Just-Ask-Kim.com Coming Soon! A 90 Day Re-Evaluation


A lot of you have heard me make a fuss over giving your new blogs a minimum of a 90 day run before making major changes.

Well, for this blog that was April 1st… and what a rockin’ first 90 days its been!

I want to remind everyone that joined me for this 90 day stretch to be sure to get your social media metric numbers to compare! Mine are pretty wow!

When you’re looking at your metrics, if some things don’t look quite right, always think back to any major changes you made during the 90 day stretch.

For example, my Facebook friends numbers are actually DOWN! Whoa you might be saying! However, this was triggered by me creating not one but 3 very solid fan pages, removing a lot of spammers from my “friends”, and beginning to filter all of my business work through those pages. These are important notes to add to your metrics log! If I had not wrote down what I did, and when, I would not be able to evaluate its impact on my business!

90 days is also a nice marker for re-evaluating your positioning in the market. Is your niche too wide? (Likely), too narrow? (less likely), is it just poorly defined? What can you do to improve your USP (Unique Selling Proposition)?

Perhaps like me, when you launched, you have only a beginning framework of what your brand would look like, and that has begun to crystallize over the last 90 days.

I have to say when my brand began to crystallize in my head there was such a strong urge to rush out and change everything. I really had to fight to sit on my hands to be sure I did not jump the gun and ruin both my momentum and my metrics.

That said … in bringing together the “Ask Kim” brand that has been developing over the last couple months, this blog will soon be changing domain names to http://just-ask-kim.com! (The old address will continue to redirect for a while as well.)

This will also be joined by tightening up the niche of the blog. Majority of the personal development material, with the exception of occasional things from industry top leaders, will be moving over to my other blog.  (That blog of course is in its own first 90 day stretch and at this moment is a lot less defined that it will become over time.)

Why am I doing this?

This will enable me to directly serve those of you that are looking for clear, direct advice on social media, technology, and internet marketing advice and training for your businesses, provide EXACTLY that. It means that you can depend on knowing exactly what you will find when you visit. It enables me to also focus on strategic topics within my list, so that I am providing you with substantially better value.

It also allows me to have my other blog, One True Journey (OTJ), as a place to bring out many of my background skills and passions that are not related to this blog. OTJ serves a similar but in many ways very different community. By splitting them, I can serve each, directly, in a way that is least likely be considered spam, thus maximizing both your time and my own exposure.

What’s the downside?

Well, as I warned my PBY students when they started… there is always serious time-penalty to starting a second blog. It breaks your focus A LOT. In fact, since I created OTJ is the first time that my analytics/metrics numbers for THIS blog have ever taken a negative trend. I divided my time, energy and to a degree traffic. In hindsight, were the other blog not something I needed to create for deeply personal reasons, I would not have created it yet. However, because I know my metrics, I know the trends, and I know that I must redouble my efforts to put this blog back on a positive trend. (So, I hope it goes without saying, if you’re considering a second blog… be incredibly sure you can afford both its time, energy and traffic costs.)

I appreciate all of you that have been a part of this community and helped me make these 90 days possible. I hope these changes make me better able to serve you. It would also be great if you could share this post, as some people are going to be confused over my domain name change I’m sure! LOL If you have any thoughts, advice, suggestions or ideas of what topics you’d like to see more of I’d be thrilled if you would leave a comment below.

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24 Comments on "Just-Ask-Kim.com Coming Soon! A 90 Day Re-Evaluation"

5 years 1 month ago

Wow, my brain cannot process how it’s like to have two blogs. I can barely cope with one. No wonder you sleep during the day, lol! I normally become anxious to make changes on my blog and doesn’t necessarily wait for 90 days to re-evaluate. It’s good that I’ve read this article, it taught me to be more patient and not get too excited making changes :-) Thank you once again, Kim for a valuable lesson.
.-= Cherrie Bautista@Young And Fabulous´s last blog ..On Young And Fabulous: Incorporating It In Your Life =-.

5 years 1 month ago

I’m with Cherrie on this ~ two blogs sounds soooo overwhelming, but I do understand your need to split the two. At the moment mine is a hodgepodge of marketing and mindset, but I’m ‘being good’ and following your instruction to wait for 90 days before doing anything drastic.

You’re so right about needing the time to allow things to crystallize – there’s so much to learn and sometimes beginners’ enthusiasm can lead you to rush off in an unhelpful direction.

Thanks for the reality check, goddess Kim!
.-= Jacqueline Gates´s last blog ..The Goddess Guide to Finding your Purpose =-.

5 years 1 month ago

Well, My Lady Kim….

As always, you are a thousand steps ahead of your students!

Thanks so much for the thoughts and explanation.

.-= Dr Linda Douglas´s last blog ..ARE YOU RUNNING ON EMPTY? Part 2 =-.

5 years 1 month ago

Hi Kim,
You wouldn’t believe it but I even started a second blog! LOL. I haven’t even finished my first one :-O
Although my other one is for our team and consists of training, webinars and news/updates… that kind of thing. And I am about to start a 3rd one for a similar purpose but for different area! Soooo maybe I need to reconsider? Anyway thanks for a great post with perfect timing.

Yamuna Keller
.-= YamunaKeller@yourkeywords´s last blog ..Can you grab your visitor within 5 seconds if they have the attention span of a goldfish? =-.

5 years 1 month ago

Kim, you not only know the technical side to things and how that all works with Social Media but you have the business details down too. You have so much great information that you offer your clients with your vast knowledge and you also, keep up with the different aspects that are always changing.

You have helped me so much to know more about what I can do, on my own, to make my blogging better for my clients and the other cool things that I can offer them through my blog site. Your services change people’s lives and the added plus is that you enable them to learn much more that they can do on their own for future changes.

Thanks for all of your hard work to make our Social Media experience a much better experience !!!
.-= Lori Thomas-The Hypnovator @ Motivative Hypnotherapy´s last blog ..Hypnotherapy works, it just does… =-.