Let The Games Begin! Introducing Google+ Games

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Let The Games Begin! Introducing Google+ Games

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Google+ Plus LogoAddictive Games
Further Google+ Stickiness!

As part of the Google ongoing “rolling release” of the new Google+ platform (and the changes it means for the entire Google ecosystem) today the awaited Google+ Games arrived!

On their blog, Google says, “Today we’re starting to gradually roll out games in Google+. We look forward to making them fully available to everyone in Google+ soon. When you see a Games page in your account, please give games a try and send us feedback. Look for the “send feedback” button in the bottom right-hand corner of any page in Google+. Thanks for playing!”

 I personally feel this is bad… very very bad…

Why so? Because now I’m going to not only spend tons of time hanging out on Google+ but be tempted to play Bejeweled and not get anything else done either!  (See? I told you it was bad! LOL)

 Games will get its own icon near the top of the G+ page just to the right of where you currently have square icons for Home, Profile, Photos and Circles… so it will be right at your fingertips when it arrives!

While I personally do not play many of the smaller online games, outside of the major MMO game I play, and thus this does not really impact me… it’s noteworthy because small, lightweight, addictive games form a core part of Facebook’s “time on site” and addictive nature for the average user.

Many of us are expressing concern over the large amount of permissions requested by games such as Angry Birds. Remember this is all in beta. Many of the permissions can actually be rationalized but still kinda remind us of the abuses we’ve seen on Facebook. I’m not particularly scared but it is definitely worth noting and statements like this by  Rovio are not reassuring “Rovio reserves the right to use and disclose the collected non-personal data for purposes of advertisement by Rovio or Rovio’s partners and contractors.”

Have you had a chance to check out Google+ Games yet? Do you enjoy small social games and the “down time” they provide from the stresses of work? Share your thoughts below!

Kimberly Castleberry
Your Partner In Online Success

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  1. says

    Hi Kim,
    Two thing jumped out at me when I came to your site today. One is related to the actual site, and the other is related to this article (post).
    First. it appears that you have created, here , a special blog site just for TSA. In fact it looks like you have separated this site from our other stuff on purpose. Is that accurate? If so, why?

    Second, in response to your questions: Have you had a chance to check out Google+ Games yet? Do you enjoy small social games and the “down time” they provide from the stresses of work?, I have not and will not check out Google+ Games. The reason is this: When you are having a blast doing what you love and making a great income from it, there is no need for downtime. Stress? What stress? Follow Your Bliss :)

    In my humble opinion, even bringing up this subject to the readers of this blog in the TSA community is irresponsible, because it does not serve the purposes of helping anyone to really live their purpose or Follow Their Bliss. But, it sure will get some attention and Search Engine juice, right ;)


    David H. Paul
    the Follow Your Bliss guy

    • says

      David I think you may be a little confused about where you are. This post is on my personal primary blog not the TSA blog. TSAMastery.com/blog is the TSA blog. I maintain 2 blogs… this one as my sole proprietorship and the TSA blog as JVs. I’m not sure how you’ve gotten this confused given that the URL is distinctly mine. The TSA blog serves a different purpose than this blog does and does not replace this blog.

      I honestly believe the post may be irresponsible if it encouraged people to abscond on the responsibilities of their business or indulge in more recreation than either important or necessary (and thus becoming lazy) however this post does none of those things and is mostly a reporting piece on the ongoing rollout of the G+ platform. I don’t believe that recreation is inherently bad. You may remember that I report on industry news as a whole as well.
      Thanks for stopping in,

  2. says

    Thank your for this post Mrs. Kimberly Castleberry and yes we have found another way to be lazy people.

    I pretty much try to stray away from anything of addictive nature. I had too many bad encounters with drugs and cigarettes to get on Google games and become an internet junkie. Thank you for your professionalism and God bless your blog.

    • says

      Thanks for your kind words Justin. While not with substance, I have a history of OCD type behavior and have had my struggles with internet addiction regarding the MMO I play and that makes me incredibly cautious about addictive little games like these. That is the reason I do not touch the ones on Facebook. Many of the members of Facebook have a serious addiction to those games (addictions that cause them to put off important health/family stuff) and that trend will not be ending soon. It takes a smart man to know when he is prone to close encounters and make the choice that keeps him strong. Kudos to you Justin. God Bless!

  3. says

    I too, try to stay away from addictive “substances” (or even activities!). If I once started, I’m sure I’d be sucked in. But I do like being kept up with what’s happening, so thanks for letting us know about this. I’m still looking forward to the business side of Google+!

  4. says

    As you just announced on Google+, Kim, Google has officially rolled them out now! I did click on the new Games icon to peek, but I won’t go any further than the landing page. The last thing I need is another social media-related thing to pull me away from my family, friends, and youth work!

    I need to manage my time better as it is; gaming isn’t going to help in that aspect of my life!

    Thanks for all you give of yourself to help us keep elevating our “game” in social media marketing!

  5. says

    Don’t know why recreation is seen as bad by your other commenters. I HAVE to have a break at least once a day, usually in the evening after I have done all that my brain can take for working on business. I have two brainless past-times and I make no apologies. (1) I have a hearts card game on my computer that I play a lot – I gave up on the real online play because people seemed to be too nasty while I was just there to have fun. (Like my elementary school days in gym class. Attack! Attack!) (2) I read mystery and thriller books. Several every month. More if I am traveling by plane. I am not a fan of fantasy games, but then – we all have — or should have — little enjoyments. I have never liked the Facebook games (Farmville etc) because they don’t interest me and I consider that platform for business. I block them. But I know others that like them. So what?

    • says

      Hi, Richard!

      I love recreation, and have to have it! “All work and no play makes Michelle a workaholic — even if she loves her work.”

      I could sit at my desk for 18 hours a day and still have to pull myself away. I definitely take breaks during the day, to read, check my personal Facebook news feed, or just get up and move. But I have to be able to get right back to work, and not get sucked into an activity that’s addicting for many. That’s the problem for me with Google or Facebook gaming, especially since I’m inclined more to solitary games and activities that shut the rest of the world out.

      Physically, at the end of the day, I need to make sure I’m getting off the computer/phone and engaging face-to-face with the people I love and say I care about. That’s so hard to do for those of us who love the internet and our work.

      If gaming is how you chill, then by all means — go for it! My husband (& biz partner) Scott plays Half-Life with our daughter, side by side in his studio, and they have a blast doing it! I hear screaming, laughing, and all kinds of fun coming out of his office. Our daughter also plays word games online with her grandmother, again, side-by-side. Now that’s the kind of gaming I like to see people engaged in when they’re going to be at it for hours!

  6. says

    i never play games online except MOHA( medals of honor). addiction is really a bad thing to keep ourselves away from that. nice information about game lovers . the best thing i read in this post is the precaution that you shares with us that addiction is bad thing and so on. great post

  7. says

    I really appreciate this article you have shared it can be considered as good news, that Google today is introducing this wonderful idea the flash games, i don’t know about this before, because every time I felt very stressful i visit different sites to find any flash games, for example Y8 . I’m glad i have visited this wonderful site.

  8. says


    G+ looks promising, the circles idea is a good one. Will be interested to see how things play out. Having only 24 hours in the day for the moment I will just wait and see and concentrate on what I see as the big 4.

    Facebook, Twitter, Blog, LinkedIn

    Would be very happy for G+ to replace Facebook though if the privacy features are truly better.


    Brisbane Buyers Agent

  9. says

    Google games has been interesting to say the least. They pulled it from my account for about a week, then it suddenly came back a couple of days ago. I have been hearing rumors that miniclip may be getting involved like they did with Microsoft for the downloadable XBox games. Thought I would that info along.

  10. Anonymous says

    I must appreciate this article as I was searching about it. Google is doing something very good as it is slow but affective too.

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