How To Merge A Facebook Profile With An Existing Facebook Page

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One of the neatest, but most step-intensive, processes available to Business Owners on Facebook is the process of “rolling” a profile into an existing page.

There’s lots of reasons this can be useful. For me, I did it because I was making huge changes to how I used my profile and did not simply want to dump all of the connections entirely.

It is worth noting that this will result, after a few days of settling in a multi-week increase in unsubscribes from your page. (Not every friend WANTS to be “just a fan”.) So when you see your unsubscribe rates jump in Facebook Insights you know why.

I suggest bookmarking this page and keeping it handy as you work through all seven steps below! (You could even plus, tweet, like and share it while you’re at it if you’re feeling kind!)

I also suggest reading through the details of each of these steps before starting any of them. (Particularly be aware of the bugs with the merge tool.)

How To Merge A Facebook Profile With An Existing Facebook Page

First: Backup Your Profile (However, you won’t get to take the contents, except the friends/fans, to the new page. This is just for your records.)

Second: Give all Pages & Groups you own another admin/owner. Because your profile is going away, it will not be able to own these items and if they do not have another admin/owner they vanish or fall into limbo. (Get a friend to help you.)

Third: Rename your profile to your desired page name. This will not work in all instances as Facebook has some filters but in many cases it will be helpful. (Particularly if you are using the page merge technique next.) There is no rename as part of the migration.

Fourth: Migrate your Profile to a Page, paying careful attention to rename it to match your existing page name BEFORE you convert it. The renaming step is important as an exact-match name is required.

Fifth: Merge your new page and old page using the merge option that is on the page with the vanity URL you wish to keep. Do not perform this from the wrong copy of the page or you will lose the better of the two vanity URLs.

Sixth: Try not to freak out for the next 24-48 hours while your fan count is very wrong (often zero) as this process gets a manual check by Facebook and it will be a bit before it is right.

Seventh: Spend the next two weeks “babying” the page, working to build EdgeRank (which has now become very diluted) and re-build engagement levels. Pay attention to unsubscribes (which will spike) and hides (again will spike) and to really observing proper care and feeding of the page.


This is the exact process I went through to convert my old Profile into a Page and then merge that new Page into my existing Page.

~ Kim ~
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PS: It is also worth noting, if you plan to create a new profile you will need to do so with a new email address. Then pass ownership of the Pages to your new account. Then remove the old account from the pages and delete the old account. (Remember, you can not keep 2 accounts per the Facebook TOS.)

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113 Comments on "How To Merge A Facebook Profile With An Existing Facebook Page"

3 years 1 month ago

Thank you Kim for this tutorial. I have a question though. Why would you want to merge from your profile to your fanpage and why would Facebook even allow it? Doesn’t Facebook want real people as profiles? Once a profile becomes a fanpage, doesn’t that uniqueness disappear?

3 years 1 month ago

Love the info. Creative uniqueness is always an asset to driving traffic. We constantly need to think outside the box to continue the winning ways. Your post brought a new thought process for all of us to consider and thanks.

3 years 1 month ago

Kim, I have recently changed my company name and created a new FB page, I remember business pages having the merge option but it’s not showing up – the two pages have similar names (only one word different) I have sent FB a bug and support ticket going on a month with no response – any advice on merging the fans of these two pages?

3 years 1 month ago

It is nice to know that we can implement huge changes to our profile while keeping the fans and other assets of the old page. I will bookmark this post, as in a couple of months I intend to implement some changes to my Facebook profile. Thank you Kim for sharing these wonderful tutorial with us.

3 years 1 month ago

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