How To Merge A Facebook Profile With An Existing Facebook Page

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facebook logoSteps To Add Your Profile’s Friends
As Your Page’s Fans

One of the neatest, but most step-intensive, processes available to Business Owners on Facebook is the process of “rolling” a profile into an existing page.

There’s lots of reasons this can be useful. For me, I did it because I was making huge changes to how I used my profile and did not simply want to dump all of the connections entirely.

It is worth noting that this will result, after a few days of settling in a multi-week increase in unsubscribes from your page. (Not every friend WANTS to be “just a fan”.) So when you see your unsubscribe rates jump in Facebook Insights you know why.

I suggest bookmarking this page and keeping it handy as you work through all seven steps below! (You could even plus, tweet, like and share it while you’re at it if you’re feeling kind!)

I also suggest reading through the details of each of these steps before starting any of them. (Particularly be aware of the bugs with the merge tool.)

How To Merge A Facebook Profile With An Existing Facebook Page

First: Backup Your Profile (However, you won’t get to take the contents, except the friends/fans, to the new page. This is just for your records.)

Second: Give all Pages & Groups you own another admin/owner. Because your profile is going away, it will not be able to own these items and if they do not have another admin/owner they vanish or fall into limbo. (Get a friend to help you.)

Third: Rename your profile to your desired page name. This will not work in all instances as Facebook has some filters but in many cases it will be helpful. (Particularly if you are using the page merge technique next.) There is no rename as part of the migration.

Fourth: Migrate your Profile to a Page, paying careful attention to rename it to match your existing page name BEFORE you convert it. The renaming step is important as an exact-match name is required.

Fifth: Merge your new page and old page using the merge option that is on the page with the vanity URL you wish to keep. Do not perform this from the wrong copy of the page or you will lose the better of the two vanity URLs.

Sixth: Try not to freak out for the next 24-48 hours while your fan count is very wrong (often zero) as this process gets a manual check by Facebook and it will be a bit before it is right.

Seventh: Spend the next two weeks “babying” the page, working to build EdgeRank (which has now become very diluted) and re-build engagement levels. Pay attention to unsubscribes (which will spike) and hides (again will spike) and to really observing proper care and feeding of the page.


This is the exact process I went through to convert my old Profile into a Page and then merge that new Page into my existing Page.

~ Kim ~
Simple Tech Tips For Marketing

PS: It is also worth noting, if you plan to create a new profile you will need to do so with a new email address. Then pass ownership of the Pages to your new account. Then remove the old account from the pages and delete the old account. (Remember, you can not keep 2 accounts per the Facebook TOS.)

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  1. says

    Thank you Kim for this tutorial. I have a question though. Why would you want to merge from your profile to your fanpage and why would Facebook even allow it? Doesn’t Facebook want real people as profiles? Once a profile becomes a fanpage, doesn’t that uniqueness disappear?

    • says

      Stevie, uniqueness is all in how a site is treated. I post goofball photos on my profile and very little else. I occasionally post goofball photos and LOTS else on my page. In fact I’m far more “at home” on my page than on my profile. Why does the uniqueness have to go anywhere? For me, I was “resetting” my profile and it was either do the conversion or simply unfriend EVERYONE to get the desired blank slate. This process let me keep some of the connections via my page (the ones that didn’t unsubscribe) and then go about starting work on rebuilding a profile. I’m still not content with my profile and many days I consider deleting it again but it comes in handy for intimate connection with a select few.

      The process is ACTUALLY designed for someone that set up a profile as “Tom’s General Store” that never should have been a profile. Then converting the profile to a page gives them a “get out of jail free card” when otherwise if Facebook caught them they would be banned on sight. This process is designed for these incorrectly created profiles but has plenty of other uses. Its particularly useful for someone at the 5,000 friend cap, who can’t add more friends and who doesn’t have time to try to dig out all the half-dead friend connections that should be removed to make more room for others.

      Honestly, Facebook doesn’t care one way or the other as long as we’re active, creating content, being original, and clicking ads LOL

  2. says

    Love the info. Creative uniqueness is always an asset to driving traffic. We constantly need to think outside the box to continue the winning ways. Your post brought a new thought process for all of us to consider and thanks.

  3. says

    Kim, I have recently changed my company name and created a new FB page, I remember business pages having the merge option but it’s not showing up – the two pages have similar names (only one word different) I have sent FB a bug and support ticket going on a month with no response – any advice on merging the fans of these two pages?

    • says

      Hey Tim, unfortunately that is actually not considered a bug. The documentation on the merge tool specifies matching names and that in their mind means identical (name and type) although occasionally we’ve seen it allow “similar” it usually will not. Assuming both pages are over 100 fans and can not be name-changed easily, check out the new name change request form I shared in another post yesterday. If you change the name of one to match, and their type matches) that will usually fix it. However, as I mentioned in the merge pages post, the tool itself is very flakey and often doesn’t show up. Facebook is in no particular hurry to fix it.

  4. says

    It is nice to know that we can implement huge changes to our profile while keeping the fans and other assets of the old page. I will bookmark this post, as in a couple of months I intend to implement some changes to my Facebook profile. Thank you Kim for sharing these wonderful tutorial with us.

  5. says

    Thank you Kim for this tutorial. I didn’t know you could even do that on Facebook. i am not sure that I need to do it, I really use my profile for my more personal stuff and my business page for my coaching business.

    But if I do decide i need to change them around, these explanations are really clear. Thank you for making them. :-)

  6. Azam says

    This is a good tutorial on Facebook. Merging of page is good feature that I do not know before reading this post.

  7. Clair says

    Kim – I won’t get into all the crazy logistics of this question (ack!) but after I convert my Profile to a Page, can I then create a new profile?

    I don’t want to totally not have a Profile page but I need my current Profile to be merged with another Page.

    Clear as mud? :)

    Thanks so much!

    • says

      Clair, I understand what you’re asking. You have to create a new Facebook account, generate the profile, then pass ownership of the pages, to your profile, then remove the old account from the pages and delete the old, now relatively empty account. You can not keep both accounts per the TOS but you can get them back into some sane structure this way.

  8. says

    Hi Kim,

    I’m glad I found this article. I need to do this at work, and I have a query about the second step;

    You advise to “Give all Pages & Groups you own another admin/owner”. Does this mean an additional admin/owner? We already have four admin/owners. Is the importance of this just that multiple admin/owners are assigned?

    Thanks in advance.

    • says

      Michael, you made the correct assessment. The reason I wrote that is just to ensure the group does not become ownerless when your profile goes away. In your case, there is no need, as you already have alternative admins established. Great question!

  9. says

    Hi Kim,

    Is there any way where I can merge my old FB page to my new FB page? I had like 100+ likes in my old page and I want to to transfer them in the new FB page. Much love if you can help me. :)

    Robin L. Shipp

  10. says

    I have a profile with 5 other pages. And I want to merge my profile to one of those 5pages. What happens to the 4other pages? Who is their owner then? Will i still have control over it?
    Thanks Kim.

    • says

      Shyju, Facebook explicitly says to hand the pages to someone else before you do this process. I actually found that I never lost control of the other pages, since a business account (which is what you end up with) can own multiple pages. However, I would NEVER do this conversion w/o having someone else be an admin on those pages given Facebook’s warning. You could lose control of them if you do not have someone there to “catch” them if they become ownerless.

  11. says

    Thanks to ur site. We merged well. It took a whole night to see all the numbers but it’s working fine now. God bless u Kim.

  12. KENNY MENDES says

    Hello Kim,
    Please, I would really like some help with this merging…
    I’m a University teacher and have taught for many students along the years, and because of that, I have 3 FACEBOOK PROFILES, 2 of them full with 5000 friends and 1 with 985…

    Is it possible to first, convert all 3 profiles into Pages, and then merge them?

    Because they do not have the same name, one is my original name, and the other two are called kenny Second and Kenny Third, lol

    Whe I turn them unto pages can I Rechange their names?

    I would be really gratefull if someone could help me with that, I would really hate to lose touch with so many stundents in all my profiles.

    Thanks in advance for your help,


    • says

      Kenny, sorry I missed this comment initially but I wanted to go ahead and answer even though it’s belatedly.

      As long as you are retaining a human-english-normal name on them, you are actually able to re-name a profile without too much challenge. This means you can re-name all three of them to match before you make this migration. That will result in 3 matching profiles and then 3 matching pages.

      The two that are maxed will be re-calculated to subtract out fan pages you have liked (which is also in that number) to give them their true fan count. Then the one with the largest fan count will be the one that the other 2 are forced (per very recent changes) to merge into. That means that the largest one (after recalculation which takes about 48-72hrs) will be the one that keeps it’s username (vanity URL) if you have one set.

      Hope this helps,

  13. Yanni says

    Hello Kim,

    I have read your article and I have some questions to clarify few things before I make or others make any mistakes. :-)

    I have one personal profile that has 2600 friends.
    I have also a Fan Page with 1700 Fans.

    I want to merge my Personal Profile Page into my Fan Page.
    And NOT the Fan page to the Profile.
    So far, so good…. right?

    Although lets clarify few things regarding the “names” of the pages and the “Vanity URL names”. I want to clarify them because many people (including me) getting a little confused.

    The problems I see is that if I merge my Personal Profile Page to a Fan Page are:

    1) Lets say that the Personal Profile Page has a name “Alpha” and the excisting Fan Page lets say has a name “Beta”. That means before we do the merge we have to change the name of the Personal Profile Page from “Alpha” to “Beta” since we want to migrate/merge the Profile to the Fan page and not the opposite.
    Am I correct on this?

    2) Regarding the Vanity URL which is the most important for business let me explain what I have understoond from your post and please correct me if I am wrong.

    Lets say the Personal Profile Page has a vatinity URL “Zeta” and the the Fan page has a Vanity URL “Omega”.
    When I merge the Personal Profile Page (which has 2600 friends) into the Fan Page (which has 1700 Fans) I want to keep the Vanity URL of the Fan Page which is the “Omega” and NOT from the Personal Profile Page.

    How is that possible?????
    Don’t forget…. that Fan Page has less “likes” (1700) than the Personal Profile Page which has more friends (2600).

    Is this possible? I am asking because until now (and this is why I haven’t merge them yet) is that the Page which has less “friends” or “likes” takes the Vanity URL of the one which has most.

    If that is correct in this case means that my Fan Page which has less (1600 Fans) will take automaticaly the Vanity URL of my Personal Profile Page which has more (2600).

    Is something has changed lately and now we can choose which the Vanity URL we want to keep between 2 pages?

    Can you confirm that? And if yes, where can we see it inside Facebook saying this?
    Because from your article you say very clear that:
    “Fifth: Merge your new page and old page using the merge option that is on the page with the vanity URL you wish to keep. Do not perform this from the wrong copy of the page or you will lose the better of the two vanity URLs.”

    Please confirm!!!

    Best Regards,

    • says

      Yanni, you are smart to ask these questions. What has happened is that Facebook has made (unannounced & unpublished) changes since the time I wrote my post.

      You are correct that they will retain the page with the most likes/follows including that vanity URL.

      Once you convert the profile to a page (and give it 48-72 hours to update it’s counts), it will have the the most fans. This means that the other page will be merged INTO it. That also means that it will be the vanity URL that will be retained.

      When I wrote my fifth point, you were able to chose which page you merged into the other. Now you are forced to merge into the larger page. You no longer get any ability to micromanage this.

  14. says

    Hi Kim,

    Thanks for the info – how exciting! Question though – once I get to the merge pages step I’m worried that I’ll lose all previous activity from my current page. Will this happen and will I have to start from scratch building the page content?

    • says

      Hey Dawn, there has been some minor changes to the process since I wrote this post. You no longer get to chose which page gets merged into (and which one gets merged). Now, the page with the highest number of fans/likes is retained (as is it’s vanity URL). The other page gets merged in. Everything from the page that is merged in will be lost. Everything from the page with the higher likes will be retained. This unfortunately means that in the case of a profile that has a ton of friends (maybe 3k) and a page with only 500 fans, you wind up merged onto what is now an empty page with somewhere between 3k and 3.5k (assuming some duplication existed) fans. However, if the fan page has more fans than the profile had friends, then the profile’s new page gets merged into the existing page and the existing page’s content is kept. I know that’s a little wordy but hope it makes sense.

      • Michelle says

        So, if I’m understanding you correctly, you can not truly merge a profile into an existing page. You are really just creating a NEW page with no content? Specifically, I have a profile page with 1900 friends and a page with 800 likes. I want to use the page with the 800 likes (because it is content-rich), but merge those 1900 friends onto that existing page. Am I understanding, that I will lose all my page content? And, which url stays? The profile url or the page url? Just want to confirm before I start this process.

        • says

          Michelle, while your terminology is slightly incorrect, your resulting “end product” understanding is accurate. A profile with 1900 friends would become an empty page with ~1900 fans with the same url as the profile had originally. Because it has more fans than the the original page (800 fans), the original page would be merged into the new page. Only the fans would be merged in, not the content. So you’d end up with approximately 2700 likes on an empty page, with the URL that was originally on the profile, at the end of this process. Leave it to FB to make things convoluted.

  15. Dean says

    Hi Kim,

    I think you are the only person out there that actually explains how to merge a personal profile with an “Existing” FB Page.

    My problem is your key third step: Rename your profile to your desired page name. (I assume you mean Name and not User Name.) Unfortunately, my FB Page name is 6 words long. Facebook’s filters won’t allow me to change my First, Middle, Last Names to any combination of the 6 words. “Too many words” error. And if I try to make it an “Alternate Name”, I also get a “Name contains too many words” error.

    (I have also tried to match user names, but of course, I get a “Name is not available” message)

    Any suggestions?


    • says

      Dean I can see how that would be aggravating if your legally licensed business name were six words. I unfortunately don’t have an answer for you as it seems like you’ve gone through the things that need tried. I do want to caution you, just on the chance that you are trying to add modifier (description) words to your business name that you’re not allowed to do that. If you were trying it (I don’t know) omitting those will probably free up some length. Sorry I don’t have another idea.
      PS: Actually, assuming the name you need is compliant with the TOS, I’d go submit a bug report, on the REPORT tab at under profile and explain what you’re doing and which page you plan to merge it into… and cross your fingers that it lands on a real person’s desk. Unlikely but better than nothing.

  16. says

    Hi Kim,

    Sorry if my question is out of place and long overdue, but after searching some weekends and trying stuff on fake setups, I am getting desperate to get my issue solved. Hope you can help and point me to a solution.

    I have read all the above postings and did not find what I was looking for.
    For me a problem occured in the naming when transfering a profile to a page. I the transfer I wanted to use the same name but FB did not allow this. Now the profile name is not active but also not available when trying to rename the created page. What best to do now? I ask because I can’t get a good insight in what is possible now and don’t want to make more mistakes and loose more time.

    Thanks in advance.

  17. says

    I started using FB by setting up a Page. But then I found out I couldn’t communicate with anyone (I couldn’t Like or Share things, I couldn’t write on friends’ walls, etc.) — because it wasn’t a Profile. So then I set up a Profile. I don’t like using my profile, so consequently I never Like or Comment on anything. I want to do all this as my Page. But it seems that is not possible.

    If I merged my Profile into my Page, would I be able to Like and Comment on things, or would I lose that ability because I don’t have a Profile any more?

    • says

      Pages can not like and comment on PROFILES. They can however like and comment on other PAGES. This is an important distinction. Because a page has no FRIENDS there is no content accessible to them to be interacted on (and the recently added public/subscribe feature does not allow pages in either).

      If you merge your profile into your page, you will then have a page and no profile. You will have a newsfeed composed of only pages that your page has liked and you can like and comment on them. However, you will have no friends as you have no profile.

  18. says

    Thanks, Kim, that’s what I was afraid of. Since I wrote my note I found out that I can comment on some websites as my PAGE… at first if I were logged in as my PAGE I couldn’t comment anywhere, but when I changed the spelling of my name on my page, suddenly I could… not sure what was up with that, but now I have found I can comment in various places, like on my own website, while logged in as my PAGE… and that was my main interest, as I wanted to enable FB commenting on my website, but only if I could respond to commenters as my PAGE and not as my PROFILE…

  19. says

    Hi Kim,
    thank you so much ,
    Actually I have a profile page which i succeeded 5k friends and i want to merge it to my already existing fanpage which has about 4,5k likes . what should i do ?
    thanks again

  20. Wendy says

    Hi Kim,

    Many thanks for all the good, hard to find info.

    I am in the process of fixing the Profile and Page of a nonprofit organization.
    They are using a profile for the organization and also have a page.

    For some reason they have been updating both. After reading this it made sense to convert the profile to a page and merge the two pages.

    The profile has more friends than the page has likes. But I want to keep the URL of the existing page as the profile URL is radically different and makes no sense (in terms of a name that identifies the org). I’m also having difficulty changing the name on the profile to match the page as it would have “organization” in the name.

    Would it make sense instead to change the profile to a page and delete the converted page? I would certainly let the current friends on the profile know (there are less than 100 and many have already liked the existing page). The existing page would be kept.

    The org has given me the login and password but I would have them add me as an admin as I assume if the profile is converted to a page and that page deleted things can get lost in the ether?

    Hope this makes sense and wanted to check that I’m not missing something here.
    Thanks in advance for any insight.


    • says

      If you’re considering deleting the converted page – then I would notify the “friends” of their need to fan the page well before you do the conversion. Before the conversion, the page has substantial edgerank with it’s “friends”. This means it has decent visibility to it’s friends and this helps get the word out. Start directing those friends to the new page now, taking some time to let as many be aware as possible. In fact, if the profile has access to it, I’d use the promoted post feature to promote mention of the page to the friends. Then, once you feel you are as close as you are going to get, I’d do as you’d suggested and convert and then delete the page. You should be good to go.

  21. Z says

    I have a profile page and a fan page, I want to merge the pages into one fan page, however I have pending friend requests on my profile page that I can’t accept because I’ve exceeded the limit of 5,000 friends for the profile page. Ideally I want to somehow accept the friend requests to then turn them into fans on the fan page once I merge the pages. I just don’t want those friend request/potential new fans to go to waste and be wiped from the system, when their useful numbers

    • says

      The only way you “MIGHT” be able to get around this is if your profile had also liked a bunch of pages. Because likes given don’t convert to anything but DO count into the 5k cap… you could UNLIKE every page you’ve liked and see if you can get below 5k and then friend those folks. Otherwise, yes, they will be lost in the conversion.

  22. Martin says

    I created a profile under one email address and assigned a vanity url. Not a month later, I was instructed to created a page using the same URL name — which was really the name of our campaign. That page was created off of my personal profile since I was already an administrator to two separate pages.

    Is there a way to transfer the original URL to the newly created page even if they have different profile login ID’s? Right now, the page url is, but we’d like it to be


    • says

      The owner of the profile in question can convert the profile to a page. Once it is a page, then the second login account can be made into an admin with full rights. Keep in mind that we are not necessarily transferring URL ownership as much as we are simply merging pages which does result in the loss of one URL.

  23. Dana says

    I have a personal account and set up a 2nd personal account with a fan page associated with it. Now I want to move the fan page over to my original personal account, along with its URL, and delete the 2nd personal account. Can you please tell me how to do this?

    • says

      The fan page is the easy part. Have the profile you want to retain, become the admin of the page. Then have the profile you are planning to delete remove themselves as admin. (This assumes no one else is also admin).

      The profile you are going to delete can change it’s vanity url once. Change it to something different (won’t matter since you are going to delete that profile). That would in theory make the URL available if and when, if ever, Facebook releases it back into circulation. Assuming the profile you plan to retain has not changed it’s URL once before, when the url becomes available (could be weeks), you should be able to assign it.


  24. Kathleen says

    Hi Kim,

    Recently I found out that you are able to have both the “Like” button as well as the “Add as Friend” button on the same page. Do you know how to go about this? Thanks!

  25. Karen says

    Hi I changed from a Facebook Profile (as / to a Page (/thenewname)

    I’ve realised that was stupid. I’ve made a huge mistake as I’ve lost all my friends but more importantly and dramatically I have lost membership to professional groups I belong to, such as ATWEP (Australian Travel Writers Editors and Photographers) and ASTW and no longer receive messages and notification from these groups. 

    I jumped the gun and should have kept the personal profile and first created a fan page with that new name, and kept my own name with the profile page.

    How can I change back from a fan page to a profile and, if I do that. can I get my original name back (/ which now shows up as “Page doesn’t exist”) and will my memberships still show up/recognise me or will “/thenewname” go with the change and then not be able to be used on the new separate fan page I create (kind of crucial as it’s my moniker on everything!). Hope you follow me. Complicated I know!

    BTW I did download a content zip archive first. However what do I do with the zip file? How do I get all the content- posts etc- on to my renamed Page? I have not found any instruction anywhere on how to do this. Surey Facebook doesn’t expect you to individually upload each photo and folder etc – that would take hours. Of course this question is irrelevant if I can go back to a profile but maybe not if that profile has ceased to exist.


    • says

      Karen, I’m sorry to hear you have had such a painful experience. Yes – it is VERY important to understand that when you do this, that the profile is going AWAY completely. That is why the groups one owns have to be given to someone else. As pages can not be a member of groups, the access to the group is gone.

      I completely understand what you are asking. However, the answer is that there is no reverse migration path. The things you have given up are gone and you have moved into the business account pathway.

      Regarding your “surely Facebook doesn’t expect”… actually, yes they do. A whole lot less than friendly and intuitive I know! Sadly they don’t consult me on such things!


  26. Mathijs says

    Hey, is it also possible to migrate your friends to become fans of your company page without deleting your existing profile?

  27. says

    hi Kim, Do you know if it’s possible to set up an existing fan page under a different personal profile than the one it’s attached to now? My ad account in my current profile got shut down for some reason, and I am trying to figure out how to run sponsored posts on my fan page, and was thinking the only way would be to transfer my fan page to a different personal profile where the ad account is still active. thanks in advance, Kevin

    • says

      Yup Kevin. You have to transfer ownership of the page, the same way we do when we sell a page. Have the “new owner” like the page. Then use the “old owner” to add the “new owner” as a manager level admin. Double check that the new owner has admin rights. Now have either owner remove the “old owner” from being an admin.

  28. Jeff says

    Hi Kim,

    Long ago, I set up a user profile for my business (and set the business name as the username). Then along came pages, and I set up a page for my business.

    Is there a way to merge the two so that the PAGE gets the username (i.e., facebook/username goes to the page instead of the profile)? And do all the profile’s friends get converted to Likes in the new page?


  29. says

    Hi I’ve set up this page using my gmail account. I now realise that setting up just as a page I can’t do a lot of functions like invite people to events, invite people to join my page. I’ve looked at fb help and it says it needs to be linked to my personal account which is with my yahoo log in. I’ve tried doing it the way facebook suggests but it doesn’t work. Please help how can I get my profile to have ownership of this page..

  30. says

    hey Kim,

    thanks for the awesome insight on this topic/issue. Question though.. i’m having trouble executing the merging of my personal facebook page to my existing facebook fan page. Reason being, i cannot rename my personal facebook page, which disallows me to be able to have the ‘merge duplicate pages’ option appear. So I am unable to execute the process. Any ideas to get around this??

  31. says

    Hi .. I’m following Kim’s instructions on merging Profile to Page and there is no merge button option in the Resources section of my Page .. any suggestions please?

    • says

      Amonda, Facebook has done the same thing with merge that they’d prior done with large page name changes… meaning that international admins don’t have access to the button. You’ll need to work with a USA based consultant to get it to happen. Sorry for the disappointing news.

  32. Jerry says

    Hi Kim

    Cheers for the detailed write-up.
    I did however run into a bit of a wall with this.
    I backed up my profile and migrated it into a page, but couldn’t change the name to match my existing page name since it was only 1 word (Nomad) which facebook just didn’t let me do. Now I’m stuck with 2 pages with roughly the same amount of likes (the new one has a slightly lower number). The merge link won’t show up on either of them and I even tried to manually resolve it by following this link:
    which got rejected yesterday.

    The pages are virtually identical and the only thing different about them is the name (old one being Nomad and the new one being Jerry Nomad)

    Any ideas?

    • says

      Sounds like you tried to merge them into the one with the name that is more likely to be confusing “Nomad”… rather than to merge into “Jerry Nomad”. Try merging that direction instead.

      • Jerry says

        Thanks for a quick reply.

        I tried both ways and still no luck :S
        Would it have something to do with me not being a US based administrator?

        • says

          You said you actually got a rejection email back from them. If so, then the answer is no. Had you gotten zero communication from them, the answer would have been yes.

  33. JLOM says

    I have a slightly different situation. I’ve never created a personal profile. I created a business page, but it seems to be pretty worthless unless linked to a PP.

    How do I best create a PP and link it to my existing BP?

  34. ingrid says

    Hi Kim!
    I have a question: Under my facebook profile, I created two pages about blogs that I have. I would like to merge just these two pages into a facebook fan page without changing my own personal profile. Do you have an idea on how to do that?
    Thank you!

    • says

      Ingrid, as long as their names match close enough that FB will allow it, and as long as your in a country that has access to the merge tools, you will find the link you are looking for in the admin panel of either page, under the resources tab.

  35. says

    I’ve read through this and I realize it’s not a recent post. I’m hoping you still monitor it, Kim. I have just now created new “Personal Profile”, set it up as an administrator to the existing page I had (which was Chawn Crawley Photography). I then took my old personal profile and turned it to a business page (Chawn Crawley).
    So what I’m in the process of now doing is “Merging” the two Business Pages together to form one unified Page using “Chawn Crawley Photography” as the pilot Page.
    I made my way through the process to do this and it finished with a confirmation window saying “Facebook will email you shortly”.

    So, the big question is, “Any idea how long before this email arrives and that Page-Merger takes effect? I’m kinda stuck in limbo right now…

    • says

      That’s a great question and it certainly is! In your account settings, where you specify an email address, you can first add a new address… then confirm that address… then make it your primary address (and thus your login) and then remove the old one. No loss of anything, Marlene :)

  36. Justin says

    Hi Kim,

    Thank you for this indispensable post. I’m about to embark on this somewhat nerve-wracking process and just wanted to pose a few questions to make sure I’m approaching it correctly. I really appreciate your input.

    Here goes: I’ve just started a new job at a nonprofit and it seems they’re using both a Profile and a Page (the former is the sole Manager of the latter). The Profile currently has slightly more fans (about 850 vs. 750).

    I’ve added myself and other staff as Managers of the page. I believe what we must do is convert the Profile into a Page and merge the two.

    However, based on your post and the comments above, I assume that the Page’s “likes” will be rolled in with the current “friends” of the Profile, and we will end up with a single Page with about 1500 likes and NO content. Is that correct — or will the content from the current Profile remain in place?

    If I’m correct above in assuming that merging Page > Profile would wipe out ALL content, could I do some advertising just to boost my Like count on the current page, so that it’s higher than the Profile friend count — and therefore the Profile would be merged into the Page? If we did it that way, would the current content of the Page remain — or would it again be wiped clean?

    Thanks so much for your guidance!

  37. says

    Hi kim,
    Is there a way to contact facebook to change my old page name? Cos i want to merge my other page wjth my previous page, but unfortunaty i cant change my the name of my old page cos it exceeds to the said 200 likes limit. Cos i want to merge my other page with my new page, but unfortunaty i cant change the name of my old page cos it exceeds to the said 200 likes limit.
    Hope to hear from you.

    God bless!

  38. Martin says

    What about converting a profile to a page with just one name? Is that possible since profile pages always have a first name AND a last name? And if you have many fans, it will be impossible to change the name of the new page…

    • says

      Now that the merger rules aren’t 100% match requirement (but close match) you may get those to merge. I can’t promise you will though. It all depends on whether FBs automated tool feels they are “close enough”. A rather odd algorithm for that.

  39. Randi says

    Kim,I\’m in the process of converting my profile to a page and then merging that with my current fan page. It has not yet been 24/48 hours. Do I need to wait until the likes on my new page have updated (right now they\’re sitting at 0)… or can I go ahead and merge the pages, where my friends from the profile will become likes on the fanpage?

      • Randi says

        It’s been several days (5) and my newly converted page still has 0 likes… I’m not sure where I went wrong… I think I followed directions to a T… any chance facebook will help me troubleshoot or is it likely I won’t get a response? How do I submit an inquiry?

        • says

          You need to go through the bug report page, then report a bug in a business page, then report the bug in YOUR page, provide them the URL and details of the issue. Do not expect a human response but if they look at the ticket they will sort it out. It’s disappointing we don’t usually get a human response when their stuff breaks.

  40. John OMeara says

    Hi Kim,Hope you are still monitoring this post because it gives the most detailed info on the topic that I have found. I am trying to convert a profile to a page. The account also has a page which is the same name as the business (also effectively the name of the profile). We have followed the recommended steps to convert the profile to a page. The intent was to then merge the newly converted page to the existing page. However it will not convert the profile to a page because it says we already have a page with that name. The existing Page has basically no likes and has never been utilized so we would be fine with deleting this existing page if it allowed us to convert the profile to a page. Thank you.

  41. says

    Hi Kim,
    We are running into the error. We have submitted a bug report. If my past experience with Facebook is any guide, I will never, ever hear anything from them about the bug report! We have deleted the existing Page in hopes that we can then convert the Page but that takes two weeks ad we are in that waiting period still.

    Thank you.

  42. miriamkelly24 says


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