Facebook Malware, Blocking and Threatening Bans, Plus Changes To FB Inbox Privacy, and more…

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 Facebook has been all over the news again this week… with interesting stuff going on nearly every day! 

 Here’s what you need to know… 


00:12     Double Feature -> Find the other half here.
00:50    Facebook’s run-away CPA based Malware apps 
03:31     What you can do if a friend gets infected by this malware
04:33     Spontaneous friend-request blocking likely an infection
05:44     Facebook Threatening Ban For News Event Disagreements of Information
08:15     Facebook Changes Inbox Privacy (Shifts non-contacts to “other” folder with other false positives)
10: 18    Facebook Tests Fee To Let Non-Contacts Get In Your FB Inbox
13:50     Changes to rules on cover photos and promoted/sponsored/ad images (no more than 20% text) 
15:40     Facebook Tip: How to View Fan Only Engagement
16:45     Study reveals that people don’t like social media marketing (Truth Serum) 

 I look forward to hearing your thoughts! 

~ Kim ~
Simple Tech Tips For Marketing 

I hope you’ve enjoyed these updates. Let me know if you know of any news that should be included in the next one!

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  1. says

    Hey Kim – enjoyed your update as always. Wanted to let you know I clicked on the link to the Truth Serum study and got “You 404’d it. Gnarly, dude.” Same thing happened with another link in the second part of your update.

  2. says

    Hey Kim,
    Haven’t encountered the Malware yet. The Facebook public and privacy changes are making me a little nuts because I get a lot of those males popping up. I just delete them. Or sometimes share it with David for a big laugh.
    As for Facebook monetizing their audience, I think it is something they are trying to do and may succeed?
    The other rule about the cover image…I feel the less words the better.
    Wonder where that came from?
    Thanks for the link of the “Fan Only Engagement” Need to check that out!
    Off to check the links you have given. Thanks so much for keeping us posted and good to see you feeling better.

  3. says

    Hi Kim, I know for sure that the Aussie population is definitely more tolerant of internet marketers’ hype than Europeans are. Although, I believe that because of the internet, we are getting more and more like Americans every day:-) The world is getting so much smaller!

  4. Sarah Park says

    Hi Kim,

    Thanks for sharing these updates on Facebook. Facebook is indeed exerting a lot of effort to keep their users satisfied. I am absolutely enjoying the new privacy setting because my account had been hacked twice before.

  5. says

    Hi Kim,
    I am the first time visitor to your blog and therefore this is the first installment of some great information I just consumed.
    Thanks for sharing this very useful information and I am sure I am bookmarking your website to visit again.

  6. says

    Interesting information, Kim.
    I hear a lot of complaints about FB groping for revenue-building strategies. Ironically, the people who complain the most seem to be the same ones who use FB so freely for promoting their products/services… and often using methods that make the Aussies and everyone else dislike social media marketing.
    I think the free ride is over, but it’s still one of the best platforms you can find for building long-term relationships and a sincerely engaged fan base.

  7. says

    I do understand what FB is doing its a business and since going public have to make money to satisfy investors but darn it is annoying. I think the part that is bothering the most now is allowing people to pay to contact me if I have it set I don’t want to be open to that kind of contact. What can you do we use it for free but the limitations I feel they will continue to come as FB monetizes. Thankf for keeping us informed.

  8. says

    Informative as always. I got the 404 message also. I love the legend you’ve put in so people can zoom in on areas of special interest. It is a very thoughtful way to acknowledge that not everyone is interested in everything.

    Is what is put on Facebook protected by the First Amendment? Or is it their site and they can do what they please? Wondering.



  9. says

    Yeah, I received a message from my friend the other day stating they needed money because they were held hostage…lol. It was all broken english. Wanted money Western Union. I was like yeah that looks real legit. Very annoying when people post crap on your wall which is a result of malaware. It’s sad that people have nothing better than to try to steal personal information from people on Facebook. Also, don’t reply to them!

  10. says

    If I need to know it, I know where to go!! Thanks, for the informative post and video… I have some checking up and educating myself to do!! Not familiar with too much of this til now!

  11. says

    I have to say Kim, Facebook seems to be changing all the time to the point where I can’t even keep up. Thanks for sharing this one as I wasn’t aware of the different privacy issues again in the news. Thanks Kim!

  12. says

    I find Facebook changes way too much with some of their policies like some ass is behind the scenes that wished they had a political position and wanted to control people more. Some changes just throw marketers and business owners through a loop to revamp their strategies.

  13. says

    Hi Kim great video again. I am really getting tired of trying to keep on top of Facebook changes these days. The malware is rampant and the privacy changes etc. trapping unsuspecting users. They need to get a hold of this problem as people are already leaving FB in droves and this will not help keeping the public trusting FB.


  14. says

    Kim, I so appreciate you sharing this important info on malware apps on FB. I have not seen it yet but I will absolutely avoid it. I just got a invite to advertise on Linkedin but did not try it. Thanks for keeping all of us up to date on things that affect us on social media.

  15. says

    THANKS so much ONCE AGAIN for all yoru precious information for all of us to be aware… you sure know what you are doing KIM :-) I am truly amazed of how you do all this.. but I let you continue and hope soon will be able to follow your leads much better.

    Hope your health is much, much more improved in every way and you will have an AMAZING YEAR as you deserve it…. HAPPY NEW 2013 again

  16. says

    Hey kim, not certain my previous comment went though.. I waited to long to load and then when I click again it say it was duplicated.. anyway.. hope it went through.. if not I will get it later :-) HAPPY NEW year again and hope all is well healthwise…

  17. says

    Kim, Thanks for sharing such a thorough explanation of what is currently going on with Facebook. I noticed some of the things you talked about, like additional messages – especially instant chats, very annoying, from someone I don’t know. And I received one of those pfishing emails coming from a friend in Twitter saying he made over $100 taking surveys. When I spoke to him, he had never sent that and closed his twitter account because of it.

    • says

      Yeah Erica, the phishing twitter direct messages remain an ongoing problem. The phishing hacker folks just keep getting sneakier and sneakier and keep doing way too good of a job evading any attempt to put a real end to it. In some ways, Facebook has actually done a better job managing phishing attempts than Facebook has – but the recent one on FB that they couldn’t seem to put a stop too sure didn’t make it look that way. All in all, people just have to learn to use a keen eye on anything they receive, view, or get sent online.

  18. says

    That was awesome information. I wanted to thank you Kim for letting people know some of the rules that are coming up real soon. We still have time to make any changes if needed.

  19. says

    Eeek! I feel for those that have had their accounts hacked, especially on Facebook. Not only can private content be accessed, Malware could be distributed to that individuals network of close friends and family. Unfortunately when an organization that provides such services gets big, they forget to clamp down on such issues. Fortunately, there are sites like yours that look out for consumers like me, thank you.

  20. says

    Nice share Kim . I am new to blogging so many of these Facebook features and their benefits are news to me . The changes to rules on cover photos and ad images do answer many of my questions related to managing blog . Enjoyed the updates .

  21. says

    Kim, I saw a post on FB about how they were going to start charging us to use FB. If we just re-posted what they posted by midnight, then we would not be charged. I chuckled because I have a source (YOU) that keeps us informed of ALL the FB changes. I am confident that if that were to happen I would hear it from you first.
    Thanks for keeping us aware of what is really going on!

  22. says

    Wow! So much to keep truck off, but I am trying my best. Thanks a lot, Kim, for keeping us so informed. I will try to stay on top of the malware. Increasingly, I don’t click on many links any more. It’s a shame.

  23. Becca says

    Nice info which will be prove so useful for all blogger and online marketers. That kind of activities also make very good and nice way to search our destination.

  24. says

    Thanks again Kim, I feel a lot of folk losing confidence in Facebook as a marketing tool, privacy concerns, making it harder to get friends etc. So many changes as you outline, are they feeling the pinch from Google+ i wonder?
    Thanks, Jimi.

  25. says

    I have to say that alot of this has not affected me and that is mostly because the bulk of my business is being mostly cultivated through my websites and not my facebook pages.

  26. says

    Hi Kim,

    I’m so glad I came to your blog to get updated on all the stuff happening! I like the way you divided the information into chunks so I can come back for the information if I need it.

    I recently saw the malware you talked about all over the place! Good advice, “If it sounds too good to be true, don’t touch this stuff!” Thanks for sharing how we can help others who have been infected.

    Everything else you covered is logical and makes a lot of sense, especially your discussion on fan love and loyalty!

    Thanks Kim, as usual you are keeping all of us updated!

    Raena Lynn

    PS Why are 90% of the blogs I have visited lately using comment love plugin have this weird code? Don’t or close to that?

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