Adding An Ebook Converted To .Mobi To Your Android Kindle App

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The Amazon Kindle’s .mobi is one of the fastest growing ebook formats due to the rapid growth of both Kindle readers and the Kindle ebook application that runs on just about anything. 

If you have a .mobi Kindle file on your computer, that you either got as part of an ebook download/purchase or that you created by converting a PDF to .mobi… getting it onto your android phone or table is easy. 

There’s a number of reasons you’d want to convert your PDF even though Kindle can read them, particularly if you are working with a smaller device. 

To get your .mobi file into the Kindle app on Android, first connect your android phone by USB to your computer and mount the SD card.

Once you’re browsing the SD card from your computer, find the folder named “Kindle” and open it.

Copy/Paste your new .Mobi(s) into that folder.  If you have a cover image that belongs to the .mobi file, you can copy it into the “covers” folder that is inside the “kindle” folder.

(Click here to learn more about converting PDFs and other document types into ePub format.)

Open the Kindle App and your file should be ready to go and waiting “on your device”. 

Simple, clean and efficient. A great way to make those clunky PDF eBooks perfect for reading on any small device!

~ Kim ~
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PS: The process is likely very similar for iPhone but since I do not have one I’m not 100% certain.  

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10 Comments on "Adding An Ebook Converted To .Mobi To Your Android Kindle App"

3 years 3 months ago

That’s great info. I’ve got some tutorials along this line as well — like how to download a free e-book from Amazon, convert it and read it on an EPUB device:

3 years 3 months ago

Adding An Ebook Converted To .Mobi To Your Android Kindle App via @AskKim

2 years 11 months ago

Hey i think this application is great. I like to reading an eBook on my Computer, i think with this application i can enjoy to read the other eBook and also comics on my Android Phones. Thank you for sharing this useful articles 😀

2 years 11 months ago

That’s really great! I just bought my new android tablet. I can the converter to create an ebook. Thanks kim! I love reading all your tutorial.

2 years 9 months ago

thx for the share but this just wont work you can only use ebooks which you bought from amazon on your android device. you cant use converted or downloaded ebooks. some kind of lock from amazon.

any suggestion how to break that lock?

The Scrambled Boy
2 years 7 months ago

I litterally just converted and downloaded 33 books and added them the way its says above and they are all now on my droid and can be red through the kindle. maybe you are doing something wrong. are you converting the books to mobi or epub. they have to be mobi files to work. hope that helps