How To Create Facebook Interest Lists (And Why This Is Another Brand-Building Tool!)

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How To Create Facebook Interest ListsPublic Facebook Lists
Let You Recommend Pages, Subscriptions & People!

(Be Sure To Include Yourself!)

Facebook now has two types of lists… private lists and public lists!

Okay, that’s a big amount of generalization, but I think it will help you understand not only the differences but where Interest Lists can help your business. So work with me, okay? ;)

You’re likely already familiar with Facebook’s private list system which is often called “Friend Lists” (though it can include subscriptions and pages as well). These lists allow us to do a lot of internal filtering of our news feed and do not reveal their secrets to the world!

Now, in a move that is strikingly similar to Twitter lists (which are public), Facebook has introduced public lists, known as Interests lists  (which may include pages, profiles and subscriptions).

If the terminology feels a little wonky, you’re not alone. The systems are so similar that even Facebook’s documentation often confuses the two.

What Are Facebook Lists?

Facebook lists are features that belong to your Facebook Profile and are a great way to create groupings (not Facebook Groups, different thing) of people, places and things we follow in our news feed. (Your page can not make lists.) Lists allow us to quickly see a filtered view of content. In the case of private lists, they are also used to specifically control who sees our postings. Public lists let us create and share a topic or “magazine” collection. People, places & things added to any list may be selectively removed from the main news feed for organizational reasons if we wish.

The Three List Types

Lists or “Friend Lists” = Private (strictly)
Interest Lists = Public (But can be set private or semi-private)
Smart Lists = inbound & outbound control and are not “real” lists like the other two but actually filters.

Both Friend Lists & Interest Lists can contain people, subscriptions and pages you follow.

If you already understand how Friend Lists work, you will find that Interest Lists are very similar with a few unique tools and settings (like Public!).

I already have Friend Lists, why should I care about Interest Lists? 

Friend Lists and the associated Smart Lists that work together with them will continue to constitute the bulk of your energies because they are designed “for you” explicitly. However, in the same way that Twitter Lists can “go viral”, function as “suggested reading lists” and help build your brand… while still serving as a news filter for you… so too can Interest Lists!

You will want to create a niche interest list (or three) for the niche you specialize in, add yourself to it, and then share it with your readers. If they they share your list (which they may since you’re going to make it useful, right?) then your message has the ability to spread in a new way! You are saving your readers the time it takes to build the list while helping yourself at the same time.

Gotta Get Me Some Interest Lists!

You can make your own Interest Lists to share AND you can subscribe to interest lists of others.

There are a couple different places in the Facebook interface that we can make Interest Lists, for our convenience, which is handy.  They all work the same though. 

Getting Started: Finding Your Facebook Interest Lists

From your Facebook news feed page, your left sidebar, possibly hidden under the “more” link, contains a new link that says “Add Interests…” which opens

Clicking on a existing list name will let you preview the list contents. Clicking subscribe next to the existing list will add the list name to your current Interests Lists, found here:

Search for lists in your niche for ideas!

Like any other sidebar element, Interest Lists you create or subscribe to can be easily added to your Favorites for easy access.

Creating A Facebook Interest List

The “Create New List” button is available in three different locations: In the “addlist” page (above), in the “Liked”/”Subscribed” drop-down of a page or subscription in your news feed, and in the  “Liked”/”Subscribed” drop-down of a page or subscription on their timeline.  All three buttons work the same.

Clicking the “Create New List” button starts the wizard:

In the first screen: Select the people, pages and subscriptions you want to include in your Facebook Interest List.

Create A Facebook Interest List - Wizard

In the second screen: Give your Interest List a keyword appropriate name (for the search tool to work in your favor), set its privacy (Public generally) and click Done.

 Create A Facebook Interest List - Wizard

 Once you click Done, the list will be created and added to the page that displays all of your interest lists: (accessible by clicking the word “Interests” in your left sidebar). From there, you can easily set it as a Facebook Favorite if you wish.

Managing Your Interest List

Open up your list, and under the “Manage List” button you will find options to easily rename your list, add/remove people, pages and subscriptions, as well as restrict displayed content or delete your list

The “Edit List” option will let you easily add or remove who is on the list… making management real simple.

Adding Pages & Subscriptions To Interests Lists On-The-Go!

Both Pages & Subscriptions provide you with an easy pop-out, for adding them to an interest list, from their news feed entry and their Timeline.  (This is nearly identical to how profiles offer a similar pop-out for adding them to a private Friend List.)

Sharing Your Interest List – Start The Ball Rolling!

Each Facebook Interest List has a unique URL and a share button, giving you several ways to share your list with your profile, groups and pages. The URL can even be shared out directly to your twitter followers!

Share Your Facebook Interest List

Useful Links For More Information

Check out my Facebook Interest List FAQ!


As you can see, Facebook Interests Lists are really straight forward to use… and a great opportunity to showcase yourself and others in your niche!

Are you taking advantage of Facebook Interest Lists yet? If so, feel free to share a link to YOUR interest lists, with the community here, in the comments below!

 ~ Kim ~
Simple Tech Tips For Marketing

PS: If your list begins to go viral, and you have featured some Pros in it, you could probably earn some brownie points by gracefully letting them know they’ve been featured on a rapidly growing list!


image source: facebook (logo), me (screenshots)

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  1. says


    It is amazing all of the nooks and cranys of Facebook. I had no idea that interest lists even existed. Now I’ll have to set aside an afternoon to play with them. I don’t know whether to thank you for opening this up to me or condemn you for putting another task on my plate.


  2. says

    Thank you Kim, for this tutorial. I had been trying to figure out how to do these things by just clicking here and there without a real plan. This makes it ever so much easier to do it right the first time. It just annoys me no end when I try to get something all set up only to realize that I left out a crucial piece of information because I didn’t even know it existed. :-)

  3. says

    Good explanation! I knew a little bit about Facebook lists but couldn’t have given you a definition that made any sense. Thanks for the post.

  4. says

    Hey Kim,
    OMG! Thanks for sharing this with us.
    Facebook has been a challenge to me ever since I first started using it.
    You have helped me with my learning curve.
    As always you provide so much great information.

  5. says

    Hey Kim, what a cool screenshot of your Bloggers List :)
    That caught my eye right away. LOL

    I started a podcasting interest list and I’m pretty sure you’re in it but I’m going to double check as soon as I’m done commenting. I was really pleased to see a notification one day that PodcastAnswerMan Cliff Ravenscraft was following the list. I bet I was the only geek with a list like that at the time which made it super easy to find.

    Thanks for all the tips Kim!

  6. says

    This field is totally new for me, therefore I find your guide really helpful. Taking into account the competitive nature of the online environment, I think we should use the social networks at their full potential. Therefore, I’ve started to focus on Facebook and building interest lists is a new area for me.

  7. says


    This is great and clears up my list issues. I always believe like many out here, that list were used to place people we know in our friends, family and others areas. Yet, with what you explained in great detail. We can create a list that others shown or will pick to be added to show a liking of information on a topic.

    Such as I love horses and going to horse shows. I can create a list about articles and other materials on this subject. Those who have shown or will ever indicate a liking also will be add to the list. That way on any given day if I was to promote a show arriving I could let those who love the same in on it.

    I pray that is what I got from this. It makes sense yet there are so many ways to accomplish the same think. Facebook and twitter just keep coping each other and that is wonderful to see. Healthy competition is good for all of us and I love to see more.

    Thanks Kim your the best. I must re-read this article when I have more time I feel it has more to offer given a change to focus on thought.

    Your one of our great supporters of tech information out here.

  8. says

    Dear Kim,
    Thank you so much for all the hard work you put into this. This tutorial makes our pages more engaging an opens up many more opportunities for business. This one is a “keeper” – I didn’t know anything about how to use these features until now.
    BUT…as usual. You are always keeping us posted.
    Thank you for your passion, hard work, giving and education

  9. says

    Thanks Kim! Facebook Week was just about to run out for me! I’d heard about lists but had not gotten that far yet, and whalla – here it is! Timing couldn’t have been perfect because I only allowed myself ONE WEEK of Facebook Page training and that week is running out. I do believe I have enough to go on for right now, keep up with what I’ve learned, and make sure I’ve got it right – – and move onto something else next week. Thanks again – this helped tremendously!

  10. says

    Now this is what I call a tutorial! You show me a lot of things I didn’t know it existed on FB. Since I started reading your posts about FaceBook I realized that I really don’t know anything about this network. Thanks again, Kim!

  11. says

    I was never clear on the topic. I think the niche we are in these interest lists can work well.

    Do users see them if they subscribe to you?

  12. says

    Hi Kimberley,
    I was knowing only of SmartLists.
    You’ve opened plethora of ideas on introducing “Interest lists” to blog about.
    The tutorial was well explained and would love to implement on my FaceBook profile.

    BTW, a small suggestion. You’ve too many social media icons scattered all over the page. This will reduce the page loading speed and effect SEO of your blog and also creates discomfort in reading the page. I better suggest, you keep the standard buttons and keep away with the fancy stuff.

  13. says

    HI Kim,

    Yes, Facebook is getting a little buys. What a great idea to split things into interest lists. You must be so well organized. Mind you with your following you would have to be!

    Thanks again for a great idea to make Social media manageable.

  14. says

    Many people are getting addicted to Facebook to the point that they almost spend all day surfing Facebook. I can’t blame them. This social networking site is really convenient especially for businesses and for those people who are searching their long lost loved one.

  15. says

    I never read about interest list on Facebook however know about it. But now after reading your post looks like i am able to do anything on interest list. you make me master of that. now i will surely great on my Fanpage. thanks KIM.

  16. says

    How funny. There are just so many ways facebook can go, they can just make as many changes as they want because they are pioneering (although this is something twitter came up with first, however). Lol.

  17. says

    Hey Kim,
    Facebook interest list is my one of the favorite facebook feature.I have created many private and public Interest list to keep me updated with the topic am following.I have also created a list “Facebook Updates” ,you can subscribe it to get latest news and updates from facebook directly in your newsfeed.

  18. says

    Great post Kim, it’s nice to connect here. I had formulated Lists for my own convenience but I really hadn’t thought about the viral aspect until you pointed it out. And, I love this – it’s so exciting! Thank you for sharing it with us.

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