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Facebook LogoDon’t Take Your Fans To Your Shopping Cart…
Take Your Shopping Cart To Your Fans!

One of the biggest problems with doing business on Facebook (or any social platform) is the natural resistance of members to want to click any link that could possibly take them out of the safety net that Facebook provides.

Rather than focus on taking people off-site for transactions, businesses are beginning to understand the power of bringing everything TO the consumer… and that includes the shopping!

While you do not want to get focused on sell, sell, sell…

Having  a shopping cart present can generate some easy sales because every visit to the page constantly reminds the visitor of whats available for purchase and what they may not own. It also makes it easy to reference products and provide a Facebook link to get the product.

A couple quality e-commerce applications exist for Facebook for businesses that need them without being ready to invest in having their own custom coded.

Some popular e-commerce Facebook applications include Storefront by Payvment, ShopTab, 8th Bridge, Shoutlet, Inc.,  and Voiyk Store Application.

All three are premium applications but I wanted to give you a little closer look at Payvment which is currently providing a free public beta. This makes your store free forever in exchange for your feedback and insights. Win-Win!

I highly suggest if this application strikes you as useful that you read the full details of what can (and can not) be done:

Payvment also recently launched a new feature for storefront owners on Facebook: the ability for retailers to provide instant discounts and coupons to users that become Fans or “Like” their Facebook page.

Steps To Set Up A Payvment Facebook Shopping Cart

We start by registering a free account with Payvment at their web site.

Then we authorize the Payvment Facebook Application.

Once it’s approved we wind up inside the Payvment application itself (which we can later return to from “Edit Page” -> Apps -> Payvment -> Go To App).

From there you will first add a category for your products and then begin adding products, specifying details as you go.

You also want to be certain that in “General” your PayPal address and other details are correct.

Once your cart is mostly assembled, there is a link: Attach your Storefront to a Facebook Page that is what you need to put the cart on a tab on your page.

Once you’ve finished that process, return to your Fan Page and locate the tab named “Shop Now”.

This tab will be prompting you to click an initialize button which you can go ahead and do if most of your settings are done and you’re ready for it to be visible to the world. (Or, in my case, if you’re shooting video recordings for the Facebook for Business course and don’t really have an option if you want to see it!)

This is what mine looks like with a single ebook in it:

From here, the visitor (even visitors that are not fans, as non-fans are able to engage with some Facebook applications including this one) can add their chosen products to the cart and then check out.

The checkout interface looks like this:

At this point… what happens next depends upon how far along you are in your business e-commerce development.

Your sales notifications are sent via email or use Payvment’s IPN (Instant Payvment Notification) – IPN enables your Facebook store to be tied into your current order fulfillment systems and/or CMS.

For the beginning micro-business/solopreneur, the reality is that this may mean replying to each sale by hand and emailing an ebook….

For a slightly more established micro-business/solopreneur or small business utilizing the IPN is definitely the way to go as it cuts down on the labor intensive step.

It’s worth noting that this is currently a platform for your OWN products – although you can enter an affiliate link in the description of the product you can not run checkout for products you do not own and deliver from within this.

I’m really fascinated by this application for its incredibly fast-start approach yet the fact that there is quite a bit of horsepower under the hood.

Again, be sure to check out the full details of what can (and can not) be done: as well as check out their links to some examples.

The Truste certification of this application is really a blessing as its one of the harder things to get in place if we custom coded something for ourselves.  While online shoppers are always necessarily cautious with online shopping carts, the Truste certification helps reassure them that there is no funny-business and they can safely proceed. This will not solve all concerns but it definitely helps!

Another neat feature of this application is that it’s not limited only to Facebook and, using different steps, can be attached to a website as well.

Have you considered offering an shopping cart on your page? If you thought it was out of your reach due to price it it may be time to rethink that as all three of these solutions are affordable.

What products might you potentially offer your visitors? How much of a discount on products do you feel is enough to be impactful in physical vs digital products? What are your thoughts regarding shopping on the Facebook platform?

Look forward to reading your thoughts in the comments below and thanks in advance for all of your shares, tweets and bookmarks!

Kimberly Castleberry
Your Partner in Online Success

PS: Be sure to keep up to date with news about the upcoming Facebook for Business course at: I’ll see you there!

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  1. Paula Fergusson says

    This is an excellent article, once again informative and easy to read & understand.
    Thanks so much for all you generous input

  2. says

    That’s pretty good Kimberly, what a great find. Naturally the problem still exists that you need to get targeted traffic to you new FaceBook store. That alone is a challenge but what’s life without a few hurdles here and there. ;)

  3. says

    Appreciate your article. Knowing what possibilities are “out there” there helps me mentally plan for down the road. I like the professional look of the shopping cart, and the fact that it’s within the safety net of FB.

  4. says

    Much like a trendy nightclub, Facebook is definitely becoming the “place to be” – and for the same reasons, because everyone else is there. Not your competitors, but your customers. Putting your products where your customers already are is a huge benefit.

    • KimJCastleberry says

      Hiren, what you have there is simply a “Note” (from the notes function built into Facebook), that was shared by that page (and thus indexed by google), that has been carefully structured to be styled. Someone put some work into that. You’ll notice that Notes is one of the default apps built into your Facebook page. Hope that helps!

      • says

        That’s pretty good… But, I am not able to create that kind of page in Facebook fan page. I have Google a lot to get it done. But, I am not able to find out any reference articles. If you have any help article for same so please share with me. It will help me lot!

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