Facebook Fan Page Fear Factor aka What’s REALLY Going On With Page Visibility and Reach

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Rather than Georgia being on my mind, this week… it’s Facebook… and specifically those can’t-live-with-’em but can’t-live-without-’em Facebook Pages!

Facebook pages, specifically their visibility (or lack of), has been the cause of a huge amount of headache and chaos the past couple weeks… 

Here’s what’s going on… 


I know that video was long but I hope that it not only made clear the current trouble but also the things you can do about it. The upcoming feature is going to be really handy as well for many business/fan page owners. 

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00:05        The Elephant In The Room, Facebook Page Reach
00:50        Facebook Is Free?!
01:17         Facebook Promoted Posts
02:10        Learn More About Edgerank
04:42        Top News Filter (Uses EdgeRank) vs Most Recent Filter (All Content)
05:20        Reach of Profiles? Maybe 20-25%
06:00        Is Profile Reach Down?
06:25         The Evolution (Decline) Of Page Reach
07:45        FMC Conference Reveals 16% Average Reach March 2011
09:55         Many FP Page owners never knew that they were not reaching all fans.
10:15          Fans do NOT equal Optins
11:16          Get those fans on a platform you own!
11:33          Fans are a metric but not an asset
11:45          Facebook proved they can take your fans away
12:30         Facebook is an Ad Company
13:13         Is your page serving you?
13:47        The Fearful Viral Message
15:27        Facebook Interest Lists 
17:14        Organic Reach Dropped From 15% to 10% average (1) & (2)
17:40        Promoted Posts = More Pages In News Feed
18:25         Facebook Pages = Pay-to-Play Model
19:00        Facebook Pages have not had full visibility for ages
20:40        Businesses Pissed Of Facebook Reach Decline (1) & (2)
21:00        Facebook Promoted Post pricing does not scale. No Agency or Tiered Pricing
22:44        What can we do about this mess?
23:43        What my reach insights look like
25:40       Self-Branded Biz
27:42       Non Self-Branded Businesses
                            – Marketing Budgets – Learn EdgeRank
28:27        Facebook Page Notification Feature Coming Soon
32:10        Is there still benefit in FB Pages?
33:45        Now you know what to make of this FB viral message

Do you use a Facebook business page? How have these changes impacted you?

~ Kim ~
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I hope you’ve enjoyed these updates. Let me know if you know of any news that should be included in the next one!

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27 Comments on "Facebook Fan Page Fear Factor aka What’s REALLY Going On With Page Visibility and Reach"


[…] Kim’s post Facebook Fan Page Fear Factor aka What’s REALLY Going On With Page Visibility and Reach for a complete listing of what she covers and the time each point she makes appears on the […]

2 years 6 months ago

Hi Kim, this is a great overview of what’s going on with Facebook and Edgerank.
I use promoted posts at work and sometimes they perform great and others not so much. The niche is really difficult because I’m targeting college engineering students but most of them aren’t interested in seeing stuff that is related to engineering when they are on Facebook so it’s a pretty tough nut to crack.
On the personal side, I’d love to hear more about the “self-branded biz” versus a regular brand. How does one go about decided how they want to promote themselves on Facebook? For example, I notice that you are using personal branding or self-branding on Facebook but on Google + you have a business page for your blog. How did you decide what to do where? Any tips would be appreciated. Thanks Kim!!

2 years 6 months ago

Great explanation Kim. Interesting how many pages and profiles are competing with each other now.
I noticed it myself big time just yesterday on one of my pages. Over 1,000 fans and only 10 saw the post! When I did a small campaign to promote a post it was around 400-500 fan reach. You think promoting it will give you 100% coverage for paying. (It was small like $5 or $10).
I loved your suggestions on interests, working on it now as I’m listening.
I love close friends list. Glad to know it’s coming to fan pages. Guess we really have to teach our fans too.
What a great video Kim – I don’t know how you did this for the 33 minutes without any pause or error – (I don’t think I’ve ever watched one this long before.)
Thank you for sharing – this was extremely informative Kim!

2 years 6 months ago

Great overview Kim, I totally get this but have struggled to get my clients to understand that FB is a tool and requires a budget just like all of their other marketing platforms. I actually love the promoted posts – this gives ME control and puts me ahead of the competition, since I know they don\’t get it and will not spend the money to be top of mind.

2 years 6 months ago

I knew we could count on you, Kim. Yesterday morning I discovered that viral message on one of my clients’ pages. I thought we had been hacked. (Because I knew from listening to Kim that those messages are usually not all true)

I almost called you on the spot!

Turns out the client was just trying to be helpful, and posted something she saw trusted friends posting.

Kim saves the day! Thank you for all you do for us.