Got Subscribers? 5 Ways To Build Lead Pages That Will Sky-Rocket Your Success!

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Got Subscribers? 5 Ways To Build Lead Pages That Will Sky-Rocket Your Success!

funnel-leads-prospects-customers-1The Tools You Want 
For The Leads You Need!

Kim here…

Whether you call them optins, or leads, or subscribers… the simple answer is that you want more of them!

When it comes to content marketing/social media marketing today, we often capture leads from three mechanisms…

(*)  Blog elements (like popups and sidebar optins via WP Subscribers),
(*)  Facebook tools (like EZ Leads) and… 
(*)  …squeeze page creation utilities.

Today we’ve got some news in the latter category….

Squeeze/Optin/Lead Page
Creation Tools

Regardless of what you call them, this is one of the biggest categories of premium themes/plugins available for marketers today.

It seems like every day, something new and improved comes out.

I’ve bought my share of CRAP in this category and grown weary of chasing the “next big thing” from the WarriorForum or ClickBank.

You will waste TONS of time if you try to always chase that next big thing. And you will waste TONS of money when most of them turn out to be unsupported crapware.

The best advice I can give you is to buy a solid utility, from a solid company, that is going to be actively developed, and won’t leave you high and dry.

Bonus points if you remember that you don’t always need the most badass utility (and associated headaches) to get the job done.

My Top Picks?

OptimizePress 2.0

Version 2.0 is launching soon of this industry leading squeeze page WordPress theme and so far the beta test reports are good news. This theme has a big learning curve but also a ton of functionality. Good support team, historically good documentation, good stability, and a financially sound company that isn’t going to vanish tomorrow on you. (I’m personally looking forward to this launch and the chance to upgrade my copy of OP!)

SalesPressPro 2.0

If you want to be “edgy” and have dozens of bells and whistles, this is probably the dream WordPress theme for you. Mark Dulisse sometimes leaves something to be desired with support though so if you get in a bind you may be on your own. Documentation is usually good enough. A financially sound company that isn’t going anywhere. Lots of cool toys and functionality but definitely not for the novice. Version 2.0 is launching later today.


Want to produce high quality, fast, high converting squeeze pages, in only a few clicks, without slogging through OptimizePress? Chances are, that LeadPages is the solution you’re looking for! They’re an amazing service, on a robust cloud host, that even the biggest launch won’t cause to crash! This is actually not a plugin but they have a plugin that works along side it to let you tie it into your main funnels. Very high quality solution.

WP Optins 2.0

Sometimes you just need a simple WordPress plugin that’s going to let you easily add squeeze pages/optin pages to your existing WordPress blog. Good functionality without a lot of hooplah. This does not have a ton of fancy features but it works well, is stable, is super easy to use, and is highly affordable. I was unimpressed with developer support on this one, so I actually now resell this plugin so that I can deal with this developer on your behalf and make sure you get supported the right way. Learn more here.

Honorable Mention: InstaBuilder & InstaMember

If you already have IB, you may already have what you need. While I wouldn’t rush out to buy it, it’s not a bad theme. However, there are better themes from several angles so if you’re buying I’d pass this over in favor of one of the three above.

The “big brother” to IB is the new InstaMember and I simply have not done enough testing on this Warrior Forum product to say for sure what it’s long term viability is. I wouldn’t fault it though so if you’re using it, it’s probably a good enough place to be. InstaMember is re-launching soon.


Got it? 

Hopefully this helps you understand what’s available, what you already own, what’s coming soon and where it fits in your “should buy” list!

I’m personally incredibly excited to get my hands on OptimizePress 2.0 (but I also use WP Optins on a lot of sites for pure ease of use).

Got questions? Drop them in the comments below! 

Hope this helps!

~ Kim ~
Simple Tech Tips For Marketing

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  1. says


    One way to ensure an influx of subscribers, possibly the most important, is to over deliver on value. No matter what your audience is looking for, give it to them, and then some!

    Without that, all the fancy plugins aren’t worth squat. That’s not to say they aren’t valuable tools. On the contrary, I use them for my firm and my clients.

    The value must come first though, or adding subscribers is going to be an uphill battle, even with the best popups/lightbox/slide in subscription generators available.

    The key to value creation? Know your audience; well. Know their biggest problems and how you or your business can best solve them, then go out of your way to do just that. Give to get, as it were.

    Nice post!

  2. says

    I love LeadPages and everything Clay Collins touches is top notch! I’m getting great results with LeadPages also.

    I added the LeadPages app to my primary Facebook page and it’s does great combined with a low-cost Facebook ad.

    btw – have you ever done a post on the Power Editor? I need to ask a question about that.

    Thanks – Ileane

  3. says


    You are a rock star! I dream of the day when I can make an effortlessly solid point in two sentences like you do. Is that a hint of ‘sarcastic rebel’ I am seeing in your writing? Great job, you are a pro, and I appreciate all the things I am learning from you. I will truly love the day when I no longer require two hours of follow up research to really know what the heck you are talking about, but I wouldn’t change a thing.

  4. says

    I’m still looking at whether it makes sense for my business to build a subscriber base since my blog is not the focus of my business but more a way to be found in searches and increase potential client confidence in my skills. However, lots of other lawyers seem to want these subscriber lists, so there must be something to it. These plugins look good, I need to spend some time looking at each to see what they could do for me. Thanks for picking out some good options to research.

  5. says

    Some newbies – even vets – believe a big investment equals a big return in matters squeeze page. No such thing!

    Well said Kim….do some research, do not break the bank and you can snag a great tool to build your list.



  6. says

    I’m going to take a closer look at LeadPages – I’m also in the process of testing Scarsity Samurai – not cheap, but since I’ve been a Samurai customer since they Beta’d Market Samurai I got it for freeeeee. I’m new to the “squeeze” page thing so still playing with the content/look but seems pretty cool so far. Thanks for the great info!

  7. says

    Hi Kim,

    As a relatively new blogger, I must admit that I do not quite get what you said here. All the set up and plugins that I have were put in there by other people who have helped me along the way.

    Judging from the comments, I can see that you are sharing something valuable here. Getting the RIGHT tools can make the blogging life easier!

    Great sharing, Kim!

    Viola Tam – The Business Mum

  8. says

    I think we have all spent money on things in the Warrior Forum and Clickbank that have not produced the results that we want.

    I am also a big fan of Optimize Press. I will definitely be upgrading to the new Optimize Press 2.0 when it launches. I am not sure how much the upgrade fee is going to be for existing customers, but I am excited about it.

    As for Sales Press Pro 2.0 I took a look at that, but I think I am going to stick with Optimize Press 2.0.

    I have heard good things about Lead Pages.

    Thanks for this list.

  9. says

    Anytime I ever checked out Clickbank I wasn’t impressed!! So thanks for the heads up on that one!! These are good things to know and I know where to head when I’m looking for the right info. Not that I am ready for any of these yet, but it’s always good to know what you are up to and what I will be needed!!

  10. says

    Hey Kim,

    I haven’t used any of these, I still have a software I bought years ago and I’m so use to using it now that I can throw a squeeze page up in a matter of minutes.

    I’m sure with these programs though that they are just simpler to use. I will probably eventually go this way so thanks for the heads up with your recommendations. Always appreciate honest reviews.


  11. says

    Hello Kim,

    I found your post really interesting and very informative! Personally I use optimizepress to build my squeeze pages and I am very satisfied! However there are a lot of other softwares that provide you with what you want! You just have to Google it or to ask people on related forums in order to get different opinions :) !

    Thank you,

  12. says

    Hi Kim. I love Optimize Press, although I haven’t switched my blog to the new version yet. I’m building a second site, and I’m going to learn how to use 2.0 with that site. It’s so different from 1.0, but it is a powerful system and I’m pretty excited about. Thanks for telling us about these resources.

    All the best,

  13. says

    Thanks for this (I’m hooked on your site!). I’m tempted by LeadPages but still dithering. It’s the price – I know it’s good but I’m not certain of a good return. I used OptimizePress in the past but found it a bit clunky.

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