What Social Sites Are Millennial Teens Favoring Today?

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socialmedia-150x85Oh Where Oh Where… 
Have The Teenagers Gone… 

While it’s very easy to get caught up in the day to day “this is hot right now” scenarios… a successful business person is always acting in the present but preparing for the future. 

Majority of the people online today, don’t remember a time before Facebook was “all that”.  

But before Facebook, was MySpace. 

Before MySpace, was AOL.  (Everyone swore nothing would ever compete with AOL.)

Before AOL was Prodigy (Everyone swore nothing would ever compete with Prodigy.)

Do you see a trend here? 

It’s not that “Facebook is dying”… but rather that once something hits critical mass and becomes a COMMODITY, it also loses some of its unique and exclusive appeal and loses the interest of the TRUE influencers of social culture. 

No, stop looking at your klout score. If you’re reading this, I don’t mean you (or even myself). 

I mean sub-13 to “old” 25 year old bracket. 

They will, over time, change the web as you know it, and are the ones who will continually define where it goes moving forward in terms of social sites and “hot sites”. 

Two recent posts are noteworthy, summing up a variety of things I see happening: 

Tenth Grade Tech Trends by Josh Miller

Reply to Tenth Grade Tech Trends by Garry Tan

Here’s what we see a lot of today and I think this may shock you (though it shouldn’t):

Teen-Social-Media-Useage-1Thank you Garry Tan for providing the work to put together the data and image above. 

My guess would be that you may have spotted Instagram as a key player… but missed both Tumblr and SnapChat. 

(SnapChat is so hot right now that Facebook outright stole the idea and integrated it into their new iOS only app called Poke.)

But Tumblr…

Even I, who is has a brand that would impossible to disentangle from WordPress and Facebook, can no longer ignore this ever rapidly growing giant!

This personally was enough to push me into picking up, today, a very affordable course about Tumblr that I just came across. (Still reading it.)

Tumblr has already begun pulling traffic AWAY from many other social platforms as it becomes a hub of recreational arts such as musicians, bands, live events and more… but the power doesn’t stop there! 

Think maybe it’s not for you?  Even key industry players like Search Engine Land now have an active Tumblr account!

Even better is that Tumblr has been growing steadily and consistently and is not likely to be a rapid crash-and-burn that is common in overly hot sites. There’s enough stability and consistency here that putting a little time into learning about it is likely a wise use of your time.  

What do you think about this graph?

Is it consistent with the young millennials in your family?  

Is there any site you are surprised performed higher or lower than it did (or was missing from the survey)?

Share your thoughts below!

~ Kim ~
Simple Tech Tips For Marketing

PS: If you’ve written educational articles about Tumblr, on your blog, or know of one on another blog, you are welcome to share it in the comment below. Please only share one link or the spam filter will get cranky. 

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  1. says

    This teenager thought MIRC and ICQ were rockin :)

    Well, back when I was a teenager that is… I remember the world before Facebook. I remember it!! *gasp*

        • says

          Totally agree! My teen years were very computer-rich. Yet kids today have a full featured computer in the palm of their hand known as a cell phone. It totally changes the way we think of computers, the web, and connectivity. It will be interesting to see what shift we see in another 20 years when cell phones are dinosaurs. The next may be wearables. Imagine having google docked on the edge of your glasses and able to access it at the speed of thought. About intuitive thought-level connectivity to the web. About having answers arrive almost before you need them. In some ways, I’m very jealous LOL :P

          • says

            Exciting times to see what was Sci-Fi when we were kids, actually coming to life.

            In answer to your bloggy question, the millennium teens in my family are keen users of Facebook but not much else.

            Non-tech family, apart from the crazy older sister :)

            George Takei had an hilarious share the other day though – we’ve got access to the world at our finger tips, and we use it to take photos of our food, and argue with random strangers online.

            Perhaps I’m a little scared about what the future teens will be engaging in :)

  2. says

    Hi Kim, I was wondering where they’d gone. I remember using Tumblr back in about 2006 or maybe 2007 when Ed Dale recommended it in one of his 30 day challenges. Back then, it was just like a community blog platform, and was popular with google of course..

    • says

      Basically, same here! The interesting thing is that Google still likes it. It’s still a very valuable platform, its rapidly indexed, etc etc. However, as you mentioned, it’s moved in subtle ways away from it’s original use as a blogging platform and more to a photo microblog and reblog community. It’s a very different and interesting experience. Isn’t it fascinating how things change over time?

  3. says

    You’re absolute right. I am not using Snapchat or Tumblr, but I know that teenagers are. I have talked to several in Norway and I see what they’re doing, but at the moment, there’s just too much going on to be focusing on everything :)

    On the other hand, I need to make the switch sooner or later. At the moment, I have more than enough with Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn and Google Plus.

  4. says

    The only issue with Tumblr is that you can only be educational. There terms prohibit affiliate marketing. Other than that it is a great platform, one I haven’t used to its full potential.

    • says

      Tracey, that’s true about affiliate marketing but not about all forms of marketing. For example adsense and certain CPA offers are actually allowed there. There’s a lot more in marketing than just affiliate promotions for sure.

  5. says

    Kim, I was reading another article earlier about the growth of Tumblr and this just goes to prove it.

    It looks like we’re all going to have to put a bit of time in to really see what this site can really do for us.

  6. says

    Fascinating read Kim. Clearly its time to take another look at Tumblr…actually I should say it’s time to take a serious look at Tumblr…something I’ve not done although I have been to the site on occasion. Thanks again for keeping us current. I always appreciate your posts.

  7. says

    Yep, it’s time to get the Tumblr icons out and add them to our sites :) FB started to lose its appeal, imo, with the kiddies when Grandma joined and wanted to friend everyone :) It no longer became the cool place to hang when the parents were there. The kids have been looking for a place to hang out for the last year or so. Although I thought G + may have the answer it really has lent itself more towards business, imo. Instagram & Tumblr are certainly contenders for the kids attention for the next couple of years …until the next big thing comes out. Now to find a set of icons with Tumblr, Instagram, G+ and Pinterest ….

    • says

      Yeah Leanne, I was very active online at 13… and it was under a pseudonym. I was keenly aware that I was a “girl” and I really did not necessarily want that to be the reason people got to know me. With FB and G+ both emphasizing real names, it actually accentuates some dangers to the 13-21 group of kids. I think that tumblr, with it’s remaining anonymous abilities still is actually a safer place for them. I also think that as the first article said, a lot of what is being done on tumblr is following “idols”.. which used to be MySpace’s strength.. and never really became FB’s strength. My senses tell me that the kids are still looking. That Tumblr can’t yet totally unseat anything else, but all if would take is a few right moves by another platform and a few wrong moves by Facebook. Things feel more tentative now and the kids are definitely looking for something new to call their own place to hang out.

  8. says

    Fascinating. I’d only know of Tumblr as a blog sharing platform so it’s interesting to hear of it developing into an interactive social media platform.

    So the question arises, if your market is not in the 19 – 25 year old range, is it still viable to put energy into creating a presence there?

    • says

      Yes and no… In your particular case, if you would set up a tumblr account, and use it a little like a pinterest account, pinning things that empower, enrich, etc… and using it to follow others (to get follow backs) … it might enable you to reach some of the 24+ that actually ARE part of your market. You might connect with a 24, who in two years, positively is in love with you, and needs your services. Just a thought. I don’t think it’s a primary channel for you but I think it’s very pinterest’esque in some ways and gets you access to those girls to which you may be their first exposure to Goddess concepts.

  9. says

    Kim…Who da thunk?! Tumblr? wow…I thought Tumblr was a sleeper that was going nowhere. Was I wrong. Very interesting data. It just goes to show that you cannot ignore what the young whipper snappers are looking at. Often times they have the pulse before we feel a heartbeat.

    • says

      I agree Martin! And I also admit that I brushed these stats off when I saw them starting to solidify a year ago. This isn’t a brand new trend. This is franky a trend I was ignoring but this data is becoming way too consistent to ignore.

    • says

      “According to Google DoubleClick Ad Planner’s estimate, the median U.S. Reddit user is male (72%), 25–34 years of age, has college education. The analysis also shows that many of the top ten audience interests are in the tech field, suggesting a computer savvy demographic.” – Source, Wikipedia.

      This should explain why Reddit is not on the radar of the millinials. First you need a site that is not at the higher end of education and one that is not heavily gender biased. Reddit is simply not on teens radars until they become older teens, young adults, and move into tech interests.


  10. says

    Kim it was a teenager that introduced me to Myspace and Facebook. I heard a lot about Tumblr when I first started marketing online then nothing so I thought it faded to the background like Myspace. Are we following the teens as they try to get away from us. lol I was wondering since so many people use FB for business that has led to the platform changing to address that population maybe the youth are not getting their needs met and are finding other places.

    • says

      Robert, I admit that I don’t have the stats on that. However, what I’ve found is that Pinterests largest demographic is really the 25-45 female/woman who is at least slightly above average income. From personal experience, I’ve not actually found that those who are younger than that are very “aware” of the site. It may well be that one does not truly move into “window shopping” until one is at a more stable place in their life and making their own paycheck.

  11. says

    Kim, you sure keep us on teh loop with all this tech stuff… I never would know any of this info unles I was in touch with you.

    I made some adjustments thanks to your info here… Thanks so muchj

    • says

      Hi Kim, Always providing us with the latest online news and trends. I had looked into tumblr a few years ago. Not sure why that is so popular with the youngsters. But I can understand the popularity of Instagram and Snapshot. Although I know nothing about those two sites, I do know that the kids like to text and do quick and instant messaging.

    • says

      Hi Kim, Always providing us with the latest online news and trends. I had looked into tumblr a few years ago. Not sure why that is so popular with the youngsters. But I can understand the popularity of Instagram and Snapshot. Although I know nothing about those two sites, I do know that the kids like to text and do quick and instant messaging.

  12. says

    Hi Kim, Always providing us with the latest online news and trends. I had looked into tumblr a few years ago. Not sure why that is so popular with the youngsters. But I can understand the popularity of Instagram and Snapshot. Although I know nothing about those two sites, I do know that the kids like to text and do quick and instant messaging.

  13. says

    Hello Kim, This is a nice plotted post. I have not heard of snap chat before but to think instagram would be defeated by tumblr? i better really start taking tumblr seriously. Thanks

  14. says

    I’m a bit surprised by tumblr – I did not know it was such an important playwer. As far as my family goes: twitter, instagram and facebook are the top three.

  15. says

    I’m a bit surprised by tumblr – I did not know it was such an important player. As far as my family goes: twitter, instagram and facebook are the top three.

  16. Nicholle Olores says

    Yes. It is true they are totally gone. As what I have remember there was a Friendster right and most teens love it but now I didn’t hear anything about it.

  17. says

    These age groups are not really my main demographic group, but maybe that’s because I’m not paying attention to where that demo traffic is… places like Tumblr and Snapchat.

    I’m actually a bit embarrassed to admit that I never even hear of Snapchat.. (some internet marketer, huh?)

  18. says

    I’ve been onto Tumblr for a while, they had a real phase there were marketers were just hammering the site. So they took action and hammered back. Removing a lot of the junk and garbage that most marketers create. Today, my little Tumblr blog brings me traffic everyday. The funny thing is that most of the content on there is simply an excerpt from my blog.

  19. says

    Quite an interesting one, Kim. Most of the teenagers today are stuck with the various social media platforms and it makes me strain my brain to think how actually life was before all these came up. Thanks for sharing.

  20. says

    Hi Kim, I believe those statistics…kind of. As the mom to three teenage daughters, I see the trends going on in our house.

    My oldest daughter who is 17 is a huge fan of Tumblr and even wrote a guest post at The Wonder of Tech about the site: http://www.wonderoftech.com/tumblr/ Express Yourself with Tumblr!

    But she also spends a lot of time on Facebook, much more than on Tumblr.

    My middle daughter also likes Tumblr but is on Instagram more and Facebook the most. My youngest daughter is just on Facebook.

    A year from now all of this may change and a new site may be the hottest site for teens. Thanks for keeping us up to date with the latest and the greatest, Kim!

  21. says

    Hi Kim,
    I had heard about Tumblr and it’s growth. I totally agree that when a site, product or social media platform hits critical mass it loses it magic.
    Personally I like pinterest, it’s fun relaxing and gives us the opportunity to connect visually.
    I will give a look at Tmblr after all I heard about it I’m curious to see how it works.
    We also need to remember who our market is and where they hang out, would you agree on this?

  22. says

    I was thinking that the ones that I know are all over Facebook like and rasher and some are on Twitter but not to the same extent – but I have never heard of SnapChat thanks for the head up I’m off to Google that. :)

  23. David Merrill 101 says

    This is not really my demographic, but pretty interesting to see where the trends are. What do I know? I never even heard of Snapchat.

    But when you walk through ancient history… Prodigy, AOL, MySpace… I have a vague recollection.

    Tumblr really is a massive machine, and I think it crosses most demographics. Glad to be reminded to get more involved there.

  24. says

    hi kim. i see now that tumblr should be considered as a way to reach our target audience. but i did not found something about orkut, stumbleupon or bebo. do you think that these social marketing sites would be useful for make money online sites?

  25. says

    Yes now a days all teen are more interested in the social networking websites. No doubt Facebook, twitter and other social websites are most popular and most of people daily used these websites.

  26. says

    My son is 23 and demo’ed Snapchat over Christmas for me. Thought it was great. I didn’t get it. Seen but not (really) seen. Maybe that age group has gotten freaked by how much they’ve leaked out over the last few years.

  27. says

    Kimberly, thank you for the great information. My demographic doesn’t fall into the teen category, but many of the topics I write about seem as though they would benefit teens! Given my very limited time, at present, I’ll stick to Twitter, Facebook, Google+, and LinkedIn to reach my demographic :)

  28. says

    Most of the buzz I saw about tumblr was how people were using it to help get their websites boosted in rankings. I never did fully understand how it worked

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