How To Unlink Your YouTube Channel Name From Your Google Plus Profile

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Disconnect Google From 
Your YouTube Channel ID

Google (YouTube) recently announced the ability to merge your G+ Profile ID onto your YouTube Channel name… 

While this makes sense for many people… for others (namely brands and businesses and anonymous hobby channels) it posed some serious issues.

Fortunately, the ability to uncouple the two sites, at least as far as channel names is concerned, is relatively straight forward… once you know where to look!

You might initially try looking in Settings… which would seem to be the logical place, but you will not find what you need there.

Instead, you need to visit  

Here, to the right of the overview tab, above your email address, you will see an option to “Revert to username“. 

 Once you click the revert link, you’ll be taken to another screen that explains what you are doing and asks you to check a box to confirm the channel name change. 

Check that box and click “Rename the Channel”. 

 Now, your channel’s name has been reset to it’s Default value. 

If, however, you were using a custom channel name, you will need to visit your channel, click on “Channel Editor” and in the information tab re-name the channel. 

Click the “Done Editing” button and you have successfully restored your YouTube channel to the name it had before Google prompted you to merge it with your real name. 

Have you merged your YT channel ID with your Google+ Profile ID? Why or Why Not? 

~ Kim ~ 
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  1. says

    Very useful information. I had the same issue where I wanted a ‘business’ channel but Youtube was forcing me to use my ‘personal’ google account.

  2. says

    Hi Kim, I have a Google+ account that is tied to everything I have (google apps, analytics, etc.). However, I have a Youtube Channel under a different email and I want to change it so it’s all under one gmail. Is that doable? Thanks!

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