The Google+ Project Launches!

The Google+ Project Launches!

Google Garners Some
Ooohs and Aaahs…

Social sites are a “dime a dozen” these days and so when repeated failure in the social arena, Google, announced plans to try AGAIN to take a chunk of Facebook’s market… most of us just laughed…

Yet, surprising to many of us, is that as more and more people get their hands on beta invites… there’s a resounding “THIS COULD ACTUALLY WORK” starting to get whispered by many people.

What’s most unique about this “launch” is that it is in many ways a “stealth-launch” with small components of the master plan being opened up bit by bit and no one but Google themselves really knowing what the full orchestration looks like just yet!

While some consider the battle already lost, many speculate that Google may finally be putting enough man power and focus into the situation to stand a chance…

And plenty of us wonder if Facebook’s decline in traffic and growth rates, particularly in countries that it originally grew strongest in, is a “canary in the coalmine” of it’s situation. (Facebook still has a net positive growth but it has dropped to barely over 2%)

While the applicable uses for Google “huddles” & “hangouts” are really fun and I think will have BIG impact (proving yet again that Video is a MUST!) , it is the new approach to social lists through Google “circles” that is again going to pull us back to authentic organic engagement.

I’ll share some more videos in another post – as you can imagine I will be talking about this a lot as more and more pieces are revealed – but for now I wanted to give you a teaser of what I’m seeing and cautiously excited about!

Does Google stand a chance of competing against the behemoth that is Facebook? Do you think enough people will be willing to give it a chance to enable it to have a opportunity to catch on? Do you feel your data is more at risk with Facebook or Google and why? Have you got a Google+ Project invite yet?

And be sure to add me to your “Social Experts” circle when you get your invite! 😉

Kimberly Castleberry
Your Partner In Online Success

P.S.: The guy in the CNET video is a little mistaken… while circle list names are private, the following is like on twitter (meaning its not reciprocal) however, unlike BOTH FB and Twitter, being “circled” caries no current social expectation of a reciprocal circle.  This lets you circle people of interest to you to view news from them without being afraid they will decline you or such.

P.S.S.: Need an invite? Invites are available from me to my mailing list subscribers. If you’d like one, jump in, confirm your email address and then send an email to the email address on that email (which is my priority subscriber email address) with your GMAIL email address and name and I’ll send them out!

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7 Comments on "The Google+ Project Launches!"

3 years 10 months ago

a good explained article about plus button of Google . the video is much more interesting and informative.

3 years 10 months ago

I just subscribed and am looking forward to your newsletter and reading about smart ways to live in this digital global village. I also sent you an email requesting one of your Google+ invites. I am the founder and moderator of #litchat, the leading literary discussion group that meets through Twitter on Mondays, Wednesdays and Fridays at 4 p.m. ET. @LitChat has more than 8,000 followers and in addition to the scheduled chat posts, it generates hundreds of #litchat hashtagged posts every day. As a journalist and author of fiction, I’m always interested in ways to access information, connect people and enrich my personal media experiences.

3 years 10 months ago

Hi Kim,
This will make Facebook a little pale!
Thanks for the info..much appreciate that

3 years 10 months ago

Hey Kim,
I think that Google some interesting features in comparison to FB. I had some younger girls on my FB account and all they talked about was their personal life. Most of the post were nosense and I had finally had to take them off. I really like the circle idea. This will keep more professional friends from having to read about somebodies love life.

3 years 10 months ago

Hi Kim,

I have to say, I’m quite excited about google+!

I have a lot of things already intergrated with google so it kind of makes sense that a social netwoork would be on its way.

One more social media site to manage, well, I’d rather give it a go than not get in there at all!

Thank you for keeping us posted!

Emm :-)