How Does Your Blog Rank on the “Outstanding” Scale?

How Does Your Blog Rank on the “Outstanding” Scale?

outstanding blog postsI read a great post from Think Traffic a few days ago. Corbett wrote 11 tips for developing an outstanding content for your blog.

Everything he writes is worth your time and you can improve your blog a lot by implementing his tips.

This time I wanted to see how I did when it comes to tip #1 from the post – “Experiment with content types, formats, lengths and more.” Yes, time for some self analysis.

Corbett suggested

  • short posts
  • really long posts
  • easy-to-read list type posts
  • essay style posts
  • infographics
  • surveys
  • round-ups
  • ask-the-readers posts

Short posts

I am very bad at writing short posts :) I tend to speak a lot and that influences my writing as well. The only short post that had the whole message in it, is the one that includes a video to explain the whole process.

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Really Long Posts

Yes, I can do these any time :) I have a lot of long posts and most of them are tutorials. I tend to write very detailed tutorials to make sure you have all the info needed to actually implement what I am demonstrating.

When it comes to tutorials, they can be long, if they explain the whole procedure. I often get compliments on those long tutorials because people found them easy to follow.

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Easy to read list type posts

I have written a lot of these and I love writing list posts. Someone once wrote how they are annoyed with list posts because everyone is doing them to get traffic.

I don’t agree with that. When I write a list post, it helps me keep my thoughts in order and ramble less. When it comes to reading other people’s list posts, it helps me understand it.

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Essay style posts

These are not my specialty. When you say “essay” it reminds me of school and writing assignments. So in blogging, this type of posts reminds me more of writing blogs.

I believe the closest I got to essay style posts are my opinion posts where I just ramble about stuff I notice online.

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These work great and I made a funny one to try out how it would work on my blog. It was really a success and I think there are two reasons for it – it was very funny and it was about Twitter.

That post was RTed 484 times!!!! Anything related to Twitter will have great success on Twitter, generally. Like Facebook posts are more likely to receive a lot of likes.

Morning of a Twitter addict


Surveys are a great way to connect with your readers and hear their feedback on what you do. I often try to ask people about their opinion, sometimes it works, sometimes it doesn’t.

I used surveys in my newsletter, Facebook and as a post. A post can be a good place to ask something, especially if you are keeping questions specific and answers anonymous (a lot of times this will get you more answers).

What do you want to read about? 

Round ups

This one is an easy one :) I have a bi-weekly round up here, published every other Saturday, names Sweet Sunny Saturday. I believe it is a good feature of this blog, since I give my best to link only to the best posts.

That way you can be sure that you will always find a high quality post behind a link in one of the round ups. It is also a great way for me to highlight bloggers that do all the hard work.

Sweet Sunny Saturday 

Ask the readers

The readers of this blog helped me decide what I want to do with it. I started this blog as a personal blog about things I like (hence the domain name) but my readers voted on it to become what it is today.

I don’t have the link to that post since it was removed a long time ago, but I want to say you should always ask your readers for feedback (unless you are writing your blog for your cat and grandma to read it).

But let me ask you a question here and turn this into “Ask The Readers” post

I was thinking of answering your questions every other Saturday (the one when I don’t publish the round up). Is that something that would interest you? 

I would pick one question you can send either via Twitter, Facebook, Google+, email… I may try doing it in audio or video (depending on the topic). I would love for you to say that the question is for the “question and answer Saturday”.

At the moment, I am thinking of publishing the answer on Facebook or Google+ while creating a page with links to all the answers, including a link to the blog of the person asking the question.

What is your opinion on that? 

Well, although not all of these post types are working for me, I can say I am proud of trying them out all in the previous year of this blog. I don’t plan to focus on one type only, I like variety, and I can only hope that you like it too!

How did you do regarding this #1 tip from Corbett’s post?

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27 Comments on "How Does Your Blog Rank on the “Outstanding” Scale?"

3 years 6 months ago

At some point I have tried just about all of these types. I Do keep coming back to just a handful, though. OF course variety and “mixing it up” are a good idea, but it can also be good to brand yourself by a certain type of post.

Say if you tend to do short, quirky and funny posts, people will come to recognize that as your style. Or longer, more serious, and in-depth posts, people will come to look forward to those.

The thing is even if you have a “style” breaking your routine every now and again keeps it interesting for sure. I would say that having a “style” and a tendency for certain types of posts is not a bad thing. But people starting out need to experiment with all the types to see what resonates within themselves and their audience.

3 years 6 months ago

Hi Brankica,

I am the opposite. I write some very good, but really short posts. I have one on my blog that is only 200 words but it says everything I wanted to say.

My longest post is about 700 words. I tend to stay in the 300-500 range.

I do lists from time to time. Those are always fun. Maybe I should start doing round ups on occasion as well.

Good food for thought as always.

3 years 6 months ago

Hi Brankica this is something that I had not really thought about, my posts tend to be influenced by either what I am doing or what I have seen and then the post type will be dictated by the best way to present this information.

I will have to make a note in my post creation process map of the various post types as a reminder.

igor Griffiths

3 years 6 months ago

Honestly, I just don’t worry much length of posts anymore. My average is 1100 words, but because I typically only post twice a week, I don’t think it’s too burdensome. Plus, my style is teaching through story, and story takes longer to tell than a bunch of bullet points.

Corbett is spot-on though. He’s a smart cat and knows what he’s talking about, no doubt.

Thanks Bran!


3 years 6 months ago

Love the various kinds you put up Bankica, though for me too the longer ones work best. I have read and visited many blogs where people generally say that as readers have short attention spans- so your ideal posts should be 300-400 words, but I find that impossible for me! I prefer explaining things in as much detail as I can, so that the readers don’t have to hunt for more information about the written topic.

Thanks for sharing :)