TweetMeme and Topsy Make Room For Official Tweet Button

August 12, 2010 · 7 comments

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Will The New Official Tweet Button By Twitter Displace Our Favorites?


Follow Kimberly Castleberry on TwitterMany bloggers today are keenly familiar with the fairly infamous Tweetmeme button. It is the little green twitter share button that makes sharing our content to twitter pretty straight forward. Tweetmeme originally had some strong competition from Retweet who has now fallen by the wayside.


Tweetmeme connects to a visitors twitter account via OAuth and allows them to get a small javascript popup tweet box over the site rather than being opened in a complete new tab/window. The OAuth connection can be a deterent to new twitter users but for the most part twitter members are growing comfortable with it’s security.

If like me you wondered how come TechCrunch gets a personally branded popup box, its because Tweetmeme also sells pro services that allow branding, starting at $1,000/yr. Tweetmeme makes it easy to embed the tweetmeme button in your site, emails, rss feeds.


Recently, Topsy’s share button has been getting a lot of favorable press as they provide a new way to keep track of long term popularity on twitter. Instead of flushing out data after a short time, topsy keeps its data long term and by balancing the sheer numbers (which can be gamed) with number of tweets from key influences, it brings to the table a viable way to view current popular links. This does for links what “trending topics” does for ideas on twitter and is a powerful way to find out what’s hot in the twittersphere!

While available in many forms, probably the most common is Topsy’s blue theme, compact layout. As is the case with this example you can also see a modifier when a post gains popularity. Below you can also see some examples of their other theming abilities that give you lots of design flexibility. For example, want to see the top 100 links at the moment? How about the top 100 tweets at the moment? Because of the quality job they do at filtering out spam and focusing on influencers it does a nice job of providing a real idea of whats trending as far as news goes.

Functionally, the Topsy button does not require the visitor to do pass-through authentication and does not instill a sense of fear that their credentials may be stolen. Instead, clicking the button auto-opens a new tab/window with the visitors twitter account (which they may need to log into) and then fills in the tweet contents into the status message box, allowing them to quickly edit it and hit send. Many site owners shy away from this button because it DOES take visitors away from their page.

Where Tweetmeme limits the number of times a tweet may be sent by a unique visitor (complaining if you try to send it more than once), the Topsy button keeps no such count and allows for easy re-sharing.

Topsy support was recently integrated into the Digg Digg plugin which makes my Top 10 Must Have WordPress Plugins list!

Welcome Twitters Official Tweet Button To The Party!


Yesterday, revealed a confidential document it had stumbled upon that indicated that Twitter is about to join the party with their own official tweet button.

We’re still diving into the details, but from what we can tell, the Tweet Button is designed to be the most comprehensive counter of retweets and shares across Twitter’s network,”  Ben Parr, co-editor of, told yesterday.

(Images courtesy of

Functionally, its similar to both Tweetmeme and Topsy in that it opens a small popup window but does not using OAuth and actually loading the visitor’s twitter account directly in the small window. While not nearly as visually “clean” as Tweetmeme this is probably the best blend of both solutions. Reading through the leaked code, I was unable to find any indication that the button could be easilystyled in anything other than Twitter’s default baby blues.

Until the buttons are officially live they only work for a select number of beta testers, but they are expected to go live today (Thursday) and we shall soon be seeing them all over the web!

As soon as they are live we will probably begin seeing an influx of wordpress plugins to allow for easy integration and it is very likely that within a few weeks Digg Digg will be updated to make adding this new button easy.


I was initially pretty annoyed at this arrival as Twitter has a bad habit of abusing its developers by intentionally competing. Their tendency to abuse their developer base has soured many people on developing for them.

However, the longer I looked into these the more I am inspired that the blend of accuracy, tracking, name recognition and tweet method is likely to win the hearts of the community at large. Whether they will own the space as tweetmeme currently does, remains to be seen but is likely.

It’s also worth noting that this also begins the first major push for twitter’s new shortener which it plans to wrap all of the URLs in. There’s a lot of talk about this action as it will affect all of, not just their buttons. More information on can be found here.

So what do you think? Tweetmeme? Topsy? Tweet Button? What’s your flavor?

Excited about the new button? Love it? Hate it? Let me know your thoughts below and check out my buttons above for sharing the post if you found it useful!


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I reckon I'll stick with Topsy for now. Can't see the sense in changing unless I was going to get something out of it.


I'm using tweetmeme before though I've replace it with retweet because I was annoyed by the pop-ups of tweetmeme or it's just me I'm sorry. Though thanks for the updates regarding this plugins for our blogs. Good Day.




Hey Kim

This is the first I've heard of the new Twitter Button. Now I have to admit that I am not all that good at reading code so I don't really understand the "blend" all that much. But I don't know if I would change from the Tweetmeme that I currently have. I mean, unless the twitter version is that much better, I really don't think I'd change it out.

But hey, you never know...


Wayne Howard
Wayne Howard

I dropped Tweetmeme and am now using the official Twitter Button. I really like that function where after the person tweets the message it gives them an option to follow the user. Great way to get more followers.


I'll have to keep a wait and see attitude about this one. However, I do like the functionality of the Topsy button. Great article and insight on the functions of the two powers of RT buttons.


Hey Kim

This is an awesome post. I actually have only really heard of Topsy the last few weeks as I had been an avid user of Tweetmeme, but since looking more into it, aside from having to leave the site, I really do like it. Found their "search engine" site really useful to and quite comprehensive.

I have to say, I know twitter can be known as being a bit bi-polar in their decisions and actions, but I am looking forward to seeing what this Twitter button is going to do for us. I think if it can deliver it will definitely take over from these two. Would be great if it had something similar to topsy SE integrated into it.

Great post, thanks for sharing