WP Indexer Review – Rapidly Solve Self Inflicted Deindexing Of Your Site

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WP Indexer Review WPIndexer-400x400Rapidly Re-index Your Site

Getting your blog deindexed from Google stinks! Deindexing is when Google just simply doesn’t bother to include you in the listings and feigns ignorance about your content. 

While there is no easy solution to recover from any Google penalty based deindexing (examples here), sometimes we self-inflict deindexing on ourselves when we have server issues, outages, site crashes, and other such technical headaches. 

If Google visits you a couple times and finds your site missing, it makes obvious sense that it will remove you from the search results. 

But what happens when you fix the site and need to beg Google to come back? 

WP Indexer Review To The Rescue! 

Let me start out by saying that this problem would eventually fix itself for the most part. Google will eventually sniff you out and poke through the site again. But sometimes you want an honest quick fix to a mess you’ve made and the downtime is costing you money.

We’re going to use this plugin a little “off label”.

Why you ask?

Because this plugin is intended to help you increase bot traffic to your site. It’s a maintenance sort of thing.

Yet we just want Googlebot to come find us, index us, and return to normal behavior.

In fact, we actually don’t WANT a perpetual spike in bot traffic because over-crawling can lead to excessive server load and… get this… more site downtime!

We want the RIGHT amount of crawling but what we need is a whistle to use to page Googlebot to come visit!

That’s where WP Indexer comes in!

What Is WP Indexer

WP Indexer is a plugin that steadily “walks” through your current posts, pages, tags, etc and checks if they are indexed with Google. If they are not, it sends a ping out in order to result in the bots visiting and getting that item indexed.  

There’s a little bit more to it than that, but that’s really all you need to know.

This plugin looks for items on your blog that are NOT indexed in the Google SERPs and pings them to improve the odds that they will GET indexed.  

Doing this by hand would be tedious, time consuming, and aggravating. But this plugin makes it smooth.

Installing WP Indexer

This is a reasonably advanced plugin and requires more care in installation than some. You MAY (I did) need to set your log file to 777 using your CPanel file manager (or FTP) and you may also need to route your cron scheduler through the cronjob utility.

This kinda stuff can be overwhelming for a WordPress newbie but any intermediate user can probably handle the task using the included PDF guide. 

Once it’s correctly installed though, it’s a piece of cake to use.

Using WP Indexer

Install and activate the plugin. Adjust the (few) settings to your needs per the guide. And kick back and let it run!  

Initially you’ll probably want to let it run at full speed (9 items checked every 15 minutes), but later you can slow it down to reduce server load. 


There’s a lot more useful screenshots on the main page if you want to have a closer look. 

Initially most of your posts will be unchecked. Over the day or two it takes to check your site, the graphs will adjust to tell you where you are at. 


Developer Support

There are two similar plugins on the market. I chose this one due to feeling much more confident about the developer and plugin history than the alternative.

It turns out I made a wise choice. The developer, Sam Wood, is friendly, supportive, responsive and all in all has turned out to be a pretty cool dude. Definitely a “would do business again” quality transaction. 

The Guarantee

You’ve got a 30 day guarantee that the developer can help you get it working. You also have a guarantee that within 6 days of using it, you’ll have an increased number of pages indexed.  A solid, measurable promise, using the “Indexed” report in Google Webmaster Tools. 

My Results/Review Using WP Indexer

This product appears to do what it says on the tin. It was stable, carefully throttled, easy to configure and as easy to install as is “feasible” at this time. 

Did I see an increase in indexed pages? No… but… 

It turns out, that Google had already done a very nice job re-indexing my site after my server down-time. Because my site is high-volume and updated frequently, Googlebot hangs out here a LOT. My posts are indexed MUCH more rapidly than the posts of those that do not blog often. 

The plugin double-checking things gave me some peace of mind.

I did discover that I have many WordPress tags (and by many I mean too many) and that Google is selectively ignoring most of them. Not uncommon and no fault of the plugin. I need to do some housekeeping and merge those tags as I did for categories prior. 

We ran the same test against an established blog of a business partner of mine who had also had the same server outrage I had had. She noticed that it picked up a few posts that had been overlooked and she was overall pleased with it’s performance and handling. 


This plugin has an affiliate program with Avangate. Unfortunately, there is a $100 sales threshold making this plugin out of reach for marketers with small lists. (6 sales would be required to reach the payout threshold)

The License

At the time of this review, a one time purchase provides use on unlimited blogs and (as far as I can tell) provides lifetime upgrades. The plugin carries a commercial NON-GPL license and an “as is” disclaimer on the plugin code itself. 

 Use As Directed?

For me, this is not a plugin that I will be leaving to run in the background. If you’re a regular reader you know how I feel about “daily use” plugins and you know that the WordPress core is not optimized to run a lot of them. 

If I were running an affiliate niche site and doing things that Google might not like – leaving the plugin running might enable it to (after it gets an upgrade) send me an email if Google deindexes the site. That would provide me with an early-alert system for trouble. But that is not trouble that is likely here on this blog. 

 Review Score? 

I’m going to give this a 4.0 star rating. Knocking it just slightly for the installation challenges, affiliate platform, and also for still needing certain updates (that I believe are coming). Most of the other deficiencies that one might cite are made up for by superior dev support. 

wp-indexer-reviewI think you’re going to be happy with this plugin. 

I will say however that I am reviewing this plugin as a re-index tool. Creating higher-than-usual bot traffic on a daily basis isn’t actually my definition of a good idea. It has it’s uses, such as this, but it can result in severe hosting headaches as well with no gain in ranking or real visitors if it is not controlled for. 

Learn More

You can learn more about WP Indexer by visiting their main page (aff) or by asking questions in the comments below. 

~ Kim ~
Simple Tech Tips For Marketing


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  1. says

    I didn’t have to do any CHMOD of my directory when using this plugin. This plugin definitely picked up things that were missed, even though I have not set this on high form the getgo.

    Definitely a plugin to try and use. Results are instant, but I would like to keep trying it for long term effects to make sure whether it is just something to do when first installing, or to just get rid of it after a point.

    • says

      I only had to tinker around with CHMOD because I had tightened up some file security previous. No big deal there. Sam actually assisted me in sorting out a chronic wp-chron issue I’ve had off and on “forever” so doing the cron stuff was beneficial to me in the long run. The business license doesn’t go away, so you can continue testing. Look forward to hear what you find. I’ve been really happy in terms of stability but you know I’m running plugin heavy due to other things I”m using that you are not, so I need to thin out.

      • says

        hi kim,
        nice plugin its very help full for new wordpress website because new site get some times to in indexing in google.I just had a question asked about how many domains you are allowed to install this plugin on. thanks for sharing..

  2. says

    Wow Kim! I hope this helped solve your problems You sure a re go getter that’s for sure.. Kim You stated that this isn’t a plug in that you would use long term because of the fact you don’t like to many plug-in’s.. SO how many is to many? Just wondering.. Thanks for the great review.. Chery :)

  3. says

    Thanks for the well explained article Kim.
    The informations are so useful.
    I just Subscribed To your Daily Social Tech Newsletter.
    I am waiting, I know is going to be very interesting for me.

  4. says

    Pinging to Google can be very dangerous and unnecessary. In the past WordPress used to have problem with sending too many pings that used to lead to penalties. If website is penalized, this for sure will make situation worse. Just leave the crawler to index the pages with proper settings on sitemap and backlinks. I personally think that this plugin can be unnecessary and most likely dangerous.

  5. says

    Thanks for such a valuable review because I was looking for something similar to recover from the Google’s deadly updates like Panda or Penguin.

  6. says


    Love the thorough review and the step-by-step instructions more or less and how you used it and for reminding people that it might not be best to keep in running in the background!

    When it comes to buying themes and plugins, Support is Really important to me so I’m glad you got to work with the developer and give him two thumbs up! Sounds like he really wants to support the people using his plugin!

    This definitely sounds like a plugin for an intermediate user. But for an intermediate user, changing the necessary folder and file permissions and all that will be a breeze!

    Thanks again for all your hard work!!!!

    ~ Jupiter Jim

  7. says

    Hello Kim, here is your long lost “WordPress newbie” who is very overwhelmed with this WP indexing plugin… BUT as usual, I love to thank you for the great tutorial to make good use of it. I enjoyed reading the whole article and for certain I have to say I understood what you wrote, the only thing that stopped me from getting it is that I do not have a long list and not certain it is worth it especially because I have to hire someone to install it anyway :-) (I know I can depend on you, but at this time wil pass till it become essential for what I do.

    Thanks so much for all what you do to support everyone who happen to read your articles.

  8. says

    Looks like another great plugin for SEO. Not just to Solve self inflicted deindexing of the site only, but probably will be useful for new sites too.

  9. says

    I’ve been using WP indexer for a few days and I really like it. I haven’t seen any results as in more traffic, but I see a lot of my posts being indexed and that makes me smile :)

  10. says

    Hi Kim,

    Thank you for taking the time to review this plugin . I miss you videos which you used have on this site more often with your articles.


  11. says

    Hey Kim,

    You have explained this plug in so well, that even I can understand it! That is saying a lot…you know me! I can see how useful it is and may give it a whirl once I get some things cleared up.
    I like it because in your review you mentioned that there is good support. That’s the kind of thing I always look for when I purchase anything.
    Knowing how well you research things, I can see how this plugin would be beneficial.
    Thanks so much,

  12. says

    A little over my head!! Should everyone use this, or more for someone who gets quite a bit of traffic, would a small voice like me on the internet benefit? Later when I have more stuff going on, I know this sounds useful…

  13. says

    Hi Kim,

    I love reading your explanation about this plugin. It sounds like a magic plugin to me.

    Thanks for all the great stuffs you shared on your blog. At the present moment, I have too many things I need to pay attention to and will try out this one later on. Your explanation makes me find it is an awesome stuff.

    Pearly Quah

  14. says

    Hi Kim, that sounds like an easy way to get all your posts indexed again, after some kind of mishap. I just noticed that Google has indexed my plugins, do you know why they’d do that? Perhaps I have the wrong permissions on the plugin directory? It’s 0755 is that correct?

    • says

      The lack of a blank index.html in the plugins folder leaves it open to indexing. And that’s how many “intentional” malicious attacks take a look at what a site may be using to determine if any of it may be vulnerable to known attacks. I’m sure you know how to close that with an index.html

  15. says

    This is a pretty interesting plugin. I have some reservations, though.

    First, I assume the 777 setting is just for while you’re using the plugin and then you switch back to secure setting.

    I manually ping (when I remember). I guess this saves you from doing it manually, but could it re-ping too often? Also, I’ve heard that re-pinging a high ranking post can cause it to get de-ranked.

    So it looks helpful, but I hesitate messing with the status quo.

  16. says

    I have already faced such issues on my blog, especially when my server goes offline for 2 to 6 hours in my sleeping hours. Google Crawler takes lot of time to get back running normal on my blog, but I guess using this plugin can resolve issues quickly.

    I will surely use WP Indexer on one of my most dearest blog.

  17. says

    Hey Kim
    I like the way of explaining about wp indexer. This is very nice explanation with all the important information which anyone needs to know. actually wp indexer is such a good plugin because sometimes google crawlers left some contents to be crawl. In this condition, wp indexer will play a nice role to help in indexing that article. Thanks for your explanation.
    Chetan Gupta

  18. says

    I’m just hoping I never get penalized by Google. I doubt there is much danger of that right now, because my blog doesn’t get an awful lot of traffic. But it’s good to know what to do if I do run into trouble.


  19. says

    Thanks Kim – When you’ve got a client that has had their account de-listed you’re left scrambling for a decent solution that won’t cause more harm than good. This plugin sounds great for sites on wordpress .

  20. says

    Great Post so informative this WP Indexer review as a Novice blogger this post so knowledgeable about this niche Thank you Kim posted this informative Article.

    • says

      That’s what’s neat about this one Steve. It’s careful how it does the pinging. It rotates ping servers, won’t hit the same ping server again for 30 minutes, and only runs a handful of pings at a time. That’s a very important type of built in throttling that keeps one from shooting themselves in the foot. I think it’s well implemented.

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