How To UnFollow Everyone On Twitter

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On Twitter

 Sometimes You Just Want To Start Over!

 There’s oodles of reasons why you may arrive at a point of wanting to start over on twitter without giving up the existing account.

It’s very easy to change your twitter ID without losing followers… but what about when you want to keep the ID but tell the followers sayonara… so long… goodbye?

I previously had a blog post about a tool called “Unfollow All” but Twitter in their infinite wisdom – through the use of the API tool – both broke that tool and banned other similar tools from gaining access to the system. They said such behavior was “unnatural”.

Frankly that sucks.

Recently I had the need for the ability to do this – again – and found myself on the hunt for a way to dump the follower list on one of my twitter accounts.

It turns out that TweetAdder, which is a tool I’d bought but abandoned in favor of TweetSpinner (before TweetSpinner made a bunch of changes), actually had the capabilities I needed as long as I was willing to let it run for a while (sure, no problem there!)

TweetAdder gets around the twitter rule by making sure that the unfollows are done over time, slowly but consistently, and plenty fast enough for me while using the defaults to not get my twitter account banned (a common problem with tools like TweetAdder).

In this screenshot you can see that you use it to manage unfollows of people that have not followed you back based on your chosen number of days… however, there are more tools in that dropdown…

Now, under the “Who to UnFollow” you can see options to “UnFollow All Followers (except whitelist)”

The ability to whitelist or safelist to prevent unfollowing accounts you want to keep is really really powerful and one of the things that puts this ahead of former free tools.

 TweetAdder is actually a “swiss army knife” of twitter management features (many of which are powerful enough to get you in trouble if misused) and used skillfully can give you a lot of extra tools to make your twitter life easier. Using TweetAdder to unfollow everyone on your twitter account is just one of its many uses!

Go check out TweetAdder!

Share it and give me a shout out and let me know what you think!

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    • says

      I agree Peter! Even if we’ve over-followed majority of the time we have key follow-and-follow-back relationships with people in our industry that need protected from a massive house cleaning. Whitelisting is SO important!

  1. says

    Well, this is something that every Twitter user will need. Although I am not keen about unfollowing “everyone” this will help to unfollow the masses. It’s always good to clean up the clutter :) Thanks Kim!

  2. says

    Now this is something that I’d like to check out. It’s actually a lot more forgiving than just automatically unfollowing everyone, and certainly easier than doing it one by one. Twitter’s certainly grown a lot more convenient these days.

  3. Harleena Singh says

    Hi Kim,

    That is indeed a very interesting post ! Something new for me, and I would surely try out the unfollow option and TweetAdder, though I wonder if people we unfollow, would also do the same and we may loose out on the number of followers!

  4. Lisa says

    Thanks for the tips! One good thing about your post is that you incorporate it with screenshots which makes me understand well the steps.

  5. says

    so far I have no plans in applying unfollow. But you are right about starting over Kim. Your blog here is helpful for those who want to undo their choice. I may need this in the future, but so far I have no problems.

    • says

      Exactly Diane, this is sort of a niche solution that not even a small percentage of the community will need… but when you DO need it its nice to know what’s available! I certainly don’t recommend taking a wrecking ball to most twitter accounts!

  6. says

    I had no idea their were tools to do that. I think I’m going to use TweetAdder at work and it’s going to make me gain a lot of time and energy !

  7. says

    Hi Kim, just found you and your site on twitter. I have been using tweet adder for a while, although at the beginning it has been pretty rocky, now its seems to work okay and I am seeing the results. I am just wondering how to creat fast a whitelist, are you aware whether tweetadder allows to create one from your own account ? thanks again for sharing this great tip! :)

    • says

      Hey Michala,

      While tweetadder allows a whitelist, I have not found that they make it “easy” or “fast” to generate one. I had the same situation on tweetspinner and so I do not know of any alternative that DOES make it easy to whitelist. Perhaps we need to get in touch with them and tell them they need a “circle hack” for white listing LOL!

  8. Dan says

    Why would one want to start over in the first place?

    If you fancy completely starting over from scratch, just change your twitter name to some random assortment of letters and numbers, change your email address to a disposable one (like 10 minute mail), remove all your information and delete the account.

    This way you can start all over, and still use the same email and username as before, and of course start from blank.

    • says

      Dan the downside of that – rather than of this – is that with this you maintain all of your logins and registrations via OAuth that you have set up to be connected to twitter. The dozen or more sites that people have connected accounts to with twitter that lack a standalone login is a really strong reason to preserve the OAuth connection itself for many business owners. This is not really as much of a case for the average hobby user I would suspect!

      • Dan says

        Oh right, I forgot about that OAuth stuff that some people use.

        I guess then my comment was aimed at those that don’t use OAuth for anything. :D

  9. says

    I took a glance at Tweet Adder. it does do a lot more than delete followers. I think I agree with one person who already posted — I’m not switching niches, so I’d better keep the followers I have, at least for the moment!

  10. says

    Hi Kim,
    Thank you for this tool! I will check out TweetAdder…it sounds perfect. I am always looking for advantages using Twitter and this will only help. Thank you.

    I really like that you have the ability to see who has not followed you back within a specified time period. Very cool.

    Thank you again for the great post!

  11. says

    Timing! I’m trying to use this tweet adder tool to increase followers – and I think I absolutely need this, I’ve been trying to follow users so they can notice and hopefully follow me back, but with no luck.

    Any suggestions to increase followers? Thanks!

  12. says

    Thanks for the help I was looking for that this is really needed I had a long list of inactive following/followers in my old twitter a/c.


  13. Jack says

    no more Ids to unfollow… The auto unfollow dussent work,

    if u press start to unfollow its say: no more Ids to unfollow..

    Its 4 days ago but by the automation says he wil unfollow in 3 days but thaht dussent work what to do now..

    i want to unfollow people becuase i got to many people thaht im following now..

    How to fix it??

    • says

      It’s probably that you are using the drop-down to only unfollow the ones followed by tweet-adder. If you want to remove all, you have to move that dropdown down to the one that says unfollow all but does not say only the ones that were followed using this tool.

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