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wordpress logoWordPress Plugin Review: Digg Digg

If you’ve had a chance to check out my Top 10 Must Have WordPress Plugins post, you probably already know that I’m in love with the Digg Digg plugin.

If not, I’d like to take this opportunity to introduce you to a plugin that has become a must have on my blog!

Social media integration is a must these days and few things are more annoying than trying to get countless little share button plugins to all behave at the same time. It seems no matter what you do with the suckers at least one of them always has to have a mind of its own.

Fortunately for us, there’s Digg Digg, a WordPress plugin which integrates nineteen and counting possible social media share buttons. It makes them all easy to lay out, lots of flexibility and the best part is they tend to actually go where you tell them to! (Novel idea right?) While adding the functions to the thesis theme is much more light-weight and hosting resource friendly, but not everyone wants to poke in the code.

I’ve only ran into a handful of free themes that this plugin did not play nice with – and one highly customized theme. Beyond that, its stable, functional, easy to set up, and plays nice with other plugins. I love all of the choices it gives you too!

Here’s a tutorial on what you can do with Digg Digg and how to get it set up on your WordPress site!

The video is rendered in high-definition (720p) so if you want you can open it in 720p and then in full screen to make it easier to read.

There ya have it!

Are you using social media share buttons? Which ones do you feel are essential? With all the possible social sites how do you decide which ones to show and which ones not to? Are you using Digg Digg already or are you using another plugin (or three!) to get your share buttons? Which ones are your favorites?

If you enjoyed this post I hope you’ll test my Digg Digg buttons out really good (above) and share it with your friends and followers! LOL! I look forward to reading and replying to your comments below!


PS: How To Make Digg Digg Plugin Use The Full Line

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  1. says

    Hey Kimberley

    I am in LOVE with Digg Digg! It took a little fiddling with the code to get the margins etc set right for my theme, because I use the vertical left margin Ajax Floating version, but oh so worth it in the end! And since I know code it didn’t take much. Great vid tute to.

  2. says

    Hey Kim,

    When I used Digg Digg in the past, they had Tweetmeme integrated, is that not the case anymore? Also, is it possible to add another button to Digg Digg if you have the code?

    I need to add the first button here: http://www.tipd.com/bloggers but I’m not sure how to do this – especially using Thesis. It would be great if I could just add the code to Digg Digg somehow.

      • says

        If you knew the code AND understood coding enough to write all the integration pieces yes. Just a simple of copy-paste code, no.

        However there is nothing to stop me from running another different share plugin along side it.

        Now my question is, with nineteen options what button could you possibly be missing Khaleef??

        • says

          Yeah, I definitely was looking for a copy-paste solution.

          Right now I have Tweetmeme and Blog Engage at the top – which I will probably go back to Digg Digg for. Then I have Sexy Bookmarks at the bottom (along with Onlywire, but that is only there because of the auto-submit feature).

          I would like to add a button for Tip’d, which is a site for financial news and articles. If I get an article on the front page, it can double my daily page views!

          They don’t have a plugin, but they do give you a code to install in a Permalink Template.

          • says

            Hey Khaleef, if they give you the code maybe the solution is to modify your theme and add it that way.

            If you want, send me the code and I will see if I can add it to my blog and then give you the instructions.

      • says

        Hello Khaleef, I will look at this on the weekend, however in the instructions it do mention you can use the Sociable Plugin to add Tip’d, let me know if that is a solution for you, otherwise I will do a quick video to show you how to edit the post template to add the code.

  3. says

    I’ve just installed this plugin on my blog today. What a great looking plugin, I really like the floating ajax bar margined on the left of my blog. Although I have some minor problems with it, but it is ok.
    Thanks for this review. :)

  4. says

    I used to use Share and Follow but then I found Digg Digg… I’ve had some minor formatting issues with certain icons, spacing themselves, but I tweaked it to look acceptable… I’m pretty happy with Digg Digg.

  5. Dennis Edell says

    Thank your friend Ileane for my presence today; I’m here due to her little review of female video bloggers.

    I’m not subscribed and will be watching you! ;)

    Figuratively and literally I suppose. lol

  6. Barry H says

    I ;love the idea of this plug-in, but having installed it it doesn’t seem to be working at all. I don’t have a custom theme or anything like that, so who knows whats wrong…

  7. Rocky Vertone says

    Hey Kim,
    I love thew DiggDigg plug in. I got it about a month ago and yes I’m so happy with the way it works!


  8. says

    Hi Kim,
    Ifollowed your link from your newsletter and found this…
    may be a bit old but it sure did help me understand Digg Digg a bit better.
    I tried to install before but it did not display…so off I go again and hopefully this time I will know what I am doing.
    Great help thanks

    • says

      Bryan, since that video was created there has been a global options tab added in the drop down in settings, be sure to put your twitter ID in there. Usually though if Digg Digg isn’t displaying its either that the “Normal Display” box has gotten unchecked, or even if its checked, needs re-checked and re-saved. Thats often true after a plugin upgrade. Something about that setting is just a touch fussy. Hope it helps and keep me posted!

  9. says

    Hi Kim,

    Thanks for presenting this video. I have Did Dig already installed, and I was able to put a vertical on the front of my blog, but there is also buttons on the top of my post that are only visible after clicking through the post. They are the original default buttons. I can’t get them to post to the front of each post and I’ve tried everything.

    When I first installed WP, there was a set of buttons with each post on the front. After the upgrade, they moved to each individual post. I want change my columns from 2 to 1. Is there any way you can help me with that? I’m not sure if this makes sense. What is the best way to contact you?

    Thanks for what you do:)
    Raena Lynn

  10. says

    I have just discovered the Digg Digg plugin. I looks like a nice one to use. I like the fact that it is a bit more subtle than some of the other plugings. Hope it is going to work okay.

  11. says

    Hey Kim, I used to love Digg Digg. So simple and easy, all in one plugin and displayed prominently at the top of each blog post. Then something happened, I have not been able to get Digg Digg to work again. If I simply enable it, my blog won’t even load properly so I’ve had to disable it completely. Do you know the fix for this? I’ve tried removing it and reinstalling but still problems (both for normal and floating – both produces same error codes). Digg digg works fine on another blog I have on same domain, no problems there at all (they used to both work well). http://hansschoff.com/hbb works fine but http://hansschoff.com (my main blog) is only able to load the header then produces all sorts of code saying there are problems… Any suggestions? Any ideas are greatly appreciated! Thanks Kim

    • says

      I wonder if it is having a fit seeing 2 copies off of the root domain but still in the same subdomain. Hrrrm. Have you gone to the wordpress repository and flagged it broke and filled out the ticket there where someone cal potentially look into what’s going on? I assume you’ve tested deactivating your theme and other plugins to ensure there is no other conflict hidden there.

    • says

      Addie, you will not lose your counters as the share numbers are coming from the buttons servers rather than from your plugin itself. So for example, the FB Like button asks FB what the correct number is… whether its plugin A or plugin B, they report the same. Sometimes twitter buttons report slightly different numbers but they should be close.

        • says

          Hey Addie, the simple answer is that anytime you can use code rather than a plugin you will improve the site load times and the visitor experience. My buttons are code-based and I put them into the coding of the theme. This is beyond the technical abilities of the average user. I STILL use Digg Digg when I need to get a site up fast and efficiently and only transition to coding (which is a time investment) when the site is getting a lot of traffic and all the little things make a big difference. This is not a case of me replacing Digg Digg with another plugin. Hope that makes sense.

      • says

        I like the plugin but it DID wipe out all the social media counts when I switched from another plugin. : ( For some posts, I had hundreds of likes, and now everything is back to zero on many posts. I am not terribly worried about it, but I do think it affects people’s perception of a blog (and their likelihood of sharing a post with others.

  12. Shane says

    Hi Kim, great tutorial. I was wondering if you are using easy hooks with thesis as your post mentioned to insert functions on thesis. I am using Headway and it has easyhooks. Can you maybe give just a brief code you put in for your buttons. I assume a div is created then the code goes in between the div and then insert the entire code into an easy hook. But I am not sure if that is correct. Thanks

    • says

      Hey Shane, both themes use a hook system and have a simplified method of connecting. Headway’s Easy Hooks is somewhat similar to Thesis’ Open Hook system. However, as that is a plugin system, I do not use it and prefer to put the code directly in the custom_function file. Thesis is structured differently at a file level than Headway is and you might think of a custom_css and custom_function file somewhat like a child theme that comes built right into Thesis for doing customizations on. I am using code that while very modified at this point, began it’s life as this code: http://www.artofblog.com/thesis-social-media-icons/ Hope that helps!


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