MeetingBurner Webinar Platform Walk-Through

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meetingburner-logo-150Go Behind The Scenes 
With My Favorite
Webinar Platform

In case you haven’t already heard me shout it from the rooftops, I love my MeetingBurner account!

I’ve used a ton of other webinar solutions and for me MeetingBurner is the solution. 

Rather than a review, the recording below is a “walk-through” that I did for a few of my friends and clients who recently moved to the Meeting Burner platform. 

It introduced them to both the front end and back end and made them aware of some pitfalls…. all while actually on a MeetingBurner hosted webinar. 

If you’re already considering a move to MeetingBurner, this will help you get your feet wet and understand some of the nuances. 

 If you haven’t already, be sure to check out Meeting Burner (aff link)

 Do you use webinars in your business? Have you considered how webinars might help you expand your reach and branding?

~ Kim ~
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  1. says

    Hey kim, how do you do all what you do is a mistery to me, especially knowing that sometime you need some time off and you have pets and family.. wow, are you for real?
    Thanks once again for a great presentation to introdce the Meeting Burner Platform… as you know, I am a “little” behind on this stuff.. but even so, I keep watching presentations like yours and read a bout here and there, and some how get my stuff done, even if is slow, I know soon I get faster.

    Thanks so much for all you do from yoru heart to help every one who ask for help.

  2. says

    Hi Kim,
    This post s so timely;)
    This week I intended to test some free webinar platforms tested as I am looking for a platform that exists in Italian too.
    I have tried several webinar platforms which gave me some sound problems and I was wondering if I could find a platform that is efficient and free.

  3. says

    I’ve been on several webinar of your Kim and I concur Meeting Burner has worked well for you on those which I attended. I did sign up for a free account with them but have not so far used it. I am familiar with the platform I have been using for some time and have put myself through the learning curve yet so can’t compare them like for like! I currently have a 500 seat room with my provider. It has been a good service to date :)

  4. says

    Hi Kim,
    I love Meetingburner!!!! As you know, David and I have merged and one of the things we are doing is creating a product and launching a webinar. We are still in beta testing, so I haven’t shared it with my buddies yet.
    Meeting burner works so well I would recommend people to go that route. The others have too many kinks.
    As for webinars…I believe it is one of the best ways to build your list and then convert it into sales with a kick but email follow up.


  5. says

    Hi Kim,
    Thanks for the video and info on Meetingburner. At some point next year I want to start doing webinars so I am bookmarking this post so I can watch the video and make the transition to a webinar host. I appreciate you always being so completely helpful with all things related to being more efficient in our businesses.


  6. says

    I have used a number of webinar services and hands down , meeting burner is the best that I have come across. I was lucky enough to have been in on the launch and even in beta this was a great platform.

    I have even called these folks on the phone and gotten immediate support from friendly, helpful people. Absolutely the best and well worth trying for your business if it includes online meetings at all. :-)

  7. says

    Hi Kim,
    I have a meeting burner account and I have to admit I haven’t used it yet!! I will now and 2013 will be the year that I get webinars rocking for my business in wellness! There is no doubt that taking our message global is only possible with webinars. Thanks for the video and now I will be using meeting burner thanks to you!


  8. says

    Hello Kim,

    I do have meetingburner….I have to admit that I haven’t
    taken advantage of it yet.

    This video will be a big help to me when I do.
    I love the recorded webinar capability.
    Thanks so much,


  9. says

    MeetingBurner is great and the customer service is next to none. I had an account for a little under a week and already had received two phone calls from their customer service department. And neither was a sales pitch. Both were just calling to make sure I was having a good experience with the program.

  10. says

    Hi Kim,

    I’ve used MeetingBurner and I like it too! I’ve tried a bunch of others and there always seems to be something missing because I started out on the industry standard.

    I have the free version and I know you use it because I’ve attended some of your webinars. I didn’t realize the upgrade has so many awesome features. It is an excellent alternative to some of the more expensive programs. Thanks for the video. If I need help, I can refer back to it. Thanks Kim!

    Raena Lynn

  11. says

    This was really nice to see, Kim.

    I have MB but have only played around with it a bit, but I’m preparing to do a series of webinars and I wanted to put MB to use, but was getting stuck on too many points. This cleared up a lot of the issues I was having.

    By the way, I do believe that MB has integrated a VOIP option since you did this tutorial, so that the whole audio issue has been vastly improved.

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