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    Thanks Kim for the tutorial.I hear reports of lots of Twitter accounts being compromised every day.This 2 step verification method saves the day.

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    Nice tutorial Kim. When it comes to security I think a lot decide on convenience rather than security as most do not want to spend the extra dew seconds to log into their accounts. That could be a terrible mistake in my opinion.

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    It is easily possible to create different Twitter accounts and mobile application allows you to zap through different accounts, why not assign a number to multiple accounts?What happens if you lost your phone?

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      Hey Greg, great questions. In the case of lost phones, Twitter support says to contact them and they can usually help you regain access. (That’s actually better than most companies that offer 2-step verification). However, regarding multiple accounts, that’s simply a limit on their system. They have it set up so the same number can not be on multiple accounts. It’s not really a choice you or I are making but some limitation in the way they have this set up.

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    I’ve been using the https but not the login verification. It makes sense to go through this considering the headaches you’ll deal if your account gets hacked. I will go ahead and put this in place, I just hope I don’t get locked out :-) Thanks, Kim!

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    Thanks for posting this nice tutorial, I’ve just finished with your steps on my account. I haven’t thought that twitter accounts may be hacked as well, but I bet a lot of people would be afraid about that. (including me) my wordpress blog has been already hacked, I don’t want that happen again. thy for sharing the helpful information;)

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    This is certainly something that I need to do with my Twitter account, it’s the “accidentally locking out”, that terrifies me, but after having my account cloned several times, I really should set this up today.

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