How To UnFriend Someone On Facebook

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Adiós, Ciao, & Get Lost…
Losing The Facebook Losers!

How To UnFriend Someone On Facebook

There’s plenty of reasons to want to ditch a connection on Facebook!

Unfriend is “The act of removing a friend from your facebook account.”

Fortunately it’s really easy to kick the sucker to the curb….

(and there are 2 places you can unfriend someone from)

1) How To Unfriend Someone In Your NewsFeed (Home Page)

Hover over their name to open up the connection popup box. Then on that popup, hover your mouse over the “Friends” button to see a drop down which includes an “unfriend” option at the bottom.

Unfriend someone in your facebook newsfeed

 2) You can also use the search to locate the individual’s profile and unfriend them from their profile.

Once you have reached someone’s profile… look for the little “gear” icon under their right hand corner of their timeline image.  Click on the gear icon and select either Unfriend or Block/Report (they open the same popup box). Now select the Unfriend option and click confirm!

Image of how/where to unfriend, block or report a facebook profile

click to see full image

It’s as simple as that!

With just a few clicks you can easily unfriend someone on Facebook (and have much less spam in your Facebook newsfeed)!

Amp Radio gives 10 Tips to Avoid Getting Unfriended … and I would add not to clutter your friends streams with too much business stuff as they will likely see you as spamming. (Reminder that commercial posts and links on your profile violate the TOS and need to be done carefully.)

While I can’t always tell you when unfriend’ing someone is the right move… at least now you know HOW to unfriend someone!

~ Kim ~
Simple Tech Tips For Marketing

PS: Sometimes unfriending just isn’t enough to stop misbehavior. Here’s some additional information on how to block someone from seeing you at all!

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  1. says


    Fortunately I have not felt a need to unfriend many Facebook friends but I did eliminate one person. I find it easy to put the person’s name in search and then unfriend them rather than searching through my friends to find that person.

    You always provide such useful suggestions and information on how to do things.



  2. says

    Very well explained, though I don’t have to follow this process as I don’t add any unknown person on my Facebook account. After all there are so many instances of misusing your details and hacked FB accounts.

  3. says

    Hi Kim,

    well, sometimes we don’t have a choice, do we ? I occasionally unfriend someone, very rarely block someone and hardly ever report someone. I don’t want to be a policeman for Facebook ;-)

    Thanks for sharing how to do that as some people might not know this.

    Take care


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