The Do’s And Don’ts of Blog Commenting [Infographic]

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The Do’s And Don’ts of Blog Commenting [Infographic]

comments-blogging-1Getting Blog Commenting 
Right – Without Screwing Up!

Building your reputation, addressing items of concern in the post, engaging with new people, meeting an influential blogger, and building your own knowledge are just a few of the reasons you may comment on a blog. 

However, many people don’t realize that there is a RIGHT way and a WRONG way to go about doing blog commenting. 

Here’s some tips to help you improve your results!

 infographic by Intersection Consulting


In addition to those things, it’s important to remember that when operating as an agency and on behalf of a client, it’s possible to get into murky water really fast!

See this other infographic by Intersection Consulting


Commenting on blogs serves a large number of purposes including expanding reach, meeting new people and building backlinks.  Keep in mind, if you’re using it to build links, that not all links are created equal and blog links are not worth the same value as editorial links

Do you comment on blogs as part of your social endeavors?

~ Kim ~
Simple Tech Tips For Marketing

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  1. says

    Well said Kim. While these are all terrific points, sometimes I see people overlook the most basic things. For example setting up a personal avatar. It always surprises me to see a blogger that I know leave a comment without any visual branding. It’s free and takes just a couple of minutes at Gravatar.

  2. says

    Hey Kim,

    Nice points, Blog commenting certainly a nice way to build links for your website but you should ensure that you’re giving proper value to the blog while leaving your comments. Otherwise you won’t be able to publish your comments. And please make sure you only leave comment when you’ve something useful to add or else you’ll end with spammy comment.

  3. says

    This infographic reminds me of a conversation I had with my husband the other day – he thought it was great because he got this big comment from google! I said how could you get a proper comment from them. Anyway, I checked out the comment and you know what it was LOL! These days, some of the spammers are leaving much better comments than they used to – but it’s still obvious where it’s coming from.

  4. says

    Hey Kim,
    I do not know how you do it but hey, I am not complaining.. all what you write is so to the point and so useful for all that I need to read a couple of times to truly know what is going on since most of it is always new to me..

    I am not sure how I handle the commenting.. usually I read the article… pick up as much as I can and then make a comment in regard to what I get it.. Hope that is ok, because so far do not know how to do it any other way…

    I wish I could do infographic.. that would be more fun.. but that has to wait for along time hahah :-)

    By the way, perhaps being a member of B3 probably helped me a lot since I check all the “DO” and DON’T” list and I believe I am doing pretty good, not 100% yet, but close and that made me feel good and give me courage to continue doing what I do and improve as I go along..

    Thanks so much Kim, always helpful.

    Hope you had a great Christmas with out your lovely migraines to interfere :-)

  5. says

    I alway caught the spammers type but always get fool by the spammy self promoter. Do you have any other criteria for spammy self promoter other than ‘great post’?

  6. says

    Loved the infographic Kim . And so on point in so many ways. Actually I was one of those people that did not have an Avatar for a while. My bad.

    I’ve only started commenting the last few months, but I try to leave a good comment and try to provide some value when I do type.

    Commenting to me has been a great way to network, meet other bloggers and build relationships. It also brings readers and comments to my own blogs.

    To me it’s sad that even real human commenters can’t take the time to leave a decent post. I don’t approve them on my blog is they have not made the effort.

  7. says

    I’m glad to see you recommending blog commenting and that although you added G+ comments that you still have CommentLuv.

    I have seen traffic stats for many blogs declining and believe that 2014 is the year we need to get serious about building community again by reading, commenting in, and sharing other blogs.

    For me personally that means starting with CommentLuv blogs and I’m using Inkybee to make time spent commenting more effective. I’m adding all the CommentLuv blogs I come across into their database to ensure we all have more visibility (and those who are interested will receive paid opportunities).

    If anyone would like to see the CommentLuv list I’ve built they can ask me on Skype (username growmap) or by sending a regular tweet on Twitter to @GrowMap.

  8. says

    I like the section of the murky waters. So many of the people who comment on my blogs write really worthwhile comments that add value. But every once in awhile there is a comment that is a blatant self-promotion or just off-topic. I find the same with Facebook comments.

    Thanks for this really explicit infographic.


    Dr. Erica

  9. says

    Great infographic – especially found the comment “too shy to do personal branding” helpful – find myself falling into that trap from time to time – especially when commenting on the blogs of people I really admire –

  10. says

    Blog commenting is like building relationships face to face. Short responses are some part of the time, but if we never grow beyond that point, the person will begin to think we don’t care much about him or her. Our blog comments should offer value and friendship, just as our blog posts should. This is a great infographic for showing ways to do that.


  11. says

    Although my main objection is to build relationships through blog comments, it is often difficult to leave a meaningful comment, especially when one if part of a blog syndication group where the members have diverse businesses. What I love most about blog commenting is the interactions –all of us learning from each other.

  12. says

    What a great infographic Kim! I am a firm believer in the value when you do blog commenting right. In fact, you’ve made me a bigger believer than ever in the last year.

    It’s amazing what it can do to build relationships, expand your reach and get your content in front of a whole new group of people. It should be at the top of any bloggers to-do list for 2014!

  13. says

    My infographic is not too much different in info than this. I think a lot of people have got this down good, but its the few bad apples that make it not so fun.

    We’re bound to not agree with one another, and blog comments are not a lip service kind of deal… more of a “agree to disagree” and be civil about it.

  14. says

    Hie Kim,
    Wish You a very happy new year 2014, i think i’m the first one to wish you on your blog, feeling great, and the thing which i’m looking for, is in your post you just made my path much easier as compared to the earlier one, i was having few doubts which now seems sorted, thnx a ton Kim :) i like your content a lot and the topics specially which you choose to add your blog.
    Best Wishes, keep sharing such useful topics. :)

    ~ Piyush Dhiman

  15. says

    Great article and info-graphic. Some people don’t like info-graphics but I think they are a great way to educate and communicate your message quickly.

    I do believe that if your going to contribute to a post or article it does no real harm to leave a link so long as you make a positive contribution to the article.

    Even if it is seen as constructive criticism, it is still a contribution in an objective manner. I also get annoyed at spam on my own blog and I am sure some businesses employing the SEO companies to spam blogs would not be happy…if they only really knew what was going on?

  16. says

    Great infographic! It’s good to see somebody tackling blog commenting head on in this way.

    I read so many blogs who still allow the spammers on their site which amazes me in light of Googles wave of recent updates.

    Id like to think I fall in the category of Profile Builder Who Delivers Value.

  17. says

    Thanks for sharing this valuable infographics.

    The topic was so interesting and needed for every link builder because this was about the commenting.

    I find myself in the positive if I would consider and compare myself Do & Don’t things except couple of things.

    I’ll check your website for future and updated contents.


  18. says

    hmm, This was good and valuable post for people like me who comments a lot on blogs. I agree with all your points there is no point of disagreement.

    Thanks by the way

  19. says

    I Never used to comment on post because i never knew what to say……Here i\’m made to understand that just commenting makes no sense but contributing and typing something relevant makes it more better and worthy.

  20. says

    most bloggers stuck to immediately get many back links. so he soon gained great traffick to his blog. with so he does not leave a lot of comments and expect quality 1 or 2 in the komntar it can respond. I never did it but I finally stopped, I became tired of doing it alone. Bloggers are like that is like a boxer who beat hundreds of times but never could hit his opponent

  21. BeckyWillis says

    Hi Kim-

    Your post hit a lot of great points! When I comment I like it to be meaningful.  If I can’t put the effort forth to make it count, then there is really no reason to leave one. People that comment and it is nothing relevant are quickly trashed (on my site).  I will be sharing this because there are many bloggers that only comment to comment and not because their heart is in it. Thank you again, you are awesome!

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