SEO 101: 7 Reasons Why Your Keywords Matter

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magnifying glassWhy Worry About Keywords?

An online business that ignores keywords and search phrases will surely struggle.


Because the internet is based on information. That information is sorted and organized based on the topic or keywords that best describe the information. That’s how the search engines work.

When you embrace keywords and search phrases, you’re better able to position your website competitively.

Here’s 7 Reasons Why Your Keywords Matter

number-one-symbol-icon-bullet-1Search phrases help you achieve good page rankings. When your website shows up on the first page or two of search results, you will get more website visitors. Each website visitor is a potential customer. That means search phrases are directly related to your profits.


number-two-symbol-icon-bullet-2They help you target specific customers. Appealing to a broad audience can be difficult. There’s a lot of competition. However, when you narrow your focus and target specific keywords and search phrases (known as “long tail keywords”), you can focus on appealing to a smaller audience. You can be the big fish in a little pond. That often results in more financial success than competing for the other high demand high supply keywords.


number-three-symbol-icon-bullet-3Keywords and search phrases help you learn about your audience and prospects. Keyword research helps you learn what your audience is looking for. Entering your keywords or keyword phrase into a keyword research tool will generate other relevant keyword phrases. You can use the supply and demand data to learn what your prospects are searching for.


number-four-symbol-icon-bullet-4Keywords and search phrases help you organize content in an effective and meaningful way. They help you organize your website navigation by tier one, two and three pages. You can use them to create a streamlined navigation system. This improves both SEO and the overall reader experience.


number-five-symbol-icon-bullet-5They help you create content and provide value. Keywords can give you content topics and topic ideas. Simple keyword research will generate potentially hundreds of content ideas. Simply searching through a keyword research tool can reveal a lot of topics you can blog about to both build your SEO while also providing quality content to your community.


number-six-symbol-icon-bullet-6Keywords help you profit through PPC ads. You can target specific keyword phrases and profit from placing PPC ads on your website. They can also help you attract traffic and other advertising or affiliate profits.


number-seven-symbol-icon-bullet-7Keywords help you market and advertise. Finally, keywords and search phrases help you create targeted advertisements. They help you market to your audience. When a PPC ad, for example, contains the keywords it’s targeting, it’s been shown to be more effective than an ad that doesn’t contain keywords.

Finding keyword search phrases is a matter of research. Utilize keyword research tools. Install and review analytics. Pay attention to trends. Participate on social networking sites and other blogs and websites. The more you integrate keywords into your overall blogging strategy, the more success you’ll achieve. If your new to learning SEO for WordPress, I suggest you check out my WP SEO 101 course as well.

 As you can see, paying attention to keywords can give you a huge boost to leverage by letting your content do double duty… being great for your community of readers while making the search engines love you!

~ Kim ~
Simple Tech Tips For Marketing


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  1. Kathryn Booth says

    Excellent overview of the practical side of this. Because people are moving to mobile devices and getting more and more choosy about what they will take time to read or watch (keywords go on videos, podcasts too), search engines are only going to be more drilled into whether you’re info is relevant and adds value.
    Do you think that just having the keywords in the content is enough or do meta tags need to be customized for each page?

    • says

      Hey Kathryn, Google wants Meta Title and Meta Description to be filled out. They completely ignore the old meta keywords field though because that was spammed. However, in WordPress, tags are essentially what gets looked at to replace meta keywords. So, you want 5-10 tags that are keyword appropriate without being too overlapping (so they don’t harm readability of the blog) to substitute there. Then Google also looks at category when available so each post needs to be in one (max 2) categories and the categories need to be sub-sections of the sites main niche and not too diverse and no more than 10 on the blog total. Hope that makes sense.

      • Kathryn Booth says

        Really helpful – I switched a lot of sites to WordPress and use the tags and categories, but not having that meta tag made me a little nervous

        • says

          Just based on your wording I’m going to double check something… you want to be sure you do have a meta title and meta description field. This means your either using a theme with build in SEO elements or your running “WordPress SEO by Yoast” wp plugin etc. You NEED those two fields. If you don’t have them the main post title box is not truly the same as the SEO (meta) title box.

  2. says

    Couldn’t agree more, Kim.. without keywords we are like boats without a rudder. I find that it’s helpful to go back periodically and see what people are searching for in my niche. It helps me to pick up more long tailed keywords to shoot for.

    It’s definitely an ongoing process!

  3. says

    Great article Kim! These are all excellent reasons why we should spend more time doing good keywords research. The time we take to do this step will pay off as our blog gets higher on the search engines…I have to be honest and say that I don’t always apply the keyword rules but i definitely got a good reminder to get it done. Thanks Kim, ~ Nathalie

  4. says

    I am a new student of SEO concepts. Being mindful of that, our blogs can be more efficient. Although I’m still in the process of awareness, this article really helps so much. Of course, I bookmarked it with other Kimberly stuff. You have the most useful information on the planet.
    Thank You Kim!

  5. says

    Hi Kim, I know this is going to sound odd, but your statement that keywords are important because the internet is based on information suddenly lit up a light bulb for me! It’s a kind of “duh” moment : ) Your list of reasons for using keywords seems pretty comprehensive — and valuable. Thanks for inspiring me to stay with the keyword-search!

  6. says

    As always, very topical information! I agree with your every word. I always say that we should pay much attention on keywords, because they are very important

  7. says

    Hey Kim,

    Very nice layout of reasons for doing a proper keyword research.
    Yes, indeed Market Samurai is an awesome tool, especially the paid version.

  8. says

    For years I blogged without paying much attention to keywords. Getting a new SEO plugin by Yoast has helped me pay more attention to keywords since it asks for one for each post, either a word or a phrase.

    I’ve also learned that keyword phrases that get my pages on page two of search page results would be over 140% more effective if I landed on page one.

    Paying attention to keywords is so important and my blogs have suffered for years since I didn’t pay attention to them. I wrote those years to write, but it would have been nicer if someone would have seen my posts.

  9. Barry says

    Keywords play an important role in any website promotion. You can reach targeted audience in less time and you can study the statistics related to your keywords so that you will be able to implement a better strategy to get optimum results.

    • says

      Barry I second your opinion..One of the biggest advantage after using Keyword properly I have seen is, I started receiving more target traffic instead of random long tail traffic which resulted in more bounce rate…But now avg time on site is improving and also the bounce rate,….

  10. says

    Keywords are crucial for success of any kind of web promotion. By using keywords, you can target a segment of customers. By using keywords, you can measure success rate. By using keywords, you can generate revenue through various promotions.

    Thank you for posting useful article.

  11. Joe Shaw says

    Kim – You’re so right. I remember the days when I used to just write articles and hope I got traffic!


  12. says

    Your post is spot on. Keywords may seem very simple and basic but are important to any site , especially to eCommerce sites. If you’ve ever worked on a site that sells something, its a real art to find keywords that will not only find you targeted traffic but ones that will buy the product too. Its a good feeling when you identify a keyword that works like this.

  13. says

    One of the most common mistake in Blogging which I have done in my past is I never cared about Keyword research and Keyword targeting..I feel I was driving an uncontrolled car and now these days after learning a bit about it..I feel it’s something everyone should learn…

  14. says

    Nice article, and some decent link bait which should generate a few responses from those who are following #SEO on twitter (such as myself).

    My only feedback here is that the average entrepreneur should care nothing for their keywords outside of ensuring whomever is handling their internet marketing is competent. If the information contained within this post was new to anyone who calls themselves an internet marketer… it’s time to go back to square one!

    Do the things you do well; delegate/outsource everything else.

  15. says

    This is true. Choosing keywords is important when it comes to SEO. People must be careful in picking the right keywords and ensure that they don’t overload the post with keywords.

  16. Amak Kasyap says

    Well researched and practically nice article Kim! I agree with you on this keyword article. Taking into account of the importance of keyword after reading this article, it makes an SEO friendly article helping the website which contains the article build its rank. Being new to content creation, I will now keep these points in mind. Thanks Kim for this valuable information.

  17. says

    proper keyword research is a must if you want to target your audience and to boost your rankings. But there is a common mistake people do: keywords overuse. Search engines dont really like this

  18. says

    Just about the most common mistake in blogging is by no means care about Keyword study and Keyword targeting. Being not used to content creation, I will now keep these points at heart. Thanks Kim for this specific information.


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