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    I’ve read some comments about the much better security offered by Google plus than Facebook. Now that almost all people are into Facebook including account hackers, we must all be aware on how we could actually protect our account to avoid any possible problem.

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    Hi Kim,

    Many thanks for sharing this advice, it is so important to protect our accounts. Be extra careful if you use gadgets, computers etc , that might not be your own to access your account . Take care Rosemary

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    Thank you for taking me through this. I think Facebook really ignores all the email about security and just does their own thing. I think the day it becomes a huge problem where it costs them a lot of money from fines and being sued that they might actually change their tune.

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    Great tutorial Kim. I think I missed this the first time around but thanks to your reminder in your subscriber emails, I saw it today. I’m sharing it where I can (including emailing it to a few friends and family). Thanks!

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    ESPECIALLY these days when the scammers and the spammers seem to be coming across all social media outlets TENFOLD, this is a GREAT tip…. :D

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    I think the major issue with Facebook’s security is the fact that even when you block something (pictures, videos, etc.) to potentially protect your image, it can still be viewed through the person who “tagged” you. I believe that Facebook should implement a system so that if you block a photo from your profile, anyone who is friends with you, AND the person who tagged you cannot view the picture.

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    Hi Kim, FB is good at catching those people who have been trying to get to my account, but I am going to be a lot happier now that this is set up Thanks for the great post.. Chery :)

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