Reduce YouTube Video Email Spam By Using The Easy Report Spam Tool

YouTubeLogo-150x150Super Fast Way To 
Reduce YouTube Video Spam 

The social network features within YouTube sometimes result in uninvited promotional video spam making it’s way to our email inbox… 

Fortunately, one little click makes fast work of putting a halt to that spammer!


Just open the email… quickly preview the contents… and, if warranted, click on the “Report Spam” link in the footer of the email!

Clicking this link results in a very clean little poup message from YouTube that reads: 

“Report Email Spam

Thank you for taking the time to report this email as spam. This will help us improve our systems and prevent spam emails in the future.”

Easy Peasey!

~ Kim ~
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2 Comments on "Reduce YouTube Video Email Spam By Using The Easy Report Spam Tool"

2 years 2 months ago

Great to know Kim! I must admit I have been ignoring my Youtube and need to get in there – So far so good, no spam but because I dealt with Facebook spam, I need to keep my eye out on Youtube also.

Arggghhh darn these spammers!


2 years 2 months ago

This is really handy Kim although I am lucky enough to have had one or maximum 2 spam videos sent to my inbox. thanks for this great tip, easy and useful.