct you may be able to merge or you may still have a bug and need to file a bug report. Hope that helps!

  9. says

    I have this page as my fan page:

    I wanted this page to be my fan page

    but when I originally set up a fan page, I did not change the box, and this is actually my personal page. I don’t really use Facebook in a personal manner at all anymore. It is only used for my blog. Is there a way to merge those 2 pages since I have more than 100 friends, or does it have to be 2 fan pages? I would love for people to be able to find me easier, and it seems like I get a lot of requests on that page since people assume that is my blog fan page.


    • says

      Rene you’re kinda in a similar situation to what I was with a different issue. Before you can merge them you have to convert the profile to a page. That is a messy process but I recently did it. I don’t regret it but I will say it was very un-fun due to how much was broken at the time. Here’s a link to that post. First you have to change the name on your profile to Budget Saving Mom which Facebook may reject letting you do. Then once you have it fully converted and stable and all the friends showing as fans, then as long as the names are matching, you can merge them together. using the process in this post you replied on. Hope that helps!

  10. says

    My company currently has two pages an Interest page(aka the Wikipedia page) that was created by Facebook and our own created fan page. It will not let me merge them, am I doing something wrong? Please help we would really like to claim those 5360 fans of the interest page…

    • says

      Shelby, the first step for you, which it sounds like you haven’t done is to “claim” that Facebook page and prove to Facebook that that brand is 100% yours. Do a google for how to claim a community page. I’ve been told that the verification tools are offline at the moment but I don’t know if that’s fact or fiction. You will have to jump through some hoops to verify that those fans are RIGHTLY yours and couldn’t possibly belong to anyone else and that the page is titled in a way that it’s not a true community site being used by perhaps a real fan club., Once you’ve verified it then you’ll be able to manage it like other community pages you may own.

  11. Mary Curry says

    I thought this post was going to be an aswer to a problem that I have but the names are slightly different. Thus merging will not be my solution!

    • says

      Yeah Mary unfortunately at this time the process is limited to same named pages. Like you I also have a “similar” named page that would probably qualify for a manual approval if they were available but will not pass the automatic because the names are not an exact match. Thanks for commenting!

      • Aaron Myers says

        This is what is so confusion simply because I have two pages, I would like to merge page 2 into page 1. If I go to the “Edit” page on the 2nd page, I see the Merge link but obviously I don’t want to do this… if I go to the “Edit” page on the 1st page, I don’t see the link… so, why doesn’t it work on the first page?

        • says

          Aaron, unfortunately the answer is we don’t know. You’re certainly not the only one seeing that even when they are both business pages (not community pages). There certainly seems to be some hidden rules that FB has not yet bothered to share with us!

  12. says

    I help manage a Musicians/ Artist page. It is the OFFICIAL page, the actual artist goes on it yet Facebook turned it to a community page about […..] and it links to a wikipedia community page ! Is there anyway i can merge that page to the our page which is the official or to let Facebook know our page is the original ( He has ALOT of fake page). This driving me crazy because all the fake pages come up in search and our does not anymore after Facebook turned it in to that.

  13. says

    Hi Kim,

    Thanks so much for this article. I, however, would like you to help me with my problem. I have a fan page (I am a singer/songwriter) that unfortunately has the name that another artiste has so because she has more fans than I do (well I assume that’s the reason), Facebook now has labeled my page a community page about her. I tried to remove it several times to no avail and there is no “Fix It” button as the Help forum suggests. I am worried that this other artiste will merge my page into hers and I will lose my page.

    I do have a personal profile that I would convert into a page if needs be but I have plastered my page’s all over my interviews and public appearances and would really be disappointed if I lost my vanity url.

    Is there any way out of this mess? I would really appreciate your response.

    • says

      Hey Ruth, I assume that the page is in your own name and it sounds like you and she share a name? If the page title is in YOUR name, or a trademark you hold, you may be successful going through Facebooks intellectual property forms to both “re-claim” the page and get it back allocated correctly. IP is a big issue and as long as the page is not in violation for not being a brand you hold (meaning you used keywords rather than your name) then that is where I’d start.

      • says

        Thanks for your reply, Kim. Yes, we share a name. The thing is, when I just started the page, I was going by the name ‘RUTH’. Now, I am going by my full name, ‘Ruth-Ann Brown’ but because Facebook doesn’t allow users with over 100 fans to change page names, I am stuck with RUTH.

        I started a new page with my full name last night and now I see the merge option on the page I do not want to keep. How ironic. What are the criteria for a page to get a merge option? I’d be sooooo happy if the new page I just started with the name I want to keep could get a merge option.

  14. Roberto says

    I have 2 pages and intend MERGE from the Page I want to KEEP but this page (intend keep page) has not the function MERGE DUPLICATES. Rather, the page attempt to BRING has the function. Some idea how can i reverse? Same case as user A.Myers.
    but if not possible, the installed apps in 1 and 2 Will Be Also merge and as a result could I keep the apps?
    6 months I was told that is not possible to make “friends” to “fans” so I started a new Page but the rules, always, change.

    • says

      Roberto, unfortunately we’re seeing a lot of that issue. I wish I knew what was causing it. I’d like to get admin rights on a set of pages that are exhibiting this behavior (or mis-behavior as the case is) so I could troubleshoot for ideas. So far, most of mine play nice so I really don’t have any ideas. Eventually, I’ll find someone that will grant me admin rights on a pair of pages with this issue and be able to see if I can come up with some ideas.

      • says

        So I converted my personal page with 80k subscribers to a fan page and want to merge it with my existing fan page of 24k fans. But the merge option is only appearing on the newly created page. Do you think it has something to do with having more fans now than the ‘real’ aka with all the posts/photos fan page? I want the combo of fans but dont want to start my page from scratch :( Any thoughts or someone to contact?

  15. says

    Is it possible to use this merge option the change the username on a page? Thinking that if I create another page and start moving my fans over, would I be able to pick a new username and then merge them and keep the new username?

    • says

      Hey Jennifer, this is actually some creative thinking! I cant promise it will work but here’s how to easily check. Make the new page (but don’t move any fans over). It has to have the same name as the first page. Go to the admin area for the NEW page and see if the merge option exists. If is DOES, then what you are proposing would work. Once you complete the merge, you’d be able to set a username for the new page. I hope that makes sense. Just check that merge is POSSIBLE (offered) before you say anything ot your fans. Sometimes, for who knows what reason, the merge doesn’t always show up and you wouldn’t want to start this process and not have it available and have to halt it.

  16. says

    We have a few pages that the merge option is only available 1 way (not the way we want). Happy if you want to contact me to do some troubleshooting together. (see my email)

    Ive ensured all name and profile information is the same across both pages, still no luck

  17. says

    Does anybody know how long it makes for the merge pages link to appear? I have just converted a profile page for our business set up some time ago with 4,500 friends in to a fan page. We had already set up a fan page many months ago, which now has 2000 fans. So I want to merge the 2 together but neither page yet has the option, depsite the fact that they have exactly the same name, location and category. Can anybody help with this?

    • KimJCastleberry says

      Hey Carly, I know that the merge tools still exist because I can get several of my test pages to access them… but they are driving marketers nuts at the moment because they keep vanishing for pages that SHOULD merge.

      I’d suggest filing a bug report, with as much details as possible at Unfortunately that’s the best I can do and I know that doesn’t help you right this minute. :(

  18. Ben says

    Hi I recently had a page that I wanted to change the name of but because I had over 100 likes facebook won’t allow you to change your page name. So I created a new page and later noticed the “merge link” on the old page. So I was thinking that I should look for it on the new page and it wasn’t there. I was wonder why since the new page showed up in the pages that you could merge to the old page. I then decided to create another page with the same name and that page didn’t have the “merge link” but the new page that I created before did and only showed the last page that I created.

    So in conclusion I don’t think Facebook allows you to merge pages that you created before to the page that you recently created. If only they allowed you to merge pages both ways… But then the main reason may be because they don’t allow pages with over 100 likes to be able to change it’s name and that’s why they won’t allow merging this way.

    The only possible way to do this is probably tell most of your fans to like the new page and unlike the old page and then for the remaining 100 likes you change the name and use the old page to merge the new page into the old page. Though this may leave your fans confused.

  19. says

    Hi thanks for the post I have this problem .
    I have one page from 3 years a go name “dj produtora rocky g” produtora is the same of producer but in portuguese . So i creat one new (dj rocky ) ! I have more than 7000 fans in each one and i what to merge . But first i dont have the links for merge the page maybe because is diferente names , 2º I find some place for full and send to facebook buk say my page is not autenticate …

    • says

      Hey Rocky, you could try that form but as your aware that’s risky. Once you merge the old and new one will you be at 10k? If so, youre going to have to go through the mandatory verification process… and perhaps it would be better to see if you can find a verification form and try to trigger contact with FB staff. Normally thats not possible but if you would be at 10k you might manage it.

  20. says

    I can see the merge tool (since about 5 mins ago!) but when i go through the process i get stuck at the last screen when it asks if you are sure you want to merge. The merge button does not work. I can click on it but nothing happens. Only the cancel button is active. Any ideas what is going on here?

    • says

      I’d open a second browser, clear its cache, then log in and try it from there. Normally I’d say it might just be buggy but that kinda hiccup sounds like there could be a browser bug.

      • says

        thanks for the suggestion. I’ve tried another browser that I don’t often use and also cleared the cache but I’m still getting the same problem. I’ve reported it to fb so hopefully it will work, or my browser will sort itself out later.

    • jennifer says

      Just wanted to say that the merge tool still works but it took a few days for it to work. Now, I have one more page that really needs to be merged but it won’t show up now. Can we only merge 1 page into another and then that’s it or can we do more than 1? Thanks.

      • says

        Jennifer, unfortunately this tool is broke. Some days it works, some days it doesn’t, some days it merges and loses fans, and other days it lets you do stuff it usually wont. Unfortunately defining what can be done or can’t be done is hard to say given how volatile it is. I’m sorry :(

  21. Lea says

    Excuse me,but i dont have that MERGE button!IDK Why,i merged my page with more of them but now that button merge just dissapeared!
    Sorry for bad English :)

  22. lydia says

    We just accidentally merged two pages to the one that we didn’t intended and lost the username that we wanted to keep. We tried to use that username for the newly merged page, but it says the username is not available. Is there anyway that we can get the username back? Thanks.

    • says

      Lydia unfortunately there is no direct way to reclaim a username. However, assuming that it was a page owned by a profile, and not a isolated page on a “business account” usually the name will “free up” (the same as happens after deleting a named page) in anywhere from 3 days to 3 weeks. I know that’s not specific but it’s just how they process them. Fortunately this means if you keep checking back you can usually get the username back in due time. It’s not perfect of course, as I know of one that has still not been freed up (and is not in use) but most of the time that’s how this works. Hope it helps and good luck!

      • Daniel Branco says

        Kim, what if the page gets 200 likes before the username is freed up? Will it be possible to change it? I’m in the exact same situation described by Lydia, waiting for the username to free up and already with 60 likes. Thanks!

  23. Lars says

    Hello Kim!

    I read through the comments, and your article… But I don’t really know what should I do. I converted my profile to a page today, that worked well. Now I want to merge it with another page (which one has the real name of what I want) but I don’t see the merge button? Maybe this is cause my new profile account blocked because of too much friend requests?
    Waiting for your reply! :) helpmepleeaseee :D

    • says

      Lars, as mentioned above, the merge feature is very contrary lately and does not always behave as it should. However, its important to remember that to be able to merge pages, the two pages you want to merge must have identical or nearly identical names. If they are not close enough (and often that means exact) Facebook will not let you merge them.

    • says

      Craig, Say you have two pages, Page A and Page B. Lets say that we’re going to merge Page A INTO page B (which means that we do this merge procedure from Page B). In this case, Page B keeps its custom URL but Page A upon the fans being merged in is essentially gone for good. That means that the URL is also “lost” from Page A. Page B however, keeps whatever custom URL it had. Generally speaking the “lost” url becomes available again within the username pool within a couple weeks. Hope that helps!

        • says

          Yes Jacqueline, there are no size caps on these mergers. Its worth noting that some people are saying that FB is making them use/keep the vanity url of the larger page, rather than defaulting to the one the merger is done from. I did not experience that but it may be true, FB changes stuff often.

  24. says

    I’ve got 2 pages w/o exact name matches; FB offers the merge option on the page with the most fans (but not on the “place” page, which happens to have less fans). Anyone know which name it would keep??

    • says

      The page who’s settings panel you are on/in will be the page name and vanity url that is retained. You may want to investigate further the details of merging a places page as a places + fan page creates a hybrid page that not all users are terribly fond of. Just something to look into Erin, hope it helps.

  25. says

    Kim, is this article still relevant? I am trying to combine and old biz page (700ish fans) with the new page (3,000ish fans), but when I go to the Resources page for the biz page I want to merge the other into, there is no option for “merge duplicate pages.” Any insight into why that would be? I have also just tried to completely get rid of the old page by reporting it as a duplicate, but even after multiple reports, it’s still there.

    • says

      Hey Liz, you probably saw the bright yellow note at the top of this page that the merge feature is fickle at best and many would describe it as often broken. Assuming the two pages are similar type and exact match names it SHOULD be showing but I certainly can’t make any promises for it at this time!

      • shanu says

        hi kim
        i merge 4 pages.but all 4 pages with diffrent name
        Farmville cheeters,farmville helpers,farmville winners,farmville kings
        but now i can’t find my pages
        and also it can’t merge in my 5th page

          • shanu says

            thankx kim
            i think my 4 pages likes add into my 5th page
            actualy i have lot of pages with million likes.and these 4 is just with few likes.mybe thats y i don’t find exact is metge or not
            thankx for quickreply
            want to ask one last thing

            like button not working any more
            but some friends add like button.i also add 1 like button in my all pages fbmltabs.i want to add 5 like how i can add 5 button?

            here is screen shot

          • shanu says

            kim this is for static fbml
            i have code of add button for other page
            but i don’t know how to add more then 1 button
            i paste link in tab 2 time but it show just 1 button
            is there any tip for add button more then 1 time in one tab?

  26. Wasi says

    I tried to merge a page with 21000 fans into a page with 56000 fans, i took all four steps, still fans figure on 56000+ page is not increasing and the page with 21000 fans is vanished from Facebook? Have I lost my page or It will take some time to get merged?

    • says

      When I merged mine, with a lot less fans than yours, it was slightly over 24 hours before my numbers did not look like I had lost the second page. I thought I’d lost mine but given time it caught up. Yours might take longer than mine did due to size. However, mine DID have a similar issue and then correct itself. Hang in there Wasi!

        • says

          drdwn, I tried but it comes up with an error “Your request could not be completed for the following reasons:
          The Page that you wish to merge with the Pages below must be an authentic Page.”

          it’s just a normal fan page, not sure why its not working

          • says

            Hey Kacey, I’ve not seen this particular error before. Unfortunately, the merge tool is very flakey and performs erratically and so its hard to predict if that’s even a real error or just it being broken again :(

  27. Scott says

    Hi Kim,
    I am trying to merge my business pages together. We are a franchise and have merged one of our pages into the main page, but I am now unable to merge any of the others as it tells me that the locations are too far apart. Is there a way to do it so that I can have all of our locations in the one page and people can check in and see them all through our main page??

  28. Kerry Stoots says

    I am trying to merge two groups in FB named the same. One was created prior to change over and now I have two NMHS classes of the 1970’s groups. Would like to move the smaller one back to the original group (511 members)

  29. Inderjit says

    Hi Kim, i represent a Govt Metro organization, there is a duplicate page which use our brand name and talk things which we don’t want to endorse, hence started our own today but when i try to merge our official with the duplicate one, there is a error message saying that the the page we our page is not authenticated.

    Help me solve this please.


      • Inderjit says

        Yes Kim, my personnel profile is verified. I wonder how to get the Page authenticated!

        Thanks a ton for your reply :)

        • says

          Assuming that your profile is the page owner (not just an admin) there should be no other verification steps… I wonder if you’ve stumbled on a bug. While you’re at it, I would go ahead and file a bug report at on the REPORT tab (don’t use the wall) under the “business pages” section. Maybe they can sort out the verified for you that way. You won’t actually hear from them, but sometimes they fix stuff for us and a week later it “just works”.

  30. Inderjit says

    Kim, guess you are rite, i’m only an admin…i suppose now the page got to be authenticated via mobile. Let me try my luck and get back to you. Cheers

    • says

      Hey Fatema, upload tools other than for images and videos you have already downloaded to your computer unfortunately don’t exist. This leaves you deciding what parts to copy paste unfortunately. Just remember to cite your sources.

        • says

          That page is an auto-generated community page rather than a business page. Facebook classifies them differently. Whether that feature is available to new community pages I do not know, however, it’s never been a part of business/like pages or places pages. Keep in mind that community pages lack a lot of the customization ability of business pages and they are not considered “owned” like places pages are. Once a community page grows to a certain activity level, Facebook takes over control of it.

          • christi says

            Hi Kim. Great article! very helpful!

            Is their a way to take control of an auto-generated community page? I have a client who wants a page however he has an auto-generated one with 6,000 likes. I don’t want to loose all those.

          • says

            Christi, I went to double check with some colleagues. Unfortunately, we all agree that at this time there is no tools for claiming those pages. There was for a short time in the past but those are gone. At this time, those pages are just sort of orphans.

  31. Inderjit says

    Kim, is there anyway to get page authenticated by Facebook? is there process like this, this sounds like tweeter page verification!

  32. says

    Hello –
    I have a facebook fanbox on my website. I also have a facebook fan page. When Facebook notified me that all apps would need to be connected with a page from facebook I thought the info I gave would merge the two together. However the number of likes is off and the content from my facebook page posts don’t show to those who have only liked the facebook fan box. Both have the same name, the only difference is one is all caps. Blackmark-It – BLACKMARK-IT. Let me know if you know a way to connect the two without losing any fans. Thanks

    • says

      Hey Jamel, thanks for stopping in. Your right that is very confusing on Facebooks’ side of things. The fan box has to belong to your page. You MAY be able to merge your pages using the process documented here in this post assuming it gives you the option. If you do not get a merge option you may be out of luck I’m afraid. You definitely need to generate a fan box for your fan page and get that on your website in the meantime while you sort this out.

  33. says

    I went to merge and it says on the confirm page the two pages that are being merged are my charity page and my personal page, I dont want to lose my personal friends (I have 5000) or my fans I have two charity pages, I just want the charity pages to merge, can i do this without affecting my personal page and friends or will the merge affect my personal if it is showing as part of the merge?

    • says

      Barby, the merge tool should not be offering you your perfonal PROFILE assuming that your profile has not been converted to a page. If it’s doing that, I’d love a screenshot and the URLs of the profile and pages involved as this is something I should look into and see if we need to report a big bug.

      Generally, when the merge box comes up, it offers you the pages available to merge. You then select (think it’s a check box) which ones you want to merge. The ones you don’t select will not be affected. If you’re in doubt, take a screenshot and post me the URL of the screenshot to have a look at and I’ll help you sort it out.

  34. says

    I have my page that has 5,000 sum likes. But theres a is non operational page with 7000 likes that I want to merge. There is no question it is my fans liking it. It has the exact same name and tags the same way. But Facebook won’t let me merge it. Is there an email I can use to tell them to merge it?

    • says

      Hey Jeremiah, Facebook is not going to offer you to merge a page that belongs to someone else. If the page is using your trademark, copyright or intellectual property there is a form you can fill out to verify that documentation and ask for it to be turned over to you. Your first avenue needs to be one of IP protection. Then, if you are given the page, you would be able to merge it.

  35. says

    In response, nobody own the page. Facebook created it as a community page. It has no owner or wall. A briefcase it the picture. But it won’t show up to merge.

  36. Braves93 says

    I recently merged my Page and Places and now I can’t find it to check in on my mobile. It’s disappeared. Any help would be greatly appreciated. Other than that, the merge worked perfectly.

  37. says

    I do not have an option to merge? Could you please help on how to transfer my “friends” from my personal account, to “likes” on my group page. Could you tell how this could be done?

  38. says

    This is what I tried to do, after I merged my personal FB into my group page. IT made a separate FB page which states “Entertainer”, and my main page I want it to merge to is the same category. So it should be no problem on merging the likes. Why is there no Merge Duplicate pages option? This is frustrating. Please help?

  39. shawn ali says

    How do I merge two FB groups? I am not an admin in either groups but could become one if I request to make the merge happen, or pass on the info to both current admins

    • says

      Hey Scott, a new user name would not be created generally (unless things have changed on me as they do often). It used to be that it kept the URL of the page that was being merged into… but lately FB is forcing the URL to be kept of the page that has the most fans. So you would have to look at your 2 pages and see which has more fans an that would probably tell you what the URL would end up. They’ve been tinkering with this so I just don’t have a foolproof answer at the moment.

  40. Mohamed says

    Hello Kim
    i tried to merge 2 pages
    and i fill the application and get this error ” Page is not authentic
    The Page that you wish to merge with the Pages below must be an authentic Page ”

    HOW I CAN MAKE an authentic Page on Facebook.


    • says

      Mohamed, the OWNER (not just the admin) of the page must have a verified Facebook account. That means that they must have connected their mobile phone number to their facebook account to put their profile into verified status. At that point, the pages they own are considered verified (which I believe is the same thing as mentioned here with “authentic”.

  41. wahyu says

    An error has occurred while merging pages. This may be caused by your attempt to merge too many pages.

    please help me !!!

      • Joey says

        I have also received the “An error has occurred while merging pages. This may be caused by your attempt to merge too many pages.” message. I had 3 fan pages for the same thing because I was confused about how fan pages work but now that the feature is easier to manage, I would like to combine them but I have one left that I keep getting this error message for. It’s my last one so it’s frustrating. I don’t want to lose the 1,500 fans it has. Any help? Thanks!

  42. says

    Hello i have two fb page but i can not merge them
    pages the same name Azerbaycanlilar and Azərbaycanlılar
    ERROE say thar you merge more fb page
    how can i merge them? thanks in am from Azerbaijan and sorry my english

  43. Cosmin says

    Hello Kim,

    I transformed a profile into a page on facebook. They said the username of the profile will become the username of the new page. i didn’t setup a new username, but i’m sure it’s not profile username. What should i do to have back my profile username for my page?

  44. says

    I converted a Personal Profile to a Fan Page, that I then merged into an existing Fan Page with the same name. But no ‘Likes’ have been added whatsoever. I feel as if though I’ve made a mistake in the process. Help?!

    • says

      Jules, did this straighten itself out? It always takes about 48hrs for the counts to be adjusted. Could have taken even longer, there is no specified window of when they will manually review it.

  45. inge says

    Be careful when merging pages, you might end up losing your username! This might happen when you have a personal page with more likers then on your fan page… and this happened to me yesterday while merging pages for a friend…
    Facebook ONLY lets you merge into the account with the most likers. I did a merge yesterday from a personal page into a fan page; the friends turned into likers which was great but I lost the username and all content. Then I wanted to merge that page with the original fan page but it did not let me do that, I could only merge them into the new account with new username so ended up with a merged account but no content at all and made it look like the company only joined Facebook yesterday… Is there a way of reclaiming the old username, restoring content or contacting Facebook about this? I did make a backup of the personal page but have no idea if this could be re-installed on a fan page…. Boohoo

    • says

      What did you end up doing?? I just had the same issue and don’t want to lose the content on my old page with fewer fans for the empty page with more fans that I just converted from a profile. :(

      • says

        Courtney, they’ve recently implemented a policy where you can only merge INTO the page with the higher fan count (and that is the URL that is kept). Gotta love non publicized changes – NOT! Unfortunately there is no practical workaround. A manual one would be to remove fans from the bigger page, until it was smaller than the other page but the amount of time investment required would be huge.

  46. jessica says

    A client created a Facebook group instead of a fan page and now I need to create their fan page. They have lots of information, posts, photos, etc. on their group page- what is the best solution for “transferring” the group information to a fan page? Do I need to repost everything from the beginning? Thanks.

    • says

      Jessica, unfortunately there are no tools to migrate from a group to a page. Everything will need to be reposted, unfortunately. Sorry for the disappointing news!

  47. jorde says

    An error has occurred while merging pages. This may be caused by your attempt to merge too many pages. this shows. solution?

  48. amir says

    Dear kim

    I have two fan pages with the same names on Facebook . One of them has 24000 likes and the other one got 12000 likes. I would like to merge these two pages together but we encounter a problem during the process and we get this error “An error has occurred while merging pages. This may be caused by your attempt to merge too many pages.”
    In the past we have merged each of these pages with some other pages, and at the moment we are not able to merge these two fan pages together anymore because the merge option has been disabled. I would be so grateful if you direct us and guide us on how to merge these two pages .I also would like to know if there is any other way for merging pages apart from merging duplication.

  49. Tatiana says

    I cant find edit page on the right side of my page. Can you please help me? I want to add 2 pages as one. Thanks

  50. says

    Hello Kim, I sent the below post as a guest and noticed later you do not respond to guests. I have subscribed now and hope you can answer the question below. I’m thinking yours must be the most knowledgeable advice about Facebook I’ve so far found!
    Can you advise me about why our business page will not accept our shop address, and how to fix it would be great. It means no map, and timings are wrong with events. Here is the screenshot (I hope – I’m a bit new at this sort of thing) –
    Thank you for any advice. Judith

  51. suresh says

    im having 10 Different pages with different names one page have more than 7 k memebers rest of the pages have 2k memebers i want to move all the memeber into 7k page how to do it pls help me

  52. rouge Mary says

    Hello Kim , thanks so much for all your comments it s very helpful … But I have the same problem as Jorde … My two fan pages have the same name i see the button merge pages but then I have this message … : An error has occurred while merging pages. This may be caused by your attempt to merge too many pages .. Please could you help ?

  53. says

    Thank you Kim for the effort you take to help us out… in regard to Rouge Mary’s Problem, I was having the same problem, I have 3 pages of the same name but still get the error Message… But then, I emailed them and to my surprise they responded with a link to fill a form, NO NEED TO AUTHENTICATE THE PAGE. I am waiting for their respond, it has only been less than 4 hours, I am really hope to get positive feedback …

    Thank you

  54. says

    Hi Kim,

    Previously, my company has created the facebook fan page, but we lose the username and password.
    And then I’ve created a new fan page for the company with new username and password.

    So can I merge the old fan page to the new fan page? Both pages has same name.

    btw, I can’t see the ‘Merge duplicate pages’ button on my admin panel.

  55. venkatesha says

    hi my facebook Profile Create Community pages how to change in my old profile
    and contact friends, groups.

  56. says

    Hi Kim,

    So I am wanting to convert this friend page into a business page:

    Then merge that page into this page:

    What should I change for the two names to be eligible to merge? Which URL will stick? After the merge, can I still change the URL to something different? When I go to convert the profile into a page, it gives me the options of business, entertainment, etc. Which one should I choose? I am not sure what the current fan page was created as.Thank you so much!Randy

  57. Monique says

    Hi Kim

    Thanks for your site and the help that you are providing! I hope you can help me…

    I’m wanting to migrate my business profile to our existing page yet as we know, Facebook does not allow you to migrate to an existing page, so i would have to create a new page. This would then leave me with 2 pages which i can then merge.

    Although, the newly created page will have more likes (as the profile has quite a lot of ‘friends’) then the existing page. And i read that the page with the least “likes” will be ‘closed’ which would leave me with the new (& empty) page… ultimately defeating my purpose of migrating in the first place.

    Is there any way around this and have everyone on my existing page???

    • says

      unfortunately, Facebook has made this change that you have noted and there really is no alternative. I suppose you could reduce the number of friends on the profile until you had less friends (eventually fans) than the page you wanted to merge into but that seems wasteful if the profile is large.

  58. says

    Hi Kim!
    Hope you’re still checking this post.
    I actually went the whole gamut, converted my profile (which I was mostly wasting time on) into a page and now I’ve still got admin access to my existing page that I had made before.
    I was trying to do the page merge, but even with the identical name on both pages, I can’t seem to merge them from the older page/vanity that I want to keep and merge the newly converted page into. In the ‘resources’ section of the new page though, the ‘merge’ button is there – however I don’t want to lose the pics and all that I’ve posted on my existing page.
    Someone else raised this query early in the comments here but there was no response on that one in particular so thought I would ask again. Please let me know if I resolve this because I’d prefer not to ask the ‘good folks’ at facebook who in my experience are not all that helpful a lot of the time.

    • says

      Spider, somewhere along the way, Facebook has changed their policy (again, stealth changes, which annoy me) and now only allows merging INTO the page with the larger fan base. This is frankly a pain in the butt, though I suspect it was some sort of damage control by Facebook. It’s hard to see how it was necessary if the page names were an exact match.

  59. Rui Miguel Bernardo says

    Hi Kim
    i want to merge 2 pages that i admin but the name’s aren’t a bit similar. maybe that’s why the “merge pages” option won’t appear.
    can you help me out and tell me how can i go around this problem.

    thanks in advance for your time

    Rui Miguel Bernardo

  60. Sara says

    Hi, sorry i want to know can i change my username when i convert it to a face book page??
    now its a personal page and i can’t change my username becasue i changed it wrongly more than 1 times i just want to know if i convert it to a facebook page can i change my username or not??
    thanks a lot …

  61. says

    Hi Kim,
    I have two business pages with different addresses, they are both identical businesses and it is a waste posting to them individually. Is there a way we can merge them and still show their map pins for both locations on the same page?

    • says

      That’s an ongoing question that Facebook has yet to resolve. Because each page can only carry a single map pin, some franchise /multi-store businesses really are stuck in your situation. Unfortunately, the answer, at this time, is no, as there would only be a single map pin after a merger.

  62. Sharon Fox says

    Hi I have a real problem which is driving me nuts and can’t get any help from Facebook. I am trying to convert a personal page which has over 3000 friends to a new business fan page but when I click on migrate a Error shows up stating I am merging to many pages. There are no other pages, can you help me ?

      • Sharon Fox says

        Thank you for your reply but this is the first time I have tried to convert the page to a fan page, have you any solutions as to what I can do ? I can’t understand the error as there are no other pages connected!

  63. Hillary says

    Kim – I just merged two duplicate pages for a client, the page I created (with more fans, pictures, content, etc) and a location page created from check-ins (with 13 fans, no pictures, no content, etc). It appears as though (even though I selected the page with all the content) Facebook merged the two pages and KEPT the “lesser” of two pages. Is this an optical illusion or is there a bug in how this works?

    • says

      With the new tool that Facebook is currently phasing in, the cap will move from 3 up to 6 (total). That is assuming that the tool we’ve seen in beta testing is fully rolled out eventually.

      • febriadi says

        hi kim …
        i’m febriadi from Indonesia, so I’m so sorry if my english is not good…
        in recent times, I often combine my facebook fanspage without any issues with the way that you describe. But the last few days, it seems I can no longer combine my facebook fanspage as usual.
        If allowed, may I ask you for a little YM ID consult?

  64. says

    Hi Kim! Thanks for your post… I’ve been trying to merge 2 pages (same info, same category, same name) for over 2 week now, but with no success. I see the Merge button, I go through the merge process where I select the page and confirm that I want to merge it… But once I click the final Merge button the popup window disappears and nothing happens. Do you know what the issue might be here? I’m getting desperate!

    The pages are: and

  65. jassi says

    Hi Kim! Thanks for your post… I’ve been trying to merge 2 pages (same info, same category, same name) for over 2 week now, but with no success. I see the Merge button, I go through the merge process where I select the page and confirm that I want to merge it… But once I click the final Merge button the pop up window disappear & nothing happen
    same problem Arina
    i use mozilla browser plz help

    • says

      Jassi, that SHOULD be working for you. To the best of my knowledge, the merge tool, unlike the large page rename request tool, should be available to all page admins even those who are non USA based. If you’re not based in the USA, you may however be proving my understanding of that flexibility incorrect. You’ve done the logical thing of using another browser. You could either attempt to utilize a USA based proxy IP address or you could hire a USA based consultant such as myself to attempt the change for you. This is not something I do for free but if you wish to peruse it, open a support ticket at My assistance however is not a guarantee of getting it working but is simply my time and energy in my best attempt to get it to work. I can’t be held responsible for Facebook’s flakiness.

  66. jassi says

    @Arina,merge tool is not working
    * I submit the merge request yesterday
    submit your request here –> .


  67. says

    Hello Kim,
    Want to first thank you for your clear and concise direction on the profile-to-page and page merge procedure at facebook. Here is why I am writing: We are having the same problem as Jassi and Arina. We see the Merge button, go through the merge process where we select the page and confirm that we want to merge it… But once we click the final Merge button the popup window disappears and nothing happens. We also tried different browsers. Same result. Love to hear what you think is going on. We are at

    • says

      Allen, I hate to ask this question because I don’t really want to consider the implications. Are you inside or outside of the USA. If you’re outside then I wonder if the same restrictions are affecting mergers that affect large page name change request forms. That’s not a thrilling thought. I mean, I’ll make more money doing paid mergers, but seriously, FB needs to knock it off if this is a country restriction.

  68. Natalie says

    Hi Kim,

    If I’m coming a couple of pages and one of the absorbed pages is a page that many people in my office have a link to on their email signature. Do you know if the link will automatically re-route them to the combined page? Or will we have to go in and change the link?

  69. says

    I tried to merge 2 pages for my customer, but it just didn’t work since I’m located in The Netherlands. Then I got hold of Kimberly and she helped me merge the pages.

    Thank you very much Kimberly, I absolutely recommend you to all non-US Facebook users who need help with a merge or name change!

  70. says

    How do i change the name of a page or profile to an existing name so i can merge?I want to merge with

  71. Doug Cooper says

    Kim…..I have my original FACEBOOK page and later added a page for a small sports league. I am the league’s only administrator. However, I don’t want to merge them….I simply want to do away with my own personal FACEBOOK page and keep the sports league page. Is this possible?

    • says

      Hey Doug, sorry I missed this, spam folder accidentally nabbed it.

      Once a business/fan page has an “association” to a profile, it has to remain that way unless the profile is migrated. Unfortunate but true. However, you can remove all your friends, and then turn your privacy up really high so almost no one can find the profile, and just use the page and pretty much pretend you don’t have a profile. This is what many do.

  72. Natasha says

    Hi Kim – not sure if you are still checking this (praying that you do!!!) I just recently changed the vanity url on my facebook page and about had a mini-coronary when I realized that facebook wasn’t going to re-direct my fans over….anyways…SO:
    1) I quickly created another business page, grabbing my old vanity url before I lost it….with the same business name/address….since all of my fans are currently being routed to this empty page.
    2) I want to merge those two pages, but I wanted to make sure I know what happens to the old vanity url (the one that my fans still see)….will merging them help the situation, or will I lose that link again? Which vanity url will be the new one? Will they all be directed to my primary page?

    Does that make sense?? Please help :-)

    • says

      Hey Natasha, apologies that I saw this much belatedly. Unfortunately my spam filter grabbed it for no particularly good reason.

      Unfortunately, there is no way to get to a new URL and not lose (completely) the old URL on Facebook. There is no redirection provided from any vanity URL to another. Only the base/default/stock URL (long URL) you had at the very beginning gets redirected to your vanity URL. Once you change URLs the other URL gets held in limbo for a good long while and then eventually made available to others to use.


  73. javierini says

    Can i merge a profile and a fan page, without converting my profile to a page.
    What I want is to use the page vanity url with my profile.


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