WP Social Plugin For WordPress – Easily Integrate Twitter, Facebook & More!

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WP Social Review…
Making WordPress Social!

Share your posts automatically to Twitter and Facebook?

Allow your visitors to sign in with Twitter or Facebook credentials while maintaining the real WordPress commenting form?

Retrieve RTs of your post from twitter and import them as comments?

Turn transient social proof into something you own?….

Yes, Yes, Yes & Yes!

WP Social is a plugin that I’ve been beta testing here at Just Ask Kim for several months (and through some growing pains!) and I’m finally thrilled to have seen them reach a stability milestone that means you should take a look!

Social is a plugin co-developed by CrowdFavorite’s Alex King and MailChimp (though it does not seem to have any MC integration) and brings a ton of nifty features to WP.org blogs… while not screwing up things that so many other plugins do!

Here’s a Review of WordPress Social…
complete with introduction and setup walk-through!


You can learn more about Social for WordPress, as well as (please) leave a compatibility review at: https://wordpress.org/extend/plugins/social/

One thing I didn’t mention in the video is that Social uses its own styling for the commenting form, which is a mixed blessing. If you have custom css styling as part of your theme, it’s going to be hidden behind this. However, if you have a theme that does not naturally support comment threading, this may let you ditch other plugins and get it working quite easily.

Social for WordPress is tested, by me, as compatible with: Commentluv, Commentluv Premium, ReplyMe, KeywordLuv/KeywordName, Subscribe To Comments, and probably quite a few others.

Social has limited compatibility with TwitterLink due to how the form is laid out and the old integration method must be used. I don’t use this component of Commentluv Premium so it’s not a big deal for me.

One minor concern I have with Social for WordPress stems from me being a DoFollow blog. I’d like to find a way to remain fully DoFollow while blocking all the backlinks to twitter from getting DoFollow but even at a code level I don’t believe that’s possible. Twitter does not need my linkjuice and losing so much of it to them hurts not only me but other commentors over time from an SEO standpoint.

Review: I give WP Social 4/5 stars:

I only award 5 stars to plugins that are “foundation” and “essential” which this WP Social is not. However, there are very few blogs that can not benefit from this plugin and at this phase in it’s development it’s stable and works well.  I’ve been using WP Social for some time and my only hope is that they continue to enrich it (I’ve made several suggestions on that to Alex). This plugin performs strongly.

So leave me your feedback and tell me what you think? Do you love it? Hate it? Does it feel okay? I want to know what you as a visitor think about it and whether it feels comfortable. If there’s things you’d like to see improved let me know that too!

~ Kim ~
Taking the Headaches Out of Internet Marketing

PS: Thanks for bearing with me through the somewhat hassled beta-phase of this plugin. I appreciate your support and it’s that persistence and feedback that helps me help the developers make better plugins. You rock!

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  1. says

    I like this integration, especially for those who are not into blogging but still have Facebook (and that is pretty much the whole world) cause it seems most of those people (like majority of my friends for example) don’t mind logging in with FB to leave a comment. So there is obviously a lot of potential to this, especially for sites that don’t get many comments, because people think “I don’t have a website, so I can’t comment here”, because of the URL field.

    I agree with you on the Twitter no-follow, I do it in posts any way, like you say, they don’t need my link juice but I do, lol. Great review although it was 15 minutes…. ;)

    • says

      Ya know Brankica, I’d never really thought of that as being something that would stop a commentor but I think you’ve definitely hit on something there! I bet that having an empty field throws some of them for a loop! Makes me wonder if folks would do better to at least add an (optional) to that field’s description to ease that issue.

      The only thing I dislike about someone signing in with Facebook (example) is that it does not have the permissions to grab their real email address… so it means that ReplyMe can not fire off an email to those comments. When they leave a question and don’t get an email reply they have to come back. However, that’s no different than if I were not running ReplyMe (wish more blogs ran it).

      Yeah yeah 15 min, what can I say I’m a trainer but not at all short on words. This really is a plugin with a ton of diverse functionality. Took me a while to figure out how I wanted to even introduce it. The tweet-catching alone is a full feature that has been wanted for a long time. There’s a lot of moving parts in this one. I really like it though and am glad they’ve gotten it stable now. Maybe one of these days I’ll be ambitious enough to shoot a 2 minute teaser video and THEN a training video :P … or not! LOL

      • says

        Adding “optional” to the URL field is a great idea. I have been thinking about that for a long time but never got into discovering where am I supposed to add it so I keep putting it off.

        I agree on the email thing and although ReplyMe sends emails you didn’t really sign up for I have to say I love it (I ma back here obviously) and I am upset when I realize not all blogs are using it hahahah

  2. says

    This ROCKS and looks like it has all the functionality I’ve been looking for!! Can it use a URL shortener for the Twitter posts? What happens if someone tweets out the post with their own shortener…does it find those?

    • says

      Hey Jenna, at this time it does not integrate with a shortener. I’ve actually not minded that since it uses a domain based url which is short like just-ask-kim.com/?p=42344 keeping it domain based I THINK is actually getting me more clicks. The link is less scary! You know how short URLs are too often infected these days.

      It will pick up everything it can find that redirects back to the base URL… so if someone RT’s it and it goes through “Visibili” for example, it will find most of those. I would not call it perfect always finding all of them, but it finds a lot. I don’t think it babysits old posts indefinitely but since the bulk of activity is in the first couple days anyways I haven’t really worried about that. But yeah, it seems totally able to read most other shorteners and “bring them home” which is very handy.

      Hope that helps!

  3. John Allen says

    Great review! I’m inclined to agree with you here. Although WP social is a relatively new plugin compared to most plugins, it can still use some more work but it’s definitely more than capable of providing what we need. Certainly worth a try.

  4. says

    Kim, this is amazing and never stop supporting us with useful information.

    This makes updating this important area easy. I have been tweeking my blog for a long period of time. If it’s not one thing or another that must be adjusted here and there. WOW!

    This is where I had a problem with and you walked me through it step by step. I find having the simple share the love buttons, the best. They keep everyone in a single location to hit all the buttons. The more the better for the writer.

    Kim, your a great technical person who has a way of making it easy for the rest of us. Thank you for sharing real content.

  5. says

    Social plugin for wordpress is really a valuable tool to integrate the work on various social networking sites. Thank you for the information.

  6. says

    after watching videos that you offer, it”s always so easy to implement all this things in a real life! Thank you so much!
    P,S, you have a nice cat))) it was like a film star on this video))

  7. says

    Hi Kim,
    I think that it is a great plugin. I will try it. Thanks for providing really helpful information about this plugin. I hope that DoFollow issue will be solved soon.

  8. says

    It’s good to get your thumbs up on this plugin, Kim. I’ve always wanted a way to seamlessly integrate my WP blog with twitter and facebook. I’ve been experimenting with various plugins, which is always time consuming. So your post is timely. Thanks!

  9. says

    I really like WP Social, i’m just afraid to get into these third party plugins. For example, if you want a chat on your blog you can go to chatango.com and build one. But what if one day, they close the shop? On a chat is not that bad, but when we’re talking about comments, you could lose a lot if Facebook maybe gets out of business or simply changes too much.

    • says

      Hey Mary, that’s what makes this plugin different than doing a normal Facebook commenting box. While Facebook comments themselves are a lot more viral than these… these remain in your blog database unlike true Facebook comments. This is simply giving someone the ability to leave a comment by signing in as their FB account so they don’t have to fill out all the fields. I totally agree with you about the risk of losing blog comments and thats been why I’ve hesitated to add the actual Facebook comments to my site as I like to own my data (which this provides).

  10. says

    That looks really interesting but when I tried to enable my twitter account or my facebook account both times it brought up a window with my wordpress blog in it, it didn’t go over to facebook or to twitter at all! Not sure what I might have done wrong I followed what you showed in the video.

  11. says

    What a great review of the Social plugin.Sure makes it all easier to grasp.I use easy wp seo plugin to enable to have do/no follow links,works for me.Thanks once again for a great post

    • says

      Mandy, I’m fully dofollow and using it just fine. The thing is that it creates more outgoing links (the ones to twitter) that we have to be aware of. I don’t think its “highly” damaging but I do think its something we have to be aware of. I simply have not been able to think of a way to make an “override” for those links so that they would be nofollow while the other comments would be dofollow. If I can find the coding logic we could have it coded but I’m not sure it’s possible. I’m not really worried though as the boost of social proof, particularly since I make strong use of Triberr (for twitter), I think the benefits strongly outweigh the downside.

  12. says

    I reached this Blog site while searching for open source training in the Comment Luv search engine.

    I’ve spent about 25 minutes on the site just reading and learning new stuff. I’ve found the Blog post content easy to read and understand.

    The You tube video is the icing on the cake. I get to see and hear exactly how the WP Social plugin can add huge value to my Blog.

    Thank you so much for the trouble you take for sharing such useful WordPress information with so much clarity.

  13. says

    Hey Kim,
    I’ve installed it and I notice that the comment box is on the top of the comments and not below as is the norm. My worry is that because of that some people may not read all the comments.

    I also notice that it changes the way comments are displayed on the blog which may take some getting used to as I’m used to, and like, the way the comments used to thread.

    Other than that it looks pretty cool. I’ll leave it on for a bit to see how it all goes.

  14. says

    I have both a question and some thanks! First the question…how did you get the “confirm you are not a spammer” checkbox?
    And now for the thanks…
    THANK YOU for this post! I’ve been going back and forth between disqus, intense debate and the native wordpress commenting system. Disqus was okay but I wanted something I could use with comment luv (and didn’t want comment luv as a standalone). Intense Debate was TERRIBLE – comments occasionally disappeared or never showed up in the first place. I love that the system you’ve recommended was created my mailchimp since I use them for my email list and they do a great job with it.
    I’ve already installed Social, added comment luv to it as well as the mailchim optin plugin that adds a checkbox for people to easily subscribe to my newsletter when they’re commenting.
    ps. I’ve subscribed to you via RSS – I have to see what other goodies you’ve got coming down the pipeline!

    • says

      Hey Kristy, I got the “are you a spammer” checkbox by using either GASP http://just-ask-kim.com/wordpress-plugin-review-growmap-anti-spambot-plugin/ or by using CommentLuv Premium which includes the GASP plugin. Both will get you that much though CLP has a lot of advanced anti-spam options as well. Hope that helps

      PS: I edited your name to display your name and keywords correctly. I usually blank when people don’t leave a name but saw your email. Just use Kristy @ The Wicked Noodle since I also run KeywordName/KeyWordLuv it lets you get your anchor text while still being a real person.

  15. says

    Absolutely beautiful. Disqus and LiveFyre are nice but this looks like a much more elegant solution. I’m really surprised that WP hasn’t added a native social commenting feature yet. Thx!

  16. Will Pursell says

    Plugin looks like what I am looking for. Does the plugin also grab any comments And reshares for Facebook like the twitter part of the plugin? If so, if you uninstall it does it retain the comments in the wp database?

  17. says

    I love this plugin, but had two problems. 1. It was only pulling in Twitter action, not Facebook, into the comments. 2. After I installed it, my hyperlinking shortcut (the chain button) no longer worked properly and I had to link in HTML format. Anyone else find this? Hyperlinks back to normal when I deactivated the plugin.

    • says

      Hey Lela, I’ve not seen or heard of that issue. Have you tried deleting the plugin to see if the issue fully goes away? If it doesn’t clear up when the plugin is removed then the plugin is actually not your culprit (in fact, it should not be persisting as a problem while the plugin is deactivated if the plugin is to blame as the code is not being used). I think you may have something else interrupting that.

  18. says

    Hi Kim, Thanks for sharing this. I don’t want to lose my custom css, so don’t think I’m ready for this yet, but I do use twitter to comments plugin to import tweets about my posts – do you know of a plugin that will do the same for plublic comments on facebook yet?

    • says

      Hey Mel, unfortunately, every time someone gets a plugin working that can bring in comments from Facebook, then Facebook makes a change that breaks it. None of them with that functionality are behaving correctly at this time.

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