How To Subscribe By RSS To Only The Category Of A WordPress Blog

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RSS Feeds 
To The Rescue!

*cue super hero music here*

One of the hidden gems of WordPress is the built in RSS feed

I know, you may be thinking, whoop-dee-doo… an RSS feed is an RSS feed… 

But native WordPress RSS feeds have magic powers ;) 

Not only can you almost always locate the default feed by simply appending /feed/ to the end of the URL… for example … 

You can also do this with BOTH category and tag URLs. 

Okay, that sounds boring, I hear ya!

So why is it important? 

Well here’s an example…. 


My friend JP recently did a list of Top 10 Up And Coming Women Bloggers, and introduced me (again) to Lori McNee’s blog. 

Now, Lori is a blogger who specializes in helping Artists market their wares… 

Unfortunately, artistry does little for me, so her main feed wouldn’t interest me. 

However, if I dig around a little, I find that she has a category feed for social media tips:

I can easily append “/feed/” to this URL and produce an RSS feed that I can subscribe to that is guaranteed to be on topics that interest me! 

Like this:


Drop that into my RSS reader and now I can keep up with Lori without having to sift through for the stuff that interests me!

This trick works with any WordPress category or tag as long as the blogger has not used a plugin or htaccess edit to redirect them to the main feed. (Some bloggers like to try to force your hand when it comes to subscribing but I’m sure you know how I feel about not accommodating the visitor.) 

There you have it, a simple way to pick and choose what parts of a blog you pull into your RSS reader!

~ Kim ~
Simple Tech Tips For Marketing

Here’s a Pro-Tip: You can ALSO use this on the author URL. Which means that on a multi-author blog, you can choose to subscribe to only a single author. I do this on a number of multi-author blogs where I only subscribe to the blog owner and not the guest articles.  Example: 

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  1. says

    Hi Kim,
    This is convenience at its best.Never knew such a feature existed.Thanks for sharing.I think after all these years i haven’t dissected WordPress fully.


  2. says

    I didn’t know that – what a great tip! I really hate clogging up my RSS feed with posts I’m just not that interested in – now that I can segment someone’s blog and only get what I want – WOW – it will let me read bloggers where I really like some of their post topics but not all. Thanks Kim

    • says

      My pleasure! It’s one of those hidden gems in WordPress that I take advantage of all the time! You’ll find that it lets you do all sorts of crafty things with the feed once you know you can slice and dice it that way!

      • says

        hi kim
        one more time you done a great job. nice tips for all new bloggers and also it will help with me thank you for sharing..

  3. says

    O.K. Kim….

    I got it! This is a gem because now I can segment what I want to read. I didn’t know about this (of course lol) but this is a great time-saver in the long run.

    Once again, you have taught me well!


  4. says

    This is great “need-to-know” info, Kim.

    It’s a great time saver that helps me zero in on the information I need without sifting through all the rest.

    But, also, it helps me to narrowly focus my syndication efforts to include only the content that is in my niche.

    It’s a win-win for bloggers who are looking to connect on a regular basis with peers serving up relevant material.

  5. says

    Hi kim I get a lot of 404 errors because of this. For example one of my post’s link then /feed/. In google webmaster tools they return a 404 error. It only works for my main domain like and probably the category as well
    Do you have any idea why?

    • says

      Peter this only works for the primary url and urls for category, tag, and author. There is no feed associated with individual posts as individual posts are what comprise a feed. There are actually comment feeds but those are slightly different beasts. So it’s correct that is a 404

      • says

        Hi Kim. I see. But it’s annoying because 404 errors keeps reflecting on my google webmaster crawl error report. I’m not really sure what caused or triggered this problem.

  6. says

    I enjoy this option greatly and with theme templating, it makes it fun to even emphasize subscribing to that… so I would using add a monitoring service to that feed.

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