FB Changes, New YT Layout, Google Plus Cover News, Google Reader Closing, and more!

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Every social media site wanted to get in on the “make changes” action this week!

Here’s what you need to know… 

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00:12     Welcome
00:34    Facebook Changes To News Feed
                          Facebook’s News Feed Announcement
                          Robert Scoble’s Feedback
                          Get on the waiting list 
02:01     Facebook Timeline Changes
03:30    Instagram 100 million users (once a month)
04:46    Youtube One Channel (New Youtube Redesign)
06:16     G+ cover photo, About tab
                        Optimize Your Google Plus Cover Image Tutorial
Big G+ changes coming, check out G+ Knights
07:30   Google Closing Google Reader
                         Google also killed it’s RSS extension for Chrome
                         Is Feedburner next?   

 I look forward to hearing your thoughts! 

~ Kim ~
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I hope you’ve enjoyed these updates. Let me know if you know of any news that should be included in the next one!

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42 Comments on "FB Changes, New YT Layout, Google Plus Cover News, Google Reader Closing, and more!"

2 years 2 months ago

Thank you for all the great updates. I can’t wait for FB to roll out the new News Feed to me. (Yes, I’m on the waiting list.) I will NOT miss the ticker. I never really used it. ;o)

I have an HP Laptop and an iPad. (I do not have a smart phone.) I’m not currently using Instagram. Have I missed the boat? Is there an app for that?

BTW, currently, you don’t have G+ Knights hotlinked. :oO


Thanks again!

2 years 2 months ago

Aaargh! I hate it when I forget that I don’t need a nose in emoticons! 😉

2 years 2 months ago


I just watched the video about changing the cover at Google+. Why does everything have to keep changing? I really appreciate your sharing all the changes as they occur so we can be one step ahead consistently.


Dr. Erica

2 years 2 months ago

Things are always changing Erica, as Kim said in the video. It is frustrating, but we have to adapt or die out like so many others before us have.

although most of these changes really look big, they really are aesthetic, and not huge changes in the functionality, although some will have an impact on that as well.

2 years 2 months ago

here I am again learning from you what I WOULD NEVER LEARN if I was not connected with you on our great B3 Group.

So glad I have the opportunity to read or watch video tutorial that are very useful for staying on top of what is going on on the Internet world.

Yes, I read and watch and observe.. and slowly will get closer to use what is important to me at this time.

All the changes that you shared, are amazing.. I know that everything is in constant change and I know I can adjust easily especially on things that change and I had no idea they existed.. like Google Reader…

Anyway.. again, love to thank you for all what you are doing and how your generosity and passion to support others is helping me a lot.

2 years 2 months ago

Hi Kim, interesting changes on social media. Interesting thing about the white space, nice layout – less distraction.
I am seeing the new YouTube but haven’t done anything yet. Why is it that, all of these social sites have decided to roll out the changes at the same time?

2 years 2 months ago

Thanks so much Kim. This was eyeopening and I loved your opinions and suggestions. It made things easier to absorb!

I’ll be coming over more often now. I’ve been a member since your CyberWeekend offer at MyNams, but quite ashamedly have been trying to weed out the clutter.

Thanks again,

Roz Fruchtman