How To Merge Facebook Pages

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Note: This merge pages tool is currently working erratically. It may or may not show up for you when it should even if the pages are both biz pages and in the same category and have an exact name match. Unfortunately this is a FB problem and I encourage you to contact them about the bug in their merge pages tool.  If it is present for you it works well, if it’s not present you may be out of luck.

Many popular bloggers and businesses that have been on Facebook a while discovered, after Facebook auto-generated community pages based on user’s “interest tags”, that they had a half dozen community pages with their name on them!

Or perhaps you got started with Facebook pages and accidentally made a couple pages with the same name not realizing what you were doing at first (It can be confusing!)

Or maybe, you, like me, have some related pages under 100 fans, that you just don’t use like you thought you would and you are eligible to change their names…

Well in all three of these cases, Facebook has now made it super simple to condense the pages down into the one page you want to focus on.

The only rule is that the pages MUST have matching names. (And there is no rule that if they are under 100 fans that you can not change the name to make this happen.)

How To Merge Facebook Pages

1. Go to the page you intend to KEEP… that you want to bring the other pages fans IN TO… and go to the admin dashboard (via the “edit page” link).

2. In the left hand navigation, click on Resources… and then, assuming you have a page that is eligible to merge, you will see a “Merge Duplicate Pages” link.

3. In the popup, you will see a list of pages that are ELIGIBLE to be merged (meaning the names are an exact match). Put a check mark by the one(s) you wish to merge and click “merge page”.

(It’s very important you ensure you are doing this FROM the page you wish to KEEP or you could wind up on the wrong vanity URL.)

4. After you’ve hit merge, you will be asked to confirm, and reminded that all wall activity, photos, uploads, vanity url, etc (except fans) from the page you are merging in will be lost.

5. Click the Merge Pages button. That will take you out of the dialog boxes. Now refresh the page you kept and you will see that most likely your fan number has raised. (It will not be a full addition most likely as most of us have duplicate fans on multiple pages.)

That’s all there is to it! It’s as easy as that to merge Facebook pages!

I was at 2,145 fans on my main page in 71 from the JAK page (mostly duplicates and went up to 2,169… and now merged in 100 from KJC and that put me at  2,236.

Not a bad little increase for such a super simple process!





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198 Comments on "How To Merge Facebook Pages"

3 years 8 months ago

Unfortunately, although we have 3 ‘community’ pages, all with the same name as our official page, Facebook will not give us the Merge option in our Admin panel.

3 years 8 months ago

This is a timely article for me. I joined TSA last Friday and, as you know, was advised to create a Facebook page. I created two Facebook pages quite a while ago, and for whatever reason, forgot about them. Funny thing is, I could not locate them. Thought they they would be indicated ‘someplace’ on my Facebook account like the one I created yesterday is. At least, I know that I can merge them when I find them (the ‘fans’ have probably deserted the page by now though).

3 years 8 months ago

Will it work if I do merging for fan page with group page?

3 years 8 months ago

I just popped over here after reading your previous post Kim. This is very handy to know and it had escaped my attention, thanks for the share.
Have a fun weekend :)

3 years 8 months ago

I have 3 biz pages, all with the same name, but only one of them will allow me to merge all three into one page, and that one is the one with a vanity URL, which will be the wrong vanity URL.

The one without a vanity URL that will allow me to merge the pages will only allow me to merge one of the two extra pages, and the third page will not allow me to merge them at all. Now I’m stumped on what to do.