Troy’s Greasemonkey Script: Making Twitter Better!

February 7, 2010 · 21 comments

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Troy’s Greasemonkey Script: Making Twitter Better!

Notice: This script is out of date

If you’ve been using twitter for any length of time, you know that the basic twitter page is … well… rather basic.

With Troy’s Greasemonkey Script we can easily add a handful of very useful tools to this page that will increase our efficiency and all around ease in using the site. This tweak however only currently works for users of the Firefox browser (and very soon, the Chrome browser). It was created by Troy Thompson.

  1. Get Firefox
  2. Get the Greasemonkey Add-on for Firefox (Add To Firefox Button) & then restart Firefox.
  3. Get Troys Twitter Script (Install Button)
  4. Refresh the twitter page, or open a new twitter page.

Here’s an overview, in pictures, of all the super-awesome improvements this little tweak gets you. (One note, your page will load first, and THEN the greasemonkey/script effects will take place. You have to have a little patience while it re-draws the page adding all the cool features!)

Twitter Page Before Script:

Twitter Screenshot Before Troys Twitter Script

Now With Troy’s Script Enabled:

Feature 1: Here you can see that all linked media becomes visible, meaning no need to open in another browser window!

Troy's Twitter Script Media Enabled - PhotoTroy's Twitter Script Media Enabled - Video

Feature 2: Here you see auto-name completion! No more having to remember the exact spelling of long twitter names!

Troy's Twitter Script Auto Name Completion

Feature 3: Friend Icons! See who’s following you back!

Troy's Twitter Script Friend Icon and Link Expansion

Feature 4: Shortened Link Expansion. No more navigating to a stealthy short link that wasn’t going where it said it was!

Troy's Twitter Script Link ExpansionTroy's Twitter Script Link Expansion 2

Feature 5: At last! A comment button, a cure for Twitters new ReTweet function that does not enable you to edit the tweet. This is one of my absolute favorites as the new RT function really disables dialogues between tweeters. Even if you disable all the other cool features, this one is definitely a keeper!

Troy's Twitter Script Comment 1Troy's Twitter Script Comment 2

Feature 6: And possibly the most important addition, a settings toolbar, which you open by clicking the circled link in your upper right hand corner, to control what features of the script you wish to enable/disable. (And of course, as with all greasemonkey scrips, you can disable them with a simple 2 clicks of your mouse at any time, and refresh the page to see an un-changed page. Super Simple.)

Troy's Twitter Script Control Panel

This script is definitely a must-have for anyone that hasn’t migrated full-time to a full-featured twitter client such as hootsuite or tweetdeck. Even those users however, will find it useful for all the times we end up on someones profile outside of our client-of-choice. Love, love, love this little script! Let me know how this works for you and if you’ve found any other cool Twitter hacks for the native twitter page!


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