WP Social Plugin For WordPress – Easily Integrate Twitter, Facebook & More!

WP Social Review…
Making WordPress Social!

Share your posts automatically to Twitter and Facebook?

Allow your visitors to sign in with Twitter or Facebook credentials while maintaining the real WordPress commenting form?

Retrieve RTs of your post from twitter and import them as comments?

Turn transient social proof into something you own?….

Yes, Yes, Yes & Yes!

WP Social is a plugin that I’ve been beta testing here at Just Ask Kim for several months (and through some growing pains!) and I’m finally thrilled to have seen them reach a stability milestone that means you should take a look!

Social is a plugin co-developed by CrowdFavorite’s Alex King and MailChimp (though it does not seem to have any MC integration) and brings a ton of nifty features to WP.org blogs… while not screwing up things that so many other plugins do!

Here’s a Review of WordPress Social…
complete with introduction and setup walk-through!


You can learn more about Social for WordPress, as well as (please) leave a compatibility review at: https://wordpress.org/extend/plugins/social/

One thing I didn’t mention in the video is that Social uses its own styling for the commenting form, which is a mixed blessing. If you have custom css styling as part of your theme, it’s going to be hidden behind this. However, if you have a theme that does not naturally support comment threading, this may let you ditch other plugins and get it working quite easily.

Social for WordPress is tested, by me, as compatible with: Commentluv, Commentluv Premium, ReplyMe, KeywordLuv/KeywordName, Subscribe To Comments, and probably quite a few others.

Social has limited compatibility with TwitterLink due to how the form is laid out and the old integration method must be used. I don’t use this component of Commentluv Premium so it’s not a big deal for me.

One minor concern I have with Social for WordPress stems from me being a DoFollow blog. I’d like to find a way to remain fully DoFollow while blocking all the backlinks to twitter from getting DoFollow but even at a code level I don’t believe that’s possible. Twitter does not need my linkjuice and losing so much of it to them hurts not only me but other commentors over time from an SEO standpoint.

Review: I give WP Social 4/5 stars:

I only award 5 stars to plugins that are “foundation” and “essential” which this WP Social is not. However, there are very few blogs that can not benefit from this plugin and at this phase in it’s development it’s stable and works well.  I’ve been using WP Social for some time and my only hope is that they continue to enrich it (I’ve made several suggestions on that to Alex). This plugin performs strongly.

So leave me your feedback and tell me what you think? Do you love it? Hate it? Does it feel okay? I want to know what you as a visitor think about it and whether it feels comfortable. If there’s things you’d like to see improved let me know that too!

~ Kim ~
Taking the Headaches Out of Internet Marketing

PS: Thanks for bearing with me through the somewhat hassled beta-phase of this plugin. I appreciate your support and it’s that persistence and feedback that helps me help the developers make better plugins. You rock!

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3 years 5 months ago

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3 years 5 months ago

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3 years 5 months ago

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3 years 5 months ago

Check out @AskKim’s WordPress Plugin Review: “WP Social Review: Making WordPress Social” http://t.co/ldcpjs60 — I’m interested!

3 years 5 months ago

I like this integration, especially for those who are not into blogging but still have Facebook (and that is pretty much the whole world) cause it seems most of those people (like majority of my friends for example) don’t mind logging in with FB to leave a comment. So there is obviously a lot of potential to this, especially for sites that don’t get many comments, because people think “I don’t have a website, so I can’t comment here”, because of the URL field.

I agree with you on the Twitter no-follow, I do it in posts any way, like you say, they don’t need my link juice but I do, lol. Great review although it was 15 minutes…. 😉