Twitter: How to Unfollow All Followers At Once

Twitter: How to Unfollow All Followers At Once

UnfollowAll: Because Sometimes You Just Want To Start Over!

 Note: Twitter recently broke the method detailed in this post. You can find another option in this other post: “How To Unfollow Everyone On Twitter“. (Thank twitter for the unfollow headaches.)

twitter birdIn a prior post I talked about how to change your twitter name/ID without losing followers.

In that post I suggested you be sure to re-register your old name so that it remained within your control and could not be used to make you look at while the link may still be in circulation.

What I didn’t do was tell you what to do with the silly thing!

I left my own sitting still attached to my onlywire (so it would not be seen as inactive by twitter and taken away) and still doing automatic follow-backs of anyone that followed me (socialoomph free tool).

Because I forgot to remove the follow-back, it meant that some folks found me normally, and some of my old lists still RTd that account, but that for the most part it became a spam-trap.

If this had been just an intermediate account, such as my @Ask_KimC was, I would simply delete it at this point, as I’ve had time to get most of the links that were out and pointed to it changed (a good reason to use a subdomain redirect!)… but this was my profile name on quite a few sites!

So it was time to clean it up and lock it down. This involved deleting all the DMs on the account, unfollowing everyone, and then putting TrueTwit in place to “babysit” it for me.

Regardless of the reason, sometimes you just want to know how to unfollow all people on Twitter!

To make quick work of unfollowing everyone (about 600 people) I grabbed a free utility called “UnfollowAll” that worked like a charm.

Seriously simple – log in to twitter through its interface – and it will unfollow everyone. Be warned there is NOT reversing this and there are no intermediate confirmation steps. (If you have more than 800 followers you may need to do this more than once.)

It rather quickly confirmed it was done and over the next 30 or so minutes I watched the “following” number slowly fall. That’s it. Super simple.

This is another one of those tools that – you don’t need it till you NEED it! Hopefully now you know where to look… when you need to unfollow all followers on twitter at once… and that I have had success with this one

Share it and give me a shout out and let me know what you think!

PS: Because this does not connect with OAuth there is a very very good chance it will cease working in the near future unless it receives and update.

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28 Comments on "Twitter: How to Unfollow All Followers At Once"

4 years 10 months ago

Hey Kimberly

When I first saw the title of your post I was thinking that would be a desperate thing to do, unfollow everyone :)

Now I know why.

2 years 21 days ago

First of all Thanks Kimfor awesome article two day before i clean up my Twitter account and now i am going to add people belong to my niche. @Peter sir you are right same thing i was thinking :) :)

4 years 10 months ago

Another bookmark for me!!! Thanks so much for keeping us posted on the latest and greatest.
You make things so simple for me to learn. This is great to know with all the crazy changes going on in the cyber world.
I loved this post because it CAN get crazy out there. I don’t need it yet but I have a feeling I will soon.
Thanks Kimberly

4 years 10 months ago

I don’t know where I’d ever learn these things if you weren’t out here doing the great work you do, Kimberly.

You are truly a treasure of resourcefulness… and an incredible techno-diva! Your blog is one the most essential ones I’ve come across. Will be back…

4 years 10 months ago

The only time I’ve had to unfollow all my twitter friends was when my facebook account was hacked and I started getting spammy direct messages.

Refollowing authentic friends wasn’t difficult as I had a backup of them all 😉

4 years 9 months ago

I actually had a few errors the first couple of times I ran this Kim. After a third try though, it said it got rid of a little under a thousand people. Hopefully I can start from scratch again and follow some valuable people this time around…no auto follows