Easily Track Your WordPress Feed Stats with the Feed Statistics Plugin

How Many Subscribers
Are Readers Of Your
WordPress RSS Feed?

We’ve talked a lot about the many benefits of hosting your own WordPress Feed rather than using a third party service. 

Feedburner, which appears to be going away, had two distinct advantages over our native feed…

(1) we could make the feed display right in Chrome (here’s how to do that in WordPress) and …

(2) it offered (albiet often very incorrect) statistics for the Feed.  

We’ve already covered the Chrome issue so lets take a look at one alternative to get statistics for your native WordPress based feed.

WordPress Plugin: Feed Statistics

 Available free in the WordPress repository, the “Feed Statistics” plugin for WordPress gives you stats based on your native WP feed. 

The only thing you really have to know about it is that, like all statistic options, it’s data is inaccurate for the first couple days.  In fact, this is the type of plugin that probably should run a good 30 days before you really dig into the data it provides. 

Fast, cheap, and easy… the plugin has very few settings and adds it’s settings and data tabs to the lower left sidebar. 

Displays a list of the feeds most often requested by your subscribers. Note: a subscriber that follows multiple feeds will only be counted once in the total subscriber count, but all of the feeds that they subscribe to will appear on this page.

Displays which feed readers your subscribers are using.

If you have post view tracking turned on (it’s enabled by default), this page will show the posts in your RSS feed that are most popular.

If you have clickthrough tracking turned on (it’s disabled by default), this page will show the links in your posts that your feed subscribers are clicking on.

If you’re looking for a way to have RSS metrics for your self-hosted WordPress feed, then Feed Statistics comes in really handy.

Do you track you RSS subscriber numbers? Do you self host your feed or use a third party? 

~ Kim ~
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PS: I would say that the market is really ripe for someone to bring all of these RSS tools together in one comprehensive plugin. An all in one solution that provides improved feed branding, improved display in Chrome, and statistics all in one really would be lovely. 

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24 Comments on "Easily Track Your WordPress Feed Stats with the Feed Statistics Plugin"

2 years 6 months ago

Hey Kim,

This is the first time I have heard that feedburner is going away. I use it on all my blogs/sites. Have been for about 4 years. I will have to look further into this plugin so I can see where people are coming from. Thanks for the heads up :)


2 years 6 months ago

This statistics plugin can give every blogger an opportunity to know everything that happens on the blog. And more over it’s very easy and fast in usage

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2 years 6 months ago

I love where you can see your most popular posts! I always find that helpful to have on the side of my page for my readers to be able to see. I found that I get more views when having that there.

2 years 6 months ago

Hey Kim,

Well this is a handy little tool. I like it because not only can I track my top read feeders, but most importantly, which blogs that I’m writing are popular. This way I can pay more attention to what people want to know about and write more on that subject line.
As usual, Awesome information about feed stats.

2 years 6 months ago

@Garen, google is not rolling out feedburner they are only stopping adsense for feed, that is adsense will stop showing in your feed but they are alot of feed ad around that you can use with your feedburner. thank you