Solutions For Recording Your Desktop & Creating Picture-In-Picture Videos

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With Video!

Here’s a question I received about how I shoot my training videos….

Question from William,

“Hey Kim, can you guide me to a location where I can see how to create a video which allows others to see what I am navigating on while my picture is at the corner. I believe you would say give a presentation on “How To Show” my navigation on a platform and also have my picture exposed in the lower right corner or just keep my voice talking while I navigate. Thanks”

My reply….

When we do a video that shows our active desktop it’s called a “ScreenCast” style video (different from a “Talking Head” type video).

There’s a number of ways to record your screen and audio such as Jing, SnagIt 11, etc. All at different price ranges.

Here’s an example of one of my picture-in-picture ScreenCast videos:

The only software that will ALSO record your webcam and put it in the bottom right corner the way my videos are done is Camtasia (ScreenFlow for Mac MIGHT but I can’t promise that).

I use Camtasia extensively for everything from my training videos to recording webinars. However, it’s not cheap but you can often find a used copy or slightly older copy (like version 6 rather than 7, don’t go all the way back to version 4 though, as somewhere in there that feature was not yet created) on eBay if you do not want a new license with support.

Camtasia is a critical, key piece of software in my business and I’m repeatedly glad I purchased it!

Hope that helps!

~ Kim ~
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  1. Frithjof says

    I just upgraded to Corel Video Studio Pro X6 allowing me to do record custom areas of my screens. Screencasts have never been so easy!

  2. says

    Thanks for sharing this. I have used Jing often and it is a tremendous asset when creating a powerpoint. But I haven’t yet used Camtasia. I know that’s my next piece of softward to get to know and use.


  3. says

    I always have liked the way you shoot your training videos with the webcam image in the bottom right corner. You’ve saved me having to do a lot of research! Camtasia sounds like the perfect solution for me.

  4. says

    Kim, I was just thinking about how I am going to find that information when your email contact arrived. Your amazing and timing is great!

    I reviewed all of those other systems and will finalize my decision later. I found one download that cost me nothing and it is working great. I do not have the ability to have my webcam populate at right bottom screen location, but that is alright for now. I just wanted to get some training material out to my group. Spend to much time daily training six people on navigational issues. I believe if I start to coach all our platform location navigation via video. It will help more people and keep my time free. That is maximizing my leverage as I coach daily about.

    Being transparent and doing things first before asking anyone to do the same is priceless. You have made all this possible to continue doing as I do.

    Kim, your really one of my favorite technical coaches in our global industry.Thanks for all the care and energy you put in answering all questions that would cost huge amount of time and money. Your a true blessing for all people who have the honor of being in your presents.

    Always a true friend,

  5. says

    I love using Camtasia! I use Camtasia 6 it is so easy to use and edit the recordings! I have yet to play with pix-in-pix though, keep saying I am going to but I look like crud when I am making a video usually! lol

    Such a great software to do training and showing people how to do something visually!

    I encourage you to give it a try!

    Dream, Believe, Become…”
    Tracey Keefer

  6. says

    Thanks for sharing this tool Kim.
    My intention is to do videos on triaing and start with jing and power point.
    I have heard about camtasia, I know it costs more and I have also heard you and others say that for those that use video triaing extensively it’s the best tool to buy.
    Thanks for sharing,)

  7. says

    Hi Kim, the tool I use for webcam on screen is Screencast-o-matic and at $12 per year it’s really affordable. You can also upload directly to YouTube or if you really want to have the full attention of your students, you can upload directly to Google Docs so they don’t need to see all the ads on YouTube.
    They are constantly updating the interface and one of the latest changes is the ability to hide the webcam during parts of the recording if you want, which can come in handy if you want to zoom in on a graphic during the lesson.
    Thanks for the post Kim.

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