Futzing With RSS Feeds (Is Your RSS Feed in Jeopardy?)

Futzing With RSS Feeds (Is Your RSS Feed in Jeopardy?)

Dealing With The Impact 
Of FeedBurner’s Problems 

A website’s RSS feed plays a vital role in the ability of many tools and services that we use to get our message shared.

While no longer the vital player it was 5-8 years ago, RSS feeds are still an important element for a site.

RSS is symbolized by the big orange logo to the right and stands for “Really Simple Syndication”, which basically just means a way for other tools to import, read and utilize your stuff. You can learn more about RSS here.

Traditionally, we needed to use an external service to create a (complex) RSS feed for our content (if we did not want to code it by hand).  

The most common RSS service today is Google’s Feedburner. However, our WordPress blogs now also produce their own built-in, pre-configured, RSS feed!  You will find that feed at – or –  http://yoururl.com/feed/rss/

Many of us have suspected that Feedburner may soon be on the chopping block of services that Google closes. The serious troubles that have afflicted Feedburner this week, including the upcoming deactivation of the API, are further signs that this service has issues.

If you use Feedburner, now is the time to consider a migration, rather than in six months when you might lose more subscribers than necessary.

There is an alternate service to Feedburner called Feedblitz which is a respectable company. However, unless you need the advanced tools that Feedblitz brings, my honest suggestion is to bring your data (feed) home.  (I like a lot of what Feedblitz offers.)

If you need Feedblitz tools that’s fine but if not, your WordPress built in feed actually works very well and is in your control (rather than some third party).  

It’s worth noting that at this time (to the best of my knowledge) Feedblitz can not add media tags (for podcasts) to your feed. However, a plugin such as Blubrry PowerPress (which I use) can let you host your podcast locally and have correctly structured media tags added to your feed. 

Many bloggers who have set up blogs in the last year have actually not configured FeedBurner (I didn’t teach it in my last big WP coaching course) and it’s potentially to their advantage now! You really want this data – and these subscribers – in your own hands if it’s feasible to do so. 

There are a couple plugins available, including a really high quality one,  that can further develop your feed should you wish something a little better styled.  Using a plugin like the mentioned one can really help to improve the shareability of your posts in your feed

Who are you using for your RSS Feed Provider?

~ Kim ~
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17 Comments on "Futzing With RSS Feeds (Is Your RSS Feed in Jeopardy?)"

2 years 7 months ago

Decisions decisions….
Thanks for this great update Kim! Before I read this I was planning to migrate my feed to feedblitz – when I read the first part of your post I thought: “great, I just have to remove the feedburner links” but THEN I clicked on the link to MaxBlogPress and am very impressed by the customization features. Decisions decisions :-)
Have you tried the service?

2 years 7 months ago

Hey Kim, well you already know my stance with this, I’m currently using Feedburner but I was strongly considering to migrate to FeedBlitz since that’s where many big bloggers went to as well.

I didn’t research any further because all the cool kids were already jumping specifically to that place so if you find something else… well I’m interested.

By now, I haven’t done anything as I Google is like a spoiled little kid, sometimes they will do something and the next day they will revert it back.

So I’m just holding for now and see what happens in the near future.


2 years 7 months ago

Hello Kim

Oooh la la great timing, I was just being asked about the issues with Feedburner the other day in Mari’s Inner Circle group. I’ll report back over there and share the link to this post with Emma and the rest of the community!
Thanks again enjoy the weekend :)

2 years 7 months ago

Thank you Sadie for pointing me to this post as this is exactly what I had heard on the grapevine and I will be looking at FeedBlitz and taking on board Kim’s great tips – love your blog!

2 years 7 months ago


very helpful article. The problem with using the WordPress feed is that when you click on that feed link in a Google Chrome browser, you get a screen full of text and NOT the feed. That’s the way it used to be anyways and that’s why I switched to feedburner. Definitely gonna check out the FeedBlitz but looks like it’s not free like feedburner.

Thanks for sharing this information.

~ Jupiter Jim

2 years 7 months ago

Jupiter Jim, I’m curious as to whether you are going to switch to Feedblitz, or whether you’ll weather the Google Chrome problems. I do wonder, though, whether WordPress will remedy this issue now that Feedburner is going on the fritz.