WordPress 3.1 Release Candidate Installed

WordPress 3.1 Release Candidate Installed

wordpress logoWordPress 3.1 Release Candidate Installed

I beta test so you don’t have to!

… But you still gotta help!

Please report any anomalies, malfunctions, dysfunctions or hiccups you see throughout the site in the next few days before WP 3.1 is officially released.

The feature list below for the most part makes me shrug… EXCEPT the Internal Linking… that may turn out to be a HUGE improvement for those of us focusing on interlinking for SEO and reader retention.


Some of the new version 3.1  features to check out include:

  • Post Formats (#14746)
  • Theme Search (#14936)
  • Internal Linking (#11420)
  • Admin Bar (#14772)
  • Ajaxified Admin (#14579)
  • Updated Tiny MCE (#12574)
  • Multi-taxonomy Queries (#12891)
  • Custom Post Type Index Pages (#13818)
  • Admin CSS Cleanup (#14770)
  • User Admin (#14696)
  • Network Admin (#14435)
  • Password Reset Redux (#5919)


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WordPress 3.1 Release Candidate

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1 Comment on "WordPress 3.1 Release Candidate Installed"

4 years 4 months ago

Yes the interlinking one looks VERY sweet indeed. Last yr or so I have been relying on doing it myself or using SEOSmartlinks plugin,

This looks to be VERY welcome addition to the platform.