Facebook Emoticons, Buying Waze, New Security Settings, Checklists, Usage Stats, and more!

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Facebook, Facebook, Facebook all the time in the news! It seems a day doesn’t go buy that this platform doesn’t change SOMETHING!

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Did you know? 

54% of Facebook users visit the site through their mobile phones. And 33% of users (a full one third of ALL users) use their mobile phone as their primary way to access the site!

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4 Comments on "Facebook Emoticons, Buying Waze, New Security Settings, Checklists, Usage Stats, and more!"

Reneé Klein
2 years 2 days ago

Hi Kim,

Thank you for the video tutorial. Now I have a reference to check with. I just check all the links. It’s really a useful info.

2 years 1 day ago

User can use mobile facebook messenger Emoticons in website also using few codes that we have shared in our recent post , you can also give that a try

2 years 1 day ago

Kim, What a wealth of information! You are always on top of all the changes. I found the FB emoticons very cute. My grandsons likes them too and immediately went to using them! Yes, I’d be careful, as not many are really interested in what you are drinking or eating. :) I am also interested to see what happens with the like button.
Many thanks! You’re a gem.

1 year 11 months ago

It’s about time Facebook moved beyond the “likes”! This is good news- while likes give a small measure of feedback on how a post was received, I enjoy seeing what else is going on in my followers’ minds. This should prove to be a great help for anyone using facebook as a marketing tool.