Bulk Upload Images From Server Via FTP Into WordPress Media Library

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From Your Hosting Server? 

Re-setting up a blog from an xml export/import often fails to bring in all of the associated post images. 

This is particularly true if you are reinstalling a blog on it’s original domain and location and thus the original wp-content/uploads folder is no longer available. 

I reinstalled this blog, a few months back, from an XML export as a way to fix some very deep level database issues I was having. (Was actually a really good move, the blog feels much better now). 

I thought I could just FTP the images up to the server and WordPress would see the images and let me access them from the Media Library…. oops.. wrong. 

So I had an empty media library and several hundred images and not nearly enough patience to manually re-upload them all! 

Fortunately, like everything else in WordPress, it seems… There’s a plugin for that!

Add From Server

“Add From Server” is a quick plugin which allows you to import media & files into the WordPress uploads manager from the Webservers file”

 Add From Server is a simple plugin that adds a bulk-upload from server to your Media Library. 

add from server plugin screenshot

Those blue links represent the WordPress folders on your host. Click on “wp-content”… and then inside that, click on “uploads”.  Now your uploads folder is sorted by Year and Month and you need to go into each of those. 

For example, go into 2010 and into 01 (January), you will find all your images from that month. Put a check next to the ones you need, and then click upload/import. 

 Note:  You will probably see 4 copies of each image, with three of them having dimensions. You only need to import the original image (without the added dimensions in the url). WordPress is going to auto-crop every image you import. So if you import all the copies you will have 16 new copies which is a lot of bulk in your image folder. 

So there ya go!

A little bit time consuming but not too bad. 

A real simple way to easily add images from your hosting server, uploaded by FTP, into your WordPress blog’s Media library!

(Can’t tell you how many hours this little plugin saved me!)

Simply uninstall the plugin when you’re finished uploading with it.

~ Kim ~
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  1. says

    I don’t need to upload images right now, but in case if I will have such necessity, I will certainly use your advice. Thanks a lot for sharing

  2. says

    Thanks Kim. Would be really helpful if we migrate from server to server or to a new domain. I’ve gone through the pain and didn’t know of this plugin then :)

  3. says

    It is interesting to know about this wonderful plugin. It will reduce lot of burden. You can safely transport your images using this option!

    Thanks for sharing!

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