How To Find Your Pinterest Board or User RSS Feed

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One of the most versatile website tools we have is available are RSS feeds!

You probably now where to find the RSS feed for most of your social sites… but did you know that your Pinterest account has RSS feeds too? 

It’s pretty easy to find and really useful for a number of social and SEO tasks. 

Here’s where to find them… 

View a USER RSS feed by going to the user’s Pinterest URL, and adding /feed.rss to the end of the link.

Like this example: (my username is ‘askkim’)

View a specific BOARD feed by going to the board URL, replace the final / with .rss

Like this example: (my board name is ‘noms’)

You can do all sorts of things with these feeds including bookmarking, pinging, exporting, syndicating and more.  

It’s really that simple!

Many ESPs (email service providers) such as Aweber also support turning feeds into newsletters so you might consider playing with that as an alternative too if you are an avid Pinterest user!

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As you can see these RSS feeds from your Pinterest account and Pinterest boards are really flexible so be sure to have fun!

~ Kim ~
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    • says

      My pleasure Chanikacha! Pinterest is a lot of fun. I suggest you try it out casually and get a feel for just enjoying it before looking at the business angle. That helps you understand what will and won’t attract others :)

  1. says

    Kim, this is great information which is making my life more easier. I did not even give this a second look. I love the unlimited usage one has with just this little knowledge.I always wondered how this all worked. I only knew once it is on my sites others get to keep up with my site activity. There are so many others usage and you have done an awesome job in pointing it out.Kim, you keep amazing me with this updated information. I love your site and the way you share usable stuff with all your readers and myself.Your really one of our greatest visionaries in this industry. I pray you keep up the good work your doing and keep that energy you have. I love being able to count on your knowledge base and then share it with my followers.Thanks Kim your the best!

  2. says

    It certainly seems that Pinterest is more than just a place for pinning pictures, I’ll have to check out the WP plugin.

    What I would like though is a way of automatically pinning my movie reviews from my blog on to my movie reviews board. Just a thought ;)

    • says

      Hey Karen, I think we’d all like an auto pinning plugin. Unfortunately Pinterest yet has no full-featured external API so that is probably a ways off. We also must consider that such a plugin will violate the TOS rules against self-promotion which we already have to tread very carefully around. It’s going to be interesting to see how this progresses!

  3. says

    Great tip Kim, as a very visual person Pinterest is a natural for me. I’ll definitely have to f/u on the RSS feel – though I’m not ready to start investing $$$ in plugins to promote it at this point.

    • says

      Hey Marquita, I totally understand. Everyone is using Pinterest at different levels yet (and that’s appropriate) so everyone needs different tools. I think it’s great that you are clear about what you need at this time. Pinterest is definitely natural for visuals which make up something like 60% of the population!

  4. says

    Hey Kim, Just joined Pinterest 10 days ago. I have been fooling around with it, finding my way around. The RSS feeds you have given above are awesome. As usual, thanks for the heads up on this one.
    Donna Merrill

  5. says

    Hey Kim, Once again you have your finger on the pulse of new fun things. I just started with Pinterest and was amaze at the respond. Thanks for the information on using this new tool more effectively.

  6. says

    Yorinda, that’s a great question. What’s important to remember is that pinterest is not hosted on WordPress. The /feed/ works for WordPress sites but not for non-wordpress sites which are all very different. Pinterest happens to require /feed.rss but other sites need slightly different formats to get their feeds. I hope that makes sense!

  7. says

    Wow!I’ve just tried that feed.rss thing and it really works! I wouldn’t picture myself that Pinterest Boards have rss feeds, too. Thanks for the useful information!

  8. says

    I don’t know… looks like I am going to gave to get with the program. I am hearing so much about Pinterest and how awesome it is, I will have to find the time to check it out. It sounds fun. I know so many people that love it.

  9. twitter_SteveBorgman says

    Kim, I got a bit confused when you talked about sharing pins to your own WordPress blog. Are you planning on doing this at some point in the future? Also, is it okay to use pins as pictures within a blog post, or would that pose a copyright difficulty for pins using photos that are not creative commons licensed?

  10. says

    Kim – this is so helpful! The feed is working fine for my RSS, but when I click a picture on my website (from the feed) it gives me a 404 website not found error? Any suggestions?

  11. says

    I am looking for a way to get the list of board names from a given username. I know pinterest already provides rss for all the pins from a given user and for all the pins from a given pinboard.

    All Pins from a given user:[user]/feed.rss

    All pins from a given user and board:[user]/[board-name]/rss

    Now I need a way to get the list of boards from a given user, not the pins. I know there is a way to do it because -> does it.

  12. says

    I don’t use Pinterest because of I don’t know about Pinterest & what to do but just before some day I created my account on Pinterest & than I didn’t do anything on Pinterest ! My Pinterest account is totally fresh & new so I hope its not matter to worry about Pinterest.

  13. says

    So good. Thank you, Kim!

    I had tried to use my Pinterest feed for TwitterFeed, but couldn’t make it work. It will now.

  14. says

    WOW, big thanks for you Kim, you solve my problem with too much speak, just simple words but very effective, god bless you.

  15. DrErica says

    Fantastic.  Thanks Kim.  Another great tip.  Makes it easy to share my content on a specific board – much better than just sharing my entire profile page with so many different types of boards.

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