Lazarus – Restore Lost Forms, Comments & Posts!

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Never Lose Your
Web Forms Again!

Ever typed in a long response to a blog post, support ticket or email and had the browser eat it after your connection timed out or something broke?

Never again!

Lazarus securely auto-saves all forms as you type, so after a crash, server timeout, or whatever, you can go back to the form, right click, “recover form”, and breathe a sigh of relief

Save your forms! Get Lazarus!:

Available for Firefox, Chrome & Safari.

Lazarus is officially Mozilla recommended, top rated and downloaded more than 500,000 times!)

Chrome version currently lacks a WYSIWYG editor due to a chrome bug. The chrome version is newer and not yet as stable as the Firefox version 2.

If you’ve ever had one of those “oh $*#@” moments when you’ve finally finished filling out a very long form, and hit submit only to see an error message… this is the add-on for you!

Once you install it, there is an FAQ here: 

How do you know it’s working? You’ll see a little tiny ankh symbol (like in the logo above) in the upper right corner of the text box you are typing in. It will be faint in color and stay out of your way. It appearing there lets you know that your text is being auto-saved for you.  Clicking on it brings up some options, including to auto-fill in what you had previously typed in that box. Score!

A screenshot of the Lazarus add-on, saving data in a form(If its a form you use regularly you will likely see your last couple entries available to you, as they are stored for retrieval.)

Check out this browser add-on, you’re gonna like it!

What browser add-ons can’t you live without? Share your favorites below!

~ Kim ~
Taking the Headaches Out of Internet Marketing

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  1. says

    Well, it seems to be very useful if something happens with your computer. BTW I haven’t heard abut it before, thanks a lot for sharingf this information

  2. says

    I want to download this one! I am very upset every time on my computer. Sometimes when i insert my card reader, there are some files that are corrupted and i can’t restore them at all. I’m glad that i found this. Thank you Kim!

  3. says

    Hey Kim, you just saved my sanity. This seems to happen to me all the time. I don’t know if it is a bug with my browser or my own stupidity but it is infuriating. Do you know if this works on Blogger posts?

    • says

      Hey Frank, it’s more about whether it works with your browser. If it does it should work with just about every text field. (Sometimes even a few you’d rather it not but that’s not that big of a deal.) I think it should work with blogger just fine.

  4. says

    This plugin will be useful for me. A lot of times I have wasted my time with comments when the system suddenly crashes.I use plugins to check pagerank checker and Alexa ranks. They are my favourites

  5. says

    hmmm…close, but still not right…i have to fill out forms online where the adress changes every time, and there are around 500 diffent adresses which i have to retype every time. Autocomplete doesnt work here, and your solution restore text helps already but it would be nice if i just have to type in the first letters and he autocompletes the field.
    Is this possible? Also, can i edit the databank to delete some entries?

    Speditions-Kontor ; Co. KG
    18059 Rostock

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