Facebook Reach Drop, New FB Group Feature, FanPageFriday, and Dozens Of New FB Beta Features!

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 Facebook has been all over the news again this week… with interesting stuff going on nearly every day! 

 Here’s what you need to know… 


(I just saw that some of the callouts in the video are amiss… no clue what happened there!)

00:05      New Office 
00:50      FanPageFriday Event  (and this week’s link to participate)
01:10       Struggling with Fan Pages
01:32       Fan Page Fear Factor
02:14      “Get Notifications” Feature for Pages
04:11      Facebook Mobile Gets Share Buttons
05:05     Facebook Groups Pinned Posts
06:21      Facebook’s Response To Falling Reach…
07:11      TechCrunch Article About Reach Drop
08:11      Zero Cost Ad Strategy 

 I look forward to hearing your thoughts! 

~ Kim ~
Simple Tech Tips For Marketing 

I hope you’ve enjoyed these updates. Let me know if you know of any news that should be included in the next one!

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  1. says

    Hi Kim,

    Love the Facebook round-up busy week huh! I just spotted the new pin post ability in the groups this week. I think it’s really great and a great way to pin your groups rules, visions, key messages etc.

    Thanks for the lowdown!

    To Your Success,

    Beth :)

  2. says

    A lot of great information Kim. Re Pages Feed – I have no idea when it first popped up, or what is or isn’t included – but the feed is here! I just noticed it a couple of days ago. Facebook, always keeping us on our toes :-)

  3. says

    Thanks Kim, every time Facebook goes “quirky” you know there are changes coming, and this shows there have been a few changes.
    I’m not switching page notifications on this year – too much for me at this moment, but ultimately they will be a good thing.
    The FB groups just keep getting better and better :)

  4. says


    You are always my go to expert for all things Facebook. As a group manager the new features that I like the best are the ability to Pin important posts. I also like the built in Insights within a couple of my groups.

    I have to admit though that I have not been using my page as much as I should be. With Facebook changing the amount of natural impressions pages get, it almost doesn’t seem worth the time if you don’t have money to promote the posts.

  5. says


    wow! Great TV show! Great lighting and you obviously didn’t need a teleprompter, so you were smooth and easy to listen to. I am glad you spent a lot of time on what I think Mike Klingler calls zero-cost advertising. It’s important that people realize that the point of advertising is to make money, NOT simply to get more hits. Some of the financial rewards of advertising may not be as direct, but one must have some way to measure whether the extra money spent on FB Page advertising is, in fact, increasing the bottom line in their business!

    Great Job!

    ~ Jupiter Jim

  6. says

    This is probably why I have been having some Facebook issues this past week. No worries, I didn’t kill a computer… just did something else and came back later. I will have to go through some of the pages I am a part of to adjust notifications.

  7. says

    I learn so many things about the world of social media from reading and watching your posts. I had seen a few posts in my feed about the get notifications feature but I had not seen a really good explanation of how it worked until now.

    Thank you, Kim. :-) The beta features I kind of figure are just going to keep showing up every once in a while or maybe two or three times in a while, :-). I am looking forward to some of them making Facebook easier to use and enjoy.

  8. says


    Thank you for keeping us up-to-date and knowledgeable about the latest Facebook changes. I have forgotten to pin posts that I want more people to see so this has been a good reminder to do that. And that is good to know that people can now get notifications about posts on my pages.


  9. says

    Hi Kim. I love the way you link to the pages in your timeline here. It makes it so easy to learn more about what you are talking about and to go on to learn more. Your blog is such a treasure trove that it’s hard to know where to go first. Your tabs and video timeline helps me with my pinball syndrome. Thanks so much :)

    All the best,

  10. says

    I have notice on top of the being about to pin 3 post to the top of groups it is now possible to have sub groups too… Have you seen that? Not played with that functionality, but seems it’s there for the using. Handy since people use groups along side memberships to all sorts of things online and off and subgroups and those may have different levels of memberships. Subgroups on FB can now work with those membership levels if desired. :)

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