MarketMeSuite vs Hootsuite | Solving the Social Media Tools Headache

MarketMeSuite vs Hootsuite | Solving the Social Media Tools Headache

Which Twitter management tools are you using at this moment? Are you using any, or are you just using the same old website?

I always combine several tools and just can’t decide to stick with one, because all the tools miss something I like them to have. Not counting the occasional tweet from SocialBro or some other tools I use for analytics, three Twitter management tools I use the most are Hootsuite, Tweetdeck and MarketMeSuite.

Ever since my bad review of MarketMeSuite and then the re-review where I showed how it improved, I get a lot of people asking me about it, and how it compares to Hootsuite.

So, in attempt to lower the number of emails I get on the very same topic I present you:

MarketMeSuite vs Hootsuite

Before I get deeper in the comparison of Hootsuite vs MarketMeSuite, I want to mention that Hootsuite has a free option where you can use it for 5 social profiles, with limited options, while the paid option lets you have unlimited profiles and additional options.

On the other hand MarketMeSuite (the current version) is free for unlimited profiles. The new version is in beta testing now and there will be limitations and different paid options available.

So what we have here is free Hootsuite, paid Hootsuite, free MMS and a future paid version of MMS (limited analysis of this option).

How much do these tools cost?

I know one of the first things people want to hear about is the price and what each price tag brings to the table. Pictures are worth a thousand words :) so I will let you see the screenshots of the price plans:

marketmesuite vs hootsuite

Click to enlarge

For current and future free plans, the options offered, I would say that this is the order in which I would use the tools:

  1. Current MarketMeSuite
  2. Hootsuite
  3. Future MarketMeSuite (MMS v4)

Current MarketMeSuite has a lot of tools, so it will cover big portion of the options you need to run your social media from one place. Considering you can add more social profiles, it may be a good solution for those managing client accounts.

So this one is won by current version of MMS.

Analytics comparison

I don’t see any analytics option in MMS but I do see there will be some analytics in the new MMS, I don’t know what will they be though.

With Hootsuite, the free version, you get basic analytics. With the paid version, you get enhanced analytics (like Google Analytics and Facebook insights which is pretty useful to have in one place).

For now, Hootsuite wins this one. 

RSS feeds

Both tools allow you to feed a RSS feed to an account. Both let you add a prefix or a suffix to the tweet. You will get the most out of the RSS feeding for free by using:

  1. current free version of MMS
  2. future free version of MMS
  3. free version of Hootsuite

However, if you are a paying customer, Hootsuite wins by far, since their paid version lets you feed unlimited number of feeds. The most expensive version of MMS is going to allow you a limit of 75 feeds, for $99 a month.

Number of social profiles

This is a big deal for me since I manage a lot of accounts for clients. Here is the break down of how many social profiles will you get with each version of the two tools:

  1. Current MMS – unlimited
  2. PRO Hootsuite – unlimited
  3. MMS v4 (paid) from 10 to 75
  4. Free Hootsuite – 5
  5. Free MMS v4 – 3

Team members

MMS wins this one since all of their plans have unlimited team members, while Hootsuite PRO has only one.

Follow – Unfollow – Follow back tool

MMS wins this one again, I believe Hootsuite doesn’t have them.


This has to be one of my favorite features in the new MMS v4 (or dots in the old one). It lets you mark tweets with 6 different colors and keeps them organized like that. Considering how I use favorite tweets, and that I don’t want to favorite tweets just to follow up, this is a great way of organizing tweets to check later or RT them when I have time.

One point for MMS.

Apps and social networks

Networks you can use with Hootsuite are: Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn, Foursquare,, WordPress, MySpace and mixi. As far as I can see (for now) MMS is limited to Twitter, Facebook and LinkedIn.

Another feature and one of my favorites with Hootsuite (works with free accounts too) are apps. Hootsuite lets you integrate more social networks than the default tool has. So for example, I added my Youtube account to my Hootsuite dashboard, so I can comment on my subscriptions’ videos straight from Hootsuite.

MMS doesn’t have this option. Hootsuite wins this one. 


MMS v4 has photo uploading for every type of subscription. With Hootsuite, you can upload both photos and documents.

One point for HootSuite.


All tools can schedule tweets to go out at some future time but with some differences.

Old MMS has the option to upload and schedule a bunch of tweets. What I like about this is that you can schedule tweets to go out every minute of the hour. With MMS v4, I don’t see the upload option.

With Hootsuite, you can only upload a batch of tweets if you have the PRO account and it can be up to 50 tweets. They can only be scheduled at times that end with 0 or 5 and you can not put two tweets in the same time slot. This means it is pretty hard to tweet in blocks which I do on some of my niche accounts.

Current MMS wins this one. 

Browser based

This is one of the things I really prefer with tools, I like them browser based. As soon as it is an “AIR app” it slows down my computer (since I always run a bunch of programs at the same time). So I like my tools to be located in my browser. Hootsuite is and the MMS will be. However, the current free MMS isn’t and it is an “AIR app”.

Here is a graphic of how I see the options of these two social media management tools:

hootsuite vs marketmesuite


Additional options

Both tools have more options that I haven’t got into too deep. Both tools are created with a bit different market and use in mind so it isn’t all that easy to compare them.

As you can see in this post, there are some options MMS has that Hootsuite doesn’t but I counted them in because I, as a user, find them to be very useful.

The options I compared in the post are those I use on daily basis. Same ones that make an average user wonder which tool to choose. If your needs are different, you may find some options of the tools more useful than those I like.

Conclusion – which is better MarketMeSuite or Hootsuite

Out of all these my first pick would be the current free version of MarketMeSuite, because it has a lot of options. My next pick would be the PRO Hootsuite, because it isn’t that far behind.

However, when you go to MMS site to download the app, it offers the new beta MMS v4 as an option. If they decided to take down the current free app completely, I don’t think it is a good move. Getting stuck with Beta version first time I ever got MMS is what made me dislike them in the first place.

If they are discontinuing the current app, I would stick with Hootsuite. Beta version of MMS is buggy and still missing a lot of the options it is supposed to have at the end. Also, the price will be much higher than Hootsuite.

If you can’t afford it, and I know many can not add additional expenses to their monthly bills, you can just combine a few different free tools to get those options.

Have I missed any important point with these two tools? Is there something they have that you find more important than what I wrote here? 

If you like the Twitter tips I share with you, make sure to be on the lookout for my upcoming Twitter product 😉

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25 Comments on "MarketMeSuite vs Hootsuite | Solving the Social Media Tools Headache"

3 years 3 months ago

Nice article Brankica. BTW, does Hootsuite get the influence score from Klout?

3 years 3 months ago

Great read Brankika
I’m using MarketMeSuite at the moment and I love it.
Super easy to use and find your way about.
Glad it came out on top.

New version coming out soon.

Elke Autenrieth
3 years 3 months ago

Hello Brankica, thank you so much for this most useful and professional analysis!! And an entertaining read, too. :) Look forward rto you next posts – and newsletters, have just subscribed.

3 years 3 months ago

Thank you for sharing this, Brankica! I’ve been using a different twitter tool and the one thing that I don’t like about it is that I can’t schedule tweets. I am looking forward to trying MMS!


3 years 3 months ago

Loved the comparison Brankica!

I remember it was at your blog when I had last read about MMS and went right in to check it out, and have been using the older version ever since. Thanks so much for putting me up onto it :)

And yes, you did mention to my comment about whether I should choose Hootsuite or MMS- and you did say if you haven’t used either, better to go with MMS. I haven’t really taken up to Hootsuite at all so I guess, I would never know the real difference till I read about it as I just did here.

But this post surely does clear a lot of clouds for those wondering whether MMS is a good option or not. However, I do wish there were more detailed tutorials or videos that explain MMS properly, other than the smaller clips on their blog.

Thanks for sharing :)