Instagram Video, Vine’s Chances, Reader Closing and Alternatives, Feedly and Gmail Hacks, Twitter Changes and more…

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News Update

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Lots of things in the news this week – from bite sized video to Google Reader to changes at Twitter – don’t miss a minute!

Here’s what’s going on this week…

00:00       Welcome
00:15        Instagram Adds Video
00:46        Future of Vine? 
02:25        Video disrupts Instagram’s niche.
03:55        Google Reader Closing – But Was Doomed From Start. 
04:45        Google Graveyard
05:29        GReader App Replacements: Feedly, AOL Reader, NewsBlur, NetVibes, The Old Reader, Hootsuite Syndicator, Facebook?? (Flipboard style Reader)
08:21         Feedly Hacks & Gmail Hacks
09:18         Google+ Follow Buttons For Profiles, Pages & Communities
10:00        Twitter Cards & Lead Gen Cards for Advertisers
12:15          Twitter Analytics for All
13:34          Twitter Notifies You When Favorited 
14:01          MySpace, It’s alive?!?!
15:12           WhatsApp Suprasses 250 M Active uses (Twitter has 200M)
17:48          Check out & subscribe to this podcast feed and the NEW podcast feed! 

How have these changes impacted you?

Do you use any niche social media sites? Which ones? 

Have you tried out WhatsApp yet? 

~ Kim ~
Simple Tech Tips For Marketing 

I hope you’ve enjoyed these updates. Let me know if you know of any news that should be included in the next one! If you’re not already on the email newsletter, be sure to subscribe in the box below. 

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  1. says

    I’ve been putting together a lot of different updates on Facebook and Google lately. Also, Yahoo! seems to be moving and dumping things too.

    I am interested in seeing how the video stuff pans out for Instagram and how much it will effect Vine.

  2. says

    Hey Kim, what are you doing to me?

    I just finish sweating with the changes with FB and now you send me Instagram… wow, I was talking with my niece (she is 7) and she was explaining to me how to use Instagram… and I had to say… lets do it another time since I could get anything and NOW here you are talking about it in such deep way.

    WOWOWOWEOW… where this end?

    Anyway, I better start learning about it and keep up or will be left behind at a stage where it will be hard to catch up.

    Thanks again for all you do Kim.
    All the best in every way.

  3. says

    Thanks for all of this Kim – I tried to check out the Twitter Analytics before, but I didn’t know it takes time to load the information, so I’ll check it out again.

  4. says

    Hi Kim,

    Yes lots of changes this week. It is fantastic to have Twitter Analytics , another feature for a social media platform that is very popular here in Ireland.

    Rosemary O’Shaughnessy

  5. says

    Hey Kim!! I have no idea what instagram is HUM Sounds like I need to get with the times.. I am going to go and look more into Twitter to..This analytics sounds interesting.. Woot Woot MYSPACE!! The news, you sure do have it.. These pod-casts that you do are wonderful for us to follow you, ( You are a Great Speaker) Thanks for sharing. Chery :)

  6. says

    A lot of useful information on latest. I have to admit that I didn’t knew almost anything of these, though I am not using Instagram and Feedly actively.

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