A Reputation Builder Used By The Pros (That Most Bloggers Overlook!)

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wordpress logoThar’s Gold in Them Thar Hills….
And Hidden Magic In The WordPress Comments…

You probably already know that blog commenting can build your brand…. but with a subtle twist you really turn up the results!

Plus, you can get this additional boost to your results with no additional cost, only a little additional work and the only tool you might need is a notepad or Reader to keep track of sites you can use it on! 

If you’ve been doing blog commenting as a traffic generation method for any time at all… you’re likely kicking yourself for missing this little twist!

I suggest keeping either a notepad file or a Reader folder of blogs that meet the criteria of using an email based auto-email on reply system such as ReplyMe (many top blogs do) and that has a high enough PageRank/Alexa/Traffic for you to want to keep an eye on.

This will not work as well with sites that depend on the commentor to have subscribed to ALL the comments, as your comment will be lost in the flood in the receivers inbox. I also suggest utilizing it on mid-range PR sites, which are big enough to benefit you, but small enough that your actions stand out and can be appreciated.

Google may actually be planning to further the importance of well constructed comment engagement (and their own comment system) with influencer scoring of comments in the near future.

I hope it would go without saying the high importance of answering comments on your OWN blog (and taking advantage of a plugin like ReplyMe to ensure your visitor SEES your comments). That, admittedly is something I sometimes struggle with but which makes a huge impact when done right.

Again, the whole purpose of the comment system, is to build a conversation, not create dead-ends. When you learn to leverage this – both as a blog owner – and a blog visitor – you can accomplish a lot!

~ Kim ~
Simple Tech Tips For Marketing

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  1. says

    I need to read a bit more on the ReplyMe plugIn . I used to feel like the followup emails when somebody commented were a tad overwhelming but since watching
    professional bloggers (like you) I see that it is a real combo of real honest and profound engagement, taking an interest in the subject matter, as well as harnessing
    the power of technology by using Plugins that make the process easier! Thanks for your wisdom as usual! Respectfully, Jay

  2. says

    I like the idea of engament in terms of width Kim.
    This psot is so interesting because with one action ( comment) we can acheive much more to increase credibility!
    Thanks Kim, great tip…

  3. says

    Hi Kim,

    this is awesome advice. I agree that we tend to use the WordPress commenting system in a linear way most of the time which definitely means that we don’t leverage it to its fullest, do we ? So engaging with other commentators on someone else’s blog is a great way to run into new people, exactly in the way you mentioned: Open, friendly and knowledgeable.

    Thanks for sharing your insights.

    Take care


    • says

      My pleasure Oliver – and you’re right that we often miss a very important tactic! Sometimes, the linear is all that’s needed, and other times it really pays to leverage the fact that most of us do have threaded comments on our themes now! It’s a way of getting “face time” in someone else’s network, while building relationships rather than being pushy. Everyone wins!

  4. says

    When people leave comments on your blog and you then reply via e-mail, wouldn’t that reduce the number of visits to your blog site. Or does replying to a comment via e-mail up your page visitor count and rank?

    • says

      Hi Byrl, quite often, when someone sees the reply in their email, it inspires them to go back to the blog and reply on the blog again. Do you agree that’s what might happen when using the “reply me” plugin?

  5. Nicholle Olores says

    Hi Kim. Nice share. Doing blog commenting is one of the best way to increase traffic to your site and also helps to rank high. I think you are right if you are not consistently do a reply to your visitors they will probably won’t last to stay in your blog.

  6. says

    What a boat load of great information. There is so much to learn about blogging that I feel I have only got my toes wet. Your post is so valuable for encouraging us to interact more with other bloggers, offering value by utilizing these plug ins and in the end benefiting them as well as ourselves. Sometimes I feel I am doing good just to fulfill my TSA requirements.
    Bless you Kim,

  7. says

    Hi Kim, that’s a great way to interact with other bloggers and actually get more traffic and boost your reputation. Sometimes I use that and instead to just commenting on a blog post I respond to a comment and it always works, thanks for sharing…

  8. says

    I’ve heard about blog commenting but i haven’t understood it fully until I read your post. I still have much to learn though, so I will be waiting for your next posts.

    Keep em coming! Thanks for sharing :)

  9. says

    Good thoughts. “whole purpose of the comment system, is to build a conversation, not create dead-ends” is key. Unfortunately tons of comments are pretty pointless. And sites loaded down with pointless comments are not building conversation. There are some sites that do a great job of setting the right tone and creating a culture where thoughtful comments worth reading are shared. Those are the most valuable.

  10. says

    A great tip! Hey, if you are going to make the effort to leave a comment might as well have it send some good stuff back to you. I have several WP sites and will install ReplyMe plug in. It’s about the conversation and getting it going. Thank you for making me aware of this great strategy.

  11. says

    Thanks Kim, great tip

    I have lagged in responding to my great commentors lately.

    I always click the box when commenting on others sites to be told about replies and have engaged in some conversations that way.


  12. Debbie says

    Being relatively new to this, how do you know if a blog has the Reply Me service? Thanks for the great info. I just subscribed to your newsletter!

    • says

      Debbie, the quickest way to find out is simply to leave a comment and hope the author replies to you. Then the email you will receive will be rather distinctive (Mine is in blue but most are in yellow highlighting) and that will confirm that the plugin is in use. As you’ve done here, the best way to get a response from the writer is to ask a question!

    • says

      Just a quick PS: that if you want your keywords in the URL field you MUST use the correct Name @ Keywords structure. My blog will accept that structure at least for now. I prefer dealing with people, as I’m sure you understand.

  13. says

    Thanks Kim. This plug in is right up my alley. I am always preaching that commenting is so important. I blogged about it and have been saying it over and over again, never knowing why. Intuitively I knew it had value. But the proof of the pudding for me was that many people were coming into my different platforms because of a comment I had left on someones blog.
    Now a plugin ….whoopie! I’m going to love this one. Thanks for keeping us posted on the latest and greatest as you always do.

  14. says

    Kim, thanks so much for this post about the comment plug-ins, it’s very interesting and something I should make available on my blog, too. But I was wondering, how many plug-ins are too many and slow down your load time? I currently have 35 installed and am using most of them, but fear overloading my website and blog by adding more. Can you advise, please?

    • says

      Cathryn, you raise a good question. At 35 you’re definitely pushing into the area that you’re likely already experiencing plugin based impact on your site. The WP core development team says that 10-12 plugins is “correct” but most of us in social media find we need about 20’ish. That’s hard when there are so many darn good plugins. It took me a long time to whittle my plugins down (and to learn to give up plugins as I add different ones). For me, ReplyMe is one of my “core” essentials (in my top 12) because of what it does for me and for the reader. It also, when checked against the P3 speed tester, has minimal impact on the site.

  15. says

    Hi Kim,

    I have used ReplyMe for about a year now. Its works wonderful and a group of my readers actually tell me a lot about themselves this way. I feel its a way to build relationships, laugh at their jokes, and find new content that is relative to them!

    Shelley, the Chief Blonde

    • says

      Hey Shelley, as usual I totally agree with you! The ReplyMe (or similar plugins) all help bring a person back and keep them engaged so that a beautiful discussion can unfold. (This is actually exactly the reason the Facebook defaults to having email notifications enabled as well!)

  16. says

    Hi Kim,
    I’ve never tried to use the reply me plugin, but i see how in certain niches it could be really helpful.
    I always think that most web vistors will never come back to my sites after their initial visit, so it’s really important to do anything to get them to come back.

    I use newsletters to keep my vistiors coming back. It does help quite a bit.

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